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LXer: Tips for how to plan an open source event

Wednesday 29th of July 2015 05:38:54 PM
At OSCON this year, Kara Sowles and Francesca Krihely gave an amazing workshop on how to plan and run tech events. So many tech events I've attended have looked completely seamless, so I wanted to know what went in to planning events like more

TuxMachines: OpenDaylight dawn: Open-source software defined networking goes into production

Wednesday 29th of July 2015 05:33:59 PM

OpenDaylight, the open-source, software-defined network, is moving from the lab into full-scale production.

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TuxMachines: Battle of the sub-$450 Android phones: ZTE Axon vs OnePlus 2 vs Moto X Style

Wednesday 29th of July 2015 05:19:19 PM

Over the past two weeks we have seen three new Android phones announced that are priced to challenge Samsung, LG, and HTC devices typically found starting at $600.

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TuxMachines: The AMD Radeon R9 Fury Is Currently A Disaster On Linux

Wednesday 29th of July 2015 05:10:11 PM

When AMD announced the Radeon R9 Fury line-up powered by the "Fiji" GPU with High Bandwidth Memory, I was genuinely very excited to get my hands on this graphics card. The tech sounded great and offered up a lot of potential, and once finally finding an R9 Fury in stock, shelled out nearly $600 for this graphics card. Unfortunately though, thanks to the current state of the Catalyst Linux driver, the R9 Fury on Linux is a gigantic waste for OpenGL workloads. The R9 Fury results only exemplifies the hideous state of AMD's OpenGL support for their Catalyst Linux driver with a NVIDIA graphics card costing $200 less consistently delivering better gaming performance.

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TuxMachines: Remix Mini Is the First Android PC, Runs Lollipop-Based Remix OS

Wednesday 29th of July 2015 05:06:47 PM

Remix Mini is now on Kickstarter as the world's first true Android PC and its makers, Jide Technology, just might be the first company that takes an Android OS and makes it run like a proper desktop.

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Reddit: Announcing systemd.conf 2015

Wednesday 29th of July 2015 05:03:57 PM

LXer: LibreOffice 5.0 to Bring Better Support for Special Scientific Formats

Wednesday 29th of July 2015 07:48:20 AM
The fourth Release Candidate for LibreOffice 5.0 has been released by The Document Foundation and it looks like the development cycle is coming to an end.

Reddit: SIP trunk Asterisk 11 with CUCM 8.5

Wednesday 29th of July 2015 01:38:37 AM

Hi, I has been connected sip trunk between CUCM 8.5 and asterisk 11. And, it working very well. But, when i change source port of CUCM, different 5060, for security purposes (examples instead of, pass to security device). In this case, asterisk can not identification CUCM as trunk, and call has been send to public context. asterisk config sip trunk: [MAYAO] host= username= secret= canreinvite=no context=TRK_SIP_MAYAO disallow=all allow=ulaw,gsm outboundproxy= type=peer How to resolve it? Thank You.

submitted by hoanghuan1989
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Phoronix: Radeon Gallium3D Tackles A Bit More, OpenGL 4.1 Patches Pending

Wednesday 29th of July 2015 01:08:53 AM
Recently, each day has been yielding a bit more of OpenGL 4.x support within Mesa/Gallium3D. The latest patches position the RadeonSI Gallium3D driver for enabling OpenGL 4.1 compliance...

LXer: What's your favorite Linux desktop?

Wednesday 29th of July 2015 01:08:03 AM
In today's open source roundup: What's your favorite Linux desktop environment? Plus: readers share their favorite desktops. And five of the top Linux desktop environments.

Reddit: How much does hardware with open drivers and firmware lag behind its competitors?

Tuesday 28th of July 2015 09:56:19 PM

As we free folk know, the hardware doesn't need to be free, we need just open firmware if it's loadable and open drivers. And not tivoized interface.

How many hardware pieces of this type exists? I keep hearing about some Chinese MIPS processors, old RadeonHD driver that didn't need closed firmware to load etc etc (Freedreno?).

Have you used that kind of hardware? Why the companies that distributed it failed to be profitable/supported? How much does it lag behind modern CPUs and GPUs like Intel/AMD/Nvidia/Qualcomm?

P.S. I'm not trying to convert people here, just kind of anxious about the road companies are taking us to. Firmware signing from NVIDIA, firmware signing from Intel, laws that defend closed modems, laws that defend closed routers. Does free folk even have a chance now?..

submitted by Antic1tizen
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Reddit: LXC Containers with separate, public IPs

Tuesday 28th of July 2015 09:50:07 PM

TuxMachines: Canonical Patches Four Linux Kernel Vulnerabilities in Ubuntu 15.04 and Ubuntu 14.04

Tuesday 28th of July 2015 09:46:33 PM

Today, July 28, Canonical published details about new Linux kernel updates for its Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) operating systems, urging users to update the installations as soon as possible.

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LXer: Open source software is the only way to keep up

Tuesday 28th of July 2015 09:19:19 PM
Allison Randal of Hewlett-Packard began her keynote for OSCON 2015 with a quotation I'd never heard:read more

Reddit: grep

Tuesday 28th of July 2015 09:14:40 PM

Hi Guys, Im trying to use grep to search the folder configs and output everything file that has the interface Tunnel100 in there.

I am using something like this.

grep -x 'interface Tunnel100' /configs/

Now where I am stuck is that I want the results from the above to be searched again using another expression such as grep -x 'Image: Software' so I can get the line with Image: Software in there. Basically a 2 searches, the second one being against the results of the first.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


submitted by bleeping_noodle
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TuxMachines: Ubuntu Software Center Is Really Hated by the Community, but Why?

Tuesday 28th of July 2015 09:09:19 PM

Ubuntu MATE recently decided to drop the Ubuntu Software Center and it will not longer be available with the upcoming 15.10 Alpha 2 release. This is interesting in itself, but this editorial is about another aspect. From the looks of it, a very large part of the Ubuntu and Linux community really hates the Ubuntu Software Center.

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TuxMachines: Nvidia 352.30 Stable Driver for Linux Has Lots of Fixes and GeForce 910M Support

Tuesday 28th of July 2015 08:00:00 PM

Nvidia has released a new Linux driver in the stable branch and has fixed a few outstanding issues. The company also provides support for the latest GeForce 910M chipset.

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