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LXer: Raspberry Pi Foundation Disables SSH in Raspbian PIXEL's Latest Security Update

Thursday 1st of December 2016 02:08:49 PM
Raspberry Pi Foundation, through Simon Long announces that a security update is now available for the PIXEL desktop environment of the company's Debian-based Raspbian operating system for Raspberry Pi single-board computers.

TuxMachines: Fedora 25 GNOME 3 screenshots

Thursday 1st of December 2016 02:06:15 PM

Fedora 25 is the latest edition of the Linux distribution published by the Fedora Project, which is sponsored by Red Hat, Inc. The Fedora Project supports many desktop environments, including Cinnamon, GNOME 3, KDE, LXDE, MATE and Xfce, but the main edition uses the GNOME 3 desktop environment in its default configuration.

Also: Fedora 25 Cinnamon screenshots

Fedora 25 KDE screenshots

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TuxMachines: European Parliament: EUR 1.9M for EU-FOSSA follow-up

Thursday 1st of December 2016 02:02:42 PM

The European Parliament today approved a EUR 1.9 million budget for the follow-up to the European Commission’s ‘EU Free and Open Source Software Auditing’ project (EU-FOSSA). The next version of the code audit project is to add bug bounties.

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Reddit: Weekly Edition for November 17, 2016

Thursday 1st of December 2016 01:42:49 PM

Reddit: Ardour 5.5 Released

Thursday 1st of December 2016 01:37:06 PM

Phoronix: Forum Spam/Filtering Redesign; 300+ Linux News/Articles/Reviews For November

Thursday 1st of December 2016 01:03:37 PM
Just a few notes to get December kicked off on Phoronix, including good news for Phoronix Forums participants...

Phoronix: Ardour 5.5 Digital Audio Workstation Released

Thursday 1st of December 2016 01:00:06 PM
A new release of Ardour is available, the widely-praised, open-source digital audio workstation software...

LXer: Fedora 25 post installation guide

Thursday 1st of December 2016 12:57:05 PM
Did you have Fedora 25 fresh system ? don't worry, just follow our article for tweaks.

TuxMachines: Servers/Networks

Thursday 1st of December 2016 11:58:53 AM
  • OpenHPC Pedal Put To The Compute Metal

    The ultimate success of any platform depends on the seamless integration of diverse components into a synergistic whole – well, as much as is possible in the real world – while at the same time being flexible enough to allow for components to be swapped out and replaced by others to suit personal preferences.

  • Docker for AWS Public Beta

    Today, we’re announcing that Docker for AWS is graduating to public beta, just in time for AWS re:Invent. Docker for AWS is a great way for ops to setup and maintain secure and scalable Docker deployments on AWS.

  • Amazon Lightsail: The private server killer

    Hosting companies, and their virtualized descendants -- virtual private server companies such as Bluehost, Digital Ocean, and Linode -- provide remote servers for developers, websites, and businesses needing other internet services. They continue to be very popular with small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) that can't afford or don't need a data center or public cloud services.

  • Trouble in paradise: Is the open-source community planning a revolt against Amazon?

    Things just keep looking up for Amazon. Attendance at this year’s AWS re:Invent conference broke the record; enterprise giants like McDonald’s are singing its praises on the keynote stage; and it has announced roughly 1,000 upcoming features and updates. And yet some foresee adversity ahead from both users and ecosystem players.

    Stu Miniman (@stu), co-host of theCUBE*, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, described the conference and Amazon’s announcements as “an embarrassment of riches.” With difficulty, he picked a handful of favorites, among them Greengrass.

    “Greengrass is how Amazon is taking their server-less architecture, really Lambda, and they’re taking it beyond the cloud,” he said. He explained that this technology has huge promise for IoT, which still struggles with the physics of moving data around. “They talked about the ‘snowball edge,’ which is going to allow me to have kind of compute and storage down at that edge,” he stated.

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TuxMachines: Comcast Becomes the First Cable Company to Join ONOS & CORD

Thursday 1st of December 2016 11:47:33 AM

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Phoronix: BeOS-Compatible Haiku OS Working On EFI Support, UI Improvements

Thursday 1st of December 2016 11:21:47 AM
The Haiku OS developer community have issued their latest activity report to cover what's going on with this open-source BeOS-compatible operating system...

LXer: Amazon Lightsail: The private server killer

Thursday 1st of December 2016 11:18:53 AM
Amazon is going after hosting and virtual private server companies with its latest low-end cloud offering.

Phoronix: Amlogic Meson VPU DRM Driver In The Works

Thursday 1st of December 2016 11:15:27 AM
A new DRM driver is being baked for supporting the video processing unit for Amlogic Meson SoCs...

TuxMachines: Development News (SourceForge and Perl)

Thursday 1st of December 2016 11:06:03 AM
  • Introducing HTTPS for Project Websites
  • Securing SourceForge With HTTPS

    SourceForge has added a feature that gives project websites the opportunity to opt-in to using SSL HTTPS encryption. Project admins can find this option in the Admin page under “HTTPS.”

    Opting-in will also trigger a domain name change, from to Visitors using the old domain will automatically redirect to the new domain.

  • Fedora 25 Easy Enough, SourceForge Goes HTTPS
  • CPAN Testers RULE!

    Late last evening I sent a development version of a Perl module to PAUSE. This module had had a bunch of work on it since the last release, including a change in the way timegm() and timelocal() were called.

    The CPAN testers worked on it overnight, and this morning I had a brand-new shiny RT ticket in my inbox. Slaven Rezic (to give credit where it is due) had noticed and correctly diagnosed the problem. I fixed it, and tonight the CPAN testers are chewing on a new and hopefully better test release.

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Phoronix: DRMFS Pseudo File-System Proposed

Thursday 1st of December 2016 10:59:31 AM
Intel developers are proposing the introduction of a new pseudo file-system intended as a better fit for Direct Rendering Manager drivers rather than the mix of sysfs/debugfs usage currently used...

TuxMachines: 3 open source password managers

Thursday 1st of December 2016 10:09:46 AM

Keep your data and accounts safe by using a secure open source password manager to store unique, complex passwords.

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More in Tux Machines

Linux 4.9-rc8

So if anybody has been following the git tree, it should come as no surprise that I ended up doing an rc8 after all: things haven't been bad, but it also hasn't been the complete quiet that would have made me go "no point in doing another week". Extra kudos to Arnd, who actually root-caused the incredibly annoying "modversions do not work with new versions of binutils", bisecting it to a particular change to symbol handling in binutils, and then adding a small one-liner patch to the kernel to work around the issue. We already had other workarounds in place, but it's always good to know exactly what in the tool chain changed to cause things like this. Read more Also: Linux Kernel 4.9 Slated for December 11 Release as Linus Torvalds Outs RC8 Linux 4.9-rc8 Kernel Released