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Reddit: [Question] Status on Linux on the iphone3Gs

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 11:23:35 PM

I have recently aquired an old iphone3gs for free and i was wondering what the status of getting Linux on the iphone3gs was.

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TuxMachines: today's howtos

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 10:43:11 PM

TuxMachines: Leftovers: Gaming

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 10:42:01 PM

LXer: DuckDuckGo may be the next big thing in search engines

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 10:39:53 PM
In today's open source roundup: DuckDuckGo may eventually give Google a run for its money. Plus: A screenshot tour of Peppermint Five, and helpful tools for new Linux engineers.

TuxMachines: CyanogenMod users may not see Android L anytime soon

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 10:19:40 PM

Over the last week all the news has revolved around L with early leaks of its features and images. This morning we also reported of L’s source code released as a developer preview. This immediately led to many news articles incorrectly reporting that third party ROM builders will be able to soon offer L based ROM builds.

Well, according to CM (CyanogenMod) who is probably the most well-known third party ROM builder this will not be happening anytime soon. Instead CM is not so keen to jump on the L bandwagon and are holding a much more reserved and held-back position by releasing a statement very clearly indicating “L is for Later”.

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Phoronix: Linux 3.16 Aims To Enable Radeon BAPM By Default

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 10:18:12 PM
A DRM-fixes pull request for the open-source Radeon Linux graphics driver for the Linux 3.16 kernel is going to enable BAPM by default for some APU systems...

TuxMachines: VLC for Android available on Google Play Store

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 10:15:38 PM

VLC is the most popular Open Source video player which can play virtually any video and audio formats on the desktop PCs. It beats every video player out there whether it be QuickTime or Windows Media Player. When we talk about Android, the situation is not much different as due to ARM’s mess, its really tricky to get all videos to play. There are some apps but they are either paid, proprietary or they just don’t work that well. In a nutshell, we need VLC for Android.

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TuxMachines: LG is the first smartphone maker to join Google's Open Automotive Alliance

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 10:12:47 PM

Google hasn't yet released details on what specific handsets will work with Android Auto — but it seems like a safe bet that LG's future smartphones will work with the new system. And if the company keeps putting out phones as good as the G3 we reviewed last month, Android Auto support will be another point in favor of LG.

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TuxMachines: Ubuntu 14.10 Will Not Ship With Open-Source OpenCL Support

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 10:11:15 PM

While Fedora 21 is planning for open-source OpenCL support "out of the box", the same can't be said for Ubuntu 14.10. Ubuntu developers aren't looking for any stock OpenCL support be made available in the next distribution release.

While more OpenCL software is offering code-paths for OpenCL support from LibreOffice to The GIMP for faster processing by leveraging GPUs, there apparently isn't a compelling enough reason for Canonical to support OpenCL out-of-the-box on Ubuntu Linux quite yet. The open-source driver support for OpenCL continues to improve with Intel's Beignet and the OpenCL Gallium3D state tracker for the Radeon/Nouveau drivers, which can now run Bit Coin miners, etc.

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LXer: Survey: Hadoop Not the Answer for Big Data Diversity

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 09:42:42 PM
A survey of data scientists from database vendor Paradigm4 suggests that Hadoop and Spark are not as useful for sophisticated Big Data analytics as a non-expert might think.

Reddit: Can I get your opinion on wireless security?

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 09:36:58 PM

So I figured I'd ask here because I want an answer from a Linux perspective. A few months ago I noticed some devices on my network that did not belong. I was able to kick most off except one. At first it showed a connection over wireless. When I killed it, it reappeared as a lan connection. I used rules to let it stay connected but not give it any bandwidth. After a couple days it was gone but I was still noticing bandwidth issues. I wiped the routers, changed the passwords and started over.

Fast forward a few months. Everything was fine for a while but seems to have slowed down a bit recently. I did the usual troubleshooting and everything seemed ok albeit still a bit slower than I was used to but not as bad as it was before the last wipe. My roommate tells me today that again there are extra devices connected. The last time there was one persistent connection it was given the same hostname as one of my PC's but all capitalized letters instead of lowercase. Now it has a completely different name. I didn't record the Mac address last time so I'll not sure it's the same device. But it switched from wlan to lan when it was disconnected first and now it won't release.

I'm thinking of going with radius at this point. I'm ok with Linux and tried LDAP using openldap but I can't seem to wrap my head around it. I was thinking of spinning up a windows server VM and running radius off that. I'm also wiping my machines and starting fresh once I have this implemented but I don't think my servers are pwned. At last I haven't noticed anything weird and monitoring has come up clean.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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TuxMachines: Chumby back from the dead with 1,000 apps

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 09:30:17 PM

Chumby, which sold Linux-based tabletop devices that ran Flash-based apps, is back in business under Blue Octy, with an overhauled website and 1,000 apps.

Chumby Industries went out of business a year ago, leaving Chumby owners and subscribers in the lurch. Blue Octy LLC, quickly snatched up the assets and revamped the website. As reported first by Engadget, the company has now reopened the Chumby service.

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TuxMachines: kGraft Being Discussed For Inclusion Into Linux-Next

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 09:23:34 PM

The SUSE method for live kernel patching, kGraft, is being proposed for possible inclusion into the linux-next branch in hopes it will be merged into an upcoming Linux kernel release cycle.

The kGraft patches for live kernel patching continue to be revised and reviewed but at the same time there's still Kpatch that's been developed by Red Hat with some different design principles for updating the running kernel in real-time. To date there's been no general consensus on the superior solution nor any agreement to try to merge Kpatch and kGraft.

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Reddit: unaligned pointer ox2

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 09:06:06 PM

I am trying to make a bootable thumb drive with Ubuntu 13.10. I used Mac Linux USB Loader. I get the error, unaligned pointer ox2. What is the problem? I have OS 10.9.4

thank you

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Reddit: How To Play Classic Quake on Linux

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 08:51:37 PM

LXer: 14 Command line tips & tricks

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 08:45:31 PM
To build a strong foundation in Linux, good knowledge of the command line is essential. Here we’veanswered 14 of the most commonly asked questions...

TuxMachines: Qt HiDPI Support Is On Hold For A Few Months

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 08:30:59 PM

Discussed at the Qt Contributor Summit and now turning into an Internet discussion is that the Qt High-DPI support is on hold.

The Qt High-DPI support process allows setting a scale factor (via platform plug-ins, a user environment variable, or potential per-screen configuration files), layering changes to accomodate scaling, QWindow and other platform changes, etc. The HiDPI support is of course centered around new monitors that have very high pixel densities (Retina MacBook Pro, many smaller 4K displays, etc) and improving the experience for end-users by avoiding unbearably small text. Qt developers have been working on HiDPI support for several months.

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TuxMachines: BrickPi Bookreader 2 interview

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 08:20:13 PM

A robotic, mechanical reader of printed books that melds together the Raspberry Pi and Lego Mindstorms.

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Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 08:17:10 PM

 Don't get rid of your classic Quake and Quake 2 disks, because you can play them better on Linux.

TuxMachines: Satellite 6 Adds More Control For Red Hat Linux

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 07:58:18 PM

Red Hat has followed up the roll out of the latest version of its mainstay Enterprise Linux operating system with the beta release of the Red Hat Satellite 6 management suite.

The management system for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 is based on a bunch of other open source tools, including Puppet and Foreman, used to automate management of RHEL. David Caplan, Red Hat Satellite 6 principal product manager, noted that this is the first implementation of Puppet on the Red Hat management system, which among other things supports configuration management.

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