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TuxMachines: OpenSSH 7.4 released

Monday 19th of December 2016 10:06:46 PM

OpenSSH 7.4 has just been released. It will be available from the
mirrors listed at shortly.

OpenSSH is a 100% complete SSH protocol 2.0 implementation and
includes sftp client and server support. OpenSSH also includes
transitional support for the legacy SSH 1.3 and 1.5 protocols
that may be enabled at compile-time.

Once again, we would like to thank the OpenSSH community for their
continued support of the project, especially those who contributed
code or patches, reported bugs, tested snapshots or donated to the
project. More information on donations may be found at:

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TuxMachines: Securing Linux with kernel hardening features

Monday 19th of December 2016 09:55:49 PM

New kernel hardening features can protect against the bugs that are most typically exploited by malware hackers — even if the bug has yet to be detected.

The task of securing Linux systems is so mind-bogglingly complex and involves so many layers of technology that it can easily overwhelm developers. However, there are some fairly straightforward protections you can use at the very core: the kernel. These hardening techniques help developers guard against the bugs that haven’t yet been detected.

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TuxMachines: Android Leftovers

Monday 19th of December 2016 09:36:15 PM

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Phoronix: Google Upstreams Chrome on iOS Source Code In Chromium

Monday 19th of December 2016 09:32:01 PM
Google developers today pushed a bunch of their Chrome on iOS code into the upstream Chromium Git repository...

Reddit: Icon Widget Properties in Plasma 5.9

Monday 19th of December 2016 09:03:15 PM

LXer: Expanding a software RAID on Debian by migrationg to new large hard disks

Monday 19th of December 2016 09:02:45 PM
This tutorial shows you the steps to replace two old hard disks with new (larger) ones when using a software RAID on Debian.

TuxMachines: FOSS Events

Monday 19th of December 2016 09:02:44 PM

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TuxMachines: OSS Leftovers

Monday 19th of December 2016 09:01:04 PM
  • An Open Source Driving Agent from

    Last week, we open sourced an advanced driver assistance system in order to help accelerate the future of self driving cars and provide a platform anyone can build on top of. We released both openpilot, driving agent research software, and NEO, a robotics platform capable of running openpilot, under the MIT license.

  • How and Open Source Provide Critical Services to Enable Social Change runs exclusively on open source software, and the majority of their services are deployed on Ubuntu Linux servers. Recently, they launched a few services on the latest stable Debian release.

    The organization uses Apache Mesos to manage large clusters for their maternal health applications. “All applications on these clusters are distributed in Docker containers and are managed by Mesophere’s Marathon. To provision the machines we use Puppet. Our language of choice for all of our services is Python,” according to Simon de Haan, chief engineer and Ambika Samarthya-Howard, head of communications.

  • Survey Reveals Big Data Reaching Maturity, But Governance Fears Loom

    During its formative stage, the Big Data trend--sorting and sifting large data sets with new tools in pursuit of surfacing meaningful angles on stored information--remained an enterprise-only story, but now businesses of all sizes are evaluating tools that can help them glean meaningful insights from the data they store. As we've noted, the open source Hadoop project has been one of the big drivers of this trend, and has given rise to commercial companies that offer custom Hadoop distributions, support, training and more.

  • Real-time useful geospatial map data 'surfaced' by eeGeo

    The eeGeo platform delivers a 3D representation of the world in which information, content, services and data visualisation can be presented in a visually attractive way that encourages discovery, interaction.

    In line with the firm’s JavaScript support (still first-class, no second tier messing around), eeGeo is launching a series of open APIs to help developers integrate and build 3D maps for a more engaging browsing experience.

  • Facebook 2016 Open-Source Year in Review (Infographic) [Ed: openwashing of nasty, proprietary mass surveillance apparatus]
  • 3 Common Open Source IP Compliance Failures and How to Avoid Them

    Companies or organizations that don’t have a strong open source compliance program often suffer from errors and limitations in processes throughout the software development cycle that can lead to open source compliance failures.

    In part 3 of this series, we covered some of the risks that a company can face from license failures, including an injunction that prevents a company from shipping a product; support or customer service headaches; significant re-engineering; and more.

  • SiFive Is Setting Silicon Free with Open-Source Chips

    Moore's Law is dead...just not in the way everyone thinks. Technological advances keep allowing chips to scale, but the economics are another story – particularly for smaller companies that can't afford chips in the volumes that the big chipmakers would like from their customers.

    The solution, according to San Francisco-based startup, SiFive, is open-source hardware, specifically an architecture developed by the company's founders called RISC-V (pronounced “risk-five”). Done right SiFive, which was awarded Startup of the Year at the 2016 Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Awards, believes that RISC-V will do for the hardware industry what Linux has done for software.

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LXer: Running containers, reducing complexity, and more OpenStack news

Monday 19th of December 2016 07:54:08 PM
Are you interested in keeping track of what is happening in the open source cloud? is your source for news in OpenStack, the open source cloud infrastructure project.As the holiday season nears, OpenStack development typically slows. This will be our last weekly coverage of OpenStack development for 2016, and we look forward to seeing you back in the new more

Reddit: Wine 1.8.6 Released

Monday 19th of December 2016 07:24:08 PM

Phoronix: AMD Publishes "Polaris 12" Support For AMDGPU+RadeonSI Linux Driver

Monday 19th of December 2016 07:10:51 PM
Patches were published today for supporting "Polaris 12" graphics cards within the AMDGPU DRM kernel driver on Linux...

LXer: Top 5 Linux Foundation Webinars of 2016

Monday 19th of December 2016 06:45:30 PM
This was an exciting year for webinars at The Linux Foundation! Our topics ranged from network hardware virtualization to Microsoft Azure to container security and open source automotive, and members of the community tuned in from almost every corner of the globe. The following are the top 5 Linux Foundation webinars of 2016:

Reddit: What made you leave Linux?

Monday 19th of December 2016 06:05:30 PM

Made a post on what made you switch to Linux, now out of curiosity, what made you leave Linux?

submitted by /u/IgniOwl
[link] [comments]

LinuxToday: Open source diversity efforts gain momentum in 2016

Monday 19th of December 2016 06:00:00 PM

If software is pervasive, shouldn't the people building it be from everywhere and represent different voices?

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    The number of open source applications and tools that are available on today’s popular operating systems is simply mind-blowing. They come in all forms. Small scripts and console tools that can be easily integrated into large projects, feature-rich applications that offer everything a complete solution, well designed tools, games that encourage real participation, and eye catching candy. Open source software holds many compelling advantages over proprietary software. Open source improves the quality of the code, keeps costs down, encourages innovation and collaboration, combined with superior security, freedom, flexibility, interoperability, business agility, and much more.
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    The wait is almost over, and you'll finally be able to enjoy a much modern, improved, and full of new technologies Kodi media center on your PC or HTPC device, be it an Apple TV or Raspberry Pi. Martijn Kaijser announced the third Release Candidate (RC) development version for the Kodi 17.0 "Krypton" media center, and it looks to us like these pre-releases are getting smaller by the day, the RC3 build including only seven changes listed on the release notes attached to the official announcement.
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