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TuxMachines: Firefox Hello Not Working and Mozilla Claims the Bug is Invalid

Monday 20th of October 2014 07:40:25 AM

Mozilla announced the Firefox 34 Beta release on October 17 and a key highlight is the new Firefox Hello feature. Firefox Hello is supposed to enable users to simply use the browser to be able to call each other.

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Reddit: What Does The Slash In Crontab(5) Actually Do?

Monday 20th of October 2014 06:59:41 AM

LXer: PeaZip 5.5 Overview & Ubuntu Installation

Monday 20th of October 2014 06:33:36 AM
The latest version of PeaZip, release 5.5, a powerful, open-source file archiver and compression tool, shipped today with new features for the backend, the file manager, and the extraction and archiving tools.

Reddit: Another protest against systemd:

Monday 20th of October 2014 05:50:03 AM

LXer: Nifty Free Image Viewers

Monday 20th of October 2014 04:39:14 AM
There are so many image viewers that are available for Linux that it can make selection difficult. Here's a small selection and a review of each.

LXer: Ubuntu 14.10 "Utopic Unicorn" Arrives in a Few Days

Monday 20th of October 2014 02:44:52 AM
Canonical is preparing to release Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) this week and the operating system has just passed the Final Freeze point.

Phoronix: Linux 3.18-rc1 Released One Week Early With Many Changes

Monday 20th of October 2014 01:45:55 AM
While Linus Torvalds initially anticipated the Linux 3.18 merge window being three weeks in length due to his Linux Foundation conference travels, he ended up managing to release Linux 3.18-rc1 after just two weeks... The release is out there now with its many changes...

LinuxToday: oVirt 3.5 Rolls Out

Monday 20th of October 2014 01:00:00 AM

To say that October was a big month for oVirt would be a little bit of an understatement.

LXer: Organizer Confirms Both POSSCON and ‘Great Wide Open’ in 2015

Monday 20th of October 2014 12:50:30 AM
As it turns out, neither rumor was correct. A few days back, Todd Lewis, the Executive Director-Columbia for IT-oLogy, told FOSS Force that both events are very much on the slate for 2015. “We’ll be doing POSSCON and Great Wide Open in 2015,” he wrote in an email. “We’ll announce dates at All Things Open [(ATO), another open source conference hosted by IT-oLogy] and both will take place in the spring. The Call for Speakers for both events will be open and we encourage anyone with an interest to submit a talk and participate.”

Reddit: *headdesk* Trying to sell a 7yo Acer Aspire running Mint/Cinnamon/Rebecca No grabs.

Sunday 19th of October 2014 11:25:40 PM

The laptop works very well, it's old, yes, Model number BL50, hence why I wasn't going to be arsed to go pay for a Windows 7 OEM after M$ stopped supporting Vista.

I'm like "Fine I'll just put Linux on it and keep on using it as a netbook" no big deal.

I got a new laptop as a hand me down. So I don't need this one, figure ok time to sell!

HAH HAH HAH Around here people are looking at me like deer in the headlights and trying to lowball me, I'm just asking $100 for it, no dead pixels, boots up pretty quickly considering it's age, runs extremely well.

Really if I didn't game, I'd put Linux on all my computers, I just hate fucking around with WINE.

sigh Thanks for listening to me vent. I just had to get it out there. heh.

submitted by littledinobug12
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LXer: Firefox Hello Not Working and Mozilla Claims the Bug is Invalid

Sunday 19th of October 2014 10:56:08 PM
Mozilla announced the Firefox 34 Beta release on October 17 and a key highlight is the new Firefox Hello feature. Firefox Hello is supposed to enable users to simply use the browser to be able to call each other.

Phoronix: The VC4 Gallium3D Driver Is Still Moving Along For The Raspberry Pi

Sunday 19th of October 2014 09:30:23 PM
Eric Anholt has provided a status update concerning the state of Broadcom's VC4 Gallium3D driver that provides open-source graphics support for the Raspberry Pi...

Reddit: Ask r/Linux: standard developer images using Ubuntu vs Linux Mint

Sunday 19th of October 2014 09:17:17 PM

I'm currently using Linux Mint at home but at work we're expected to have a standard dev image that is close to our deployment environment. The other devs use Windows or Mac OS X with an Ubuntu virtual machine. Is there anything stopping me from using Linux Mint or any other Debian-based distro other than ensuring the package versions match?

I just really freaking hate the Unity interface in the latest Ubuntu!

submitted by OMouse
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LXer: Torvalds CONFESSES: 'I'm pretty good at alienating devs'

Sunday 19th of October 2014 09:01:46 PM
Linux Lord Linus Torvalds has admitted that his tendency to use strong language has alienated other members of the Linux community. In a Q&A with Intel's chief Linux and open source chap Dirk Hohndel at LinuxCon Europe in Düsseldorf on Wednesday, Torvalds was asked what he'd do differently if given the chance.

TuxMachines: Ubuntu 14.10 "Utopic Unicorn" Arrives in a Few Days

Sunday 19th of October 2014 08:09:56 PM

When Ubuntu hits the Final Freeze point the developers stop pushing updates and changes, and everyone focuses on the major bugs and problems that haven't been fixed yet. An exception can be made if something really terrible happens, but that wasn't the case until now and it's unlikely to occur.

Now, Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) is scheduled to arrive on October 23, this Thursday. Users will be offered the chance to upgrade their systems, but this is an intermediary release and it's not likely that many users will take this step. The Ubuntu LTS release was just six months ago and not too many users are going to exchange the five years of support for 14.04 with just nine months for 14.10.

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TuxMachines: Meizu MX4 Pro Spotter Running Ubuntu Touch

Sunday 19th of October 2014 07:20:27 PM

For now, we don’t know which device will be running Ubuntu Touch, but due to the fact that Meizu MX4 Pro has been postponed to November, it may be it. The MX4 Pro uses a 5.4 inch display with 1536 x 2560 resilution, a 20 MPX rear camera + a 13 MPX front camera, a Samsung octa-core Exynos 5430 CPU and 3 GB of RAM.

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TuxMachines: KDE Telepathy 0.9.0 Released

Sunday 19th of October 2014 07:17:54 PM

Today we released the 0.9 series of KDE Telepathy, a multiprotocol instant messaging client for Plasma.

Amongst the many bugfixes the following features are worth highlighting.

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LXer: Open source moves from accepted to expected

Sunday 19th of October 2014 07:07:24 PM
Dwight Merriman is executive chairman and co-founder of MongoDB, an open source document database. Prior to MongoDB, Dwight was co-founder of DoubleClick and Panther Express (CDNetworks). He will give a keynote at the upcoming All Things Open conference in Raleigh this year. In this interview, I asked him a few questions about open source, MongoDB's business model, the challenges of hiring developers, and more. Dwight discusses open source and how it has moved from being accepted to expected.

Reddit: Nifty Free Image Viewers

Sunday 19th of October 2014 07:01:11 PM

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EXT4 In Linux 3.18 Has Clean-ups, Bug Fixes

With Linux 3.18-rc1 having came one week early, the EXT4 file-system pull request didn't end up landing until today. However, the EXT4 changes aren't overly exciting for the 3.18 merge window. The EXT4 changes for the Linux 3.18 kernel merge window come down to mostly just code clean-ups and bug fixes along with some minor journal optimizations. Read more

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