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LXer: Repair Linux Boot failures in Grub 2 rescue mode

Wednesday 4th of February 2015 01:12:25 PM
This article provides the you with information on options available for repairing GRUB 2 boot issues and specific instructions on how to use the GRUB 2 terminal.

Reddit: Anyone have the ThinkPad X140e?

Wednesday 4th of February 2015 12:35:04 PM

If so, how do you like it? Specifically interested in your experience with keyboard, trackpad/point, screen and how well it runs Linux (including battery life).

submitted by azalus88
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LXer: Signal analyzer runs Linux on BeagleBone Black-like core

Wednesday 4th of February 2015 12:15:14 PM
Data Translation unveiled a Linux-enabled dynamic signal analyzer for measuring noise and vibration, based on a BeagleBone Black-like embedded computer. The DT7837 is used for testing audio, acoustic, and vibration on mobile devices and other electronics gear. The dynamic signal analyzer can simultaneously measure four 24-bit IEPE sensor inputs at a sampling rate of 102.4 kS/s, says Data Translation.

LinuxToday: 8 advantages of using open source in the enterprise

Wednesday 4th of February 2015 12:00:00 PM

TuxMachines: Paid development pays off for LibreOffice for Android

Wednesday 4th of February 2015 11:47:23 AM

At the huge FOSDEM conference in Brussels this weekend, the developers of LibreOffice for Android presented their work and road map. LibreOffice for Android is currently available as a file viewer in the Google Play Store, but the team is making rapid progress developing editing capabilities as well.

The project is unusual in that The Document Foundation, which manages LibreOffice's development, is using donated funds to pay professional developers to work on LibreOffice for Android. Those funds appear to be having the desired effect of accelerating development.

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TuxMachines: Winners of the 2015 Community Awards

Wednesday 4th of February 2015 11:41:21 AM

Every year, awards people from our community who have excelled in contributing and sharing stories about open source. These stories are about open source as we use it in our everyday lives as well as how it helps to build a better world and future in technology. This year, we present to you the 2015 Community Awards in the following categories.

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TuxMachines: The Linux Setup - Jonathan Riddell, Kubuntu Developer

Wednesday 4th of February 2015 11:36:26 AM

I’m all for free-as-in-freedom. Because of the number of interfaces that software has with the world (both human and programmer), it’s very easy to lock people into proprietary software and create monopolies. Not having free competition is a bad way for any economy to run. I’m surprised at how infrequently this economic argument is made.

I’m also all for community-made software. It allows us to have control and fix problems that we find, to share knowledge, and to create professional and personal relationships. I love that I can go to almost any city in the world and meet up with someone who wants to chat about the code we work with.

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LXer: Ubuntu 14.10 running on my MacBook

Wednesday 4th of February 2015 11:18:03 AM
A few days ago I thought I’d never run something different than Mac OS X on my MacBook, but then I remembered how great Ubuntu ran some years ago on my old laptop. Apart from that my development environment was easily adoptable to Ubuntu and I really love customising stuff, so I made the switch to Ubuntu. That’s how it starts…

Reddit: OpenMandriva Lx 3Pre-Alpha is here!

Wednesday 4th of February 2015 11:00:41 AM

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​No reboot patching comes to Linux 4.0

One reason to love Linux on your servers or in your data-center is that you so seldom needed to reboot it. True, critical patches require a reboot, but you could go months without rebooting. Now, with the latest changes to the Linux kernel you may be able to go years between reboots. Read more

Linux 4.0-rc2

So rc2 missed the usual Sunday afternoon timing, because I spent most of the weekend debugging an issue that happened on an old Mac Mini I have around, and I hate making even early -rc releases with problems on machines that I have direct access to. Even if it only affected old machines that actual developers are unlikely to have or at least use. Today I got the patch from Daniel Vetter to fix it, so instead of doing a Sunday evening rc2, it's a Tuesday morning one. Go get it. It works better for the delay. Other than that little one-liner i915 fix? Not much, actually. It's been a very quiet week, for being this early in the release process. Sure, 3.19-rc2 was even smaller, so it continues a trend, but that was the xmas week. I hope this low volume is just because the 4.0 merge window itself was somewhat calmer than most recent releases. But I suspect the real reason is that the driver and networking trees from GregKH and davem are pending, and didn't make rc2. We'll see. Anyway, the shortlog is appended, and testing is appreciated, Linus Read more

6 Linux-y announcements from Mobile World Congress

I earlier wrote about how Linux invaded CES 2015. The domination continues at Mobile World Congress, which kicked off this week in Barcelona. Here are some of the major announcements from MWC that show that Linux has become an unstoppable force. Read more