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TuxMachines: Linux bloated? Think again

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014 08:10:30 PM

When I first started using Linux, back in the mid-late nineties, a typical Linux installation was roughly four to five CDs and wound up installing applications geared toward scientists, programmers, HAM radio operators, and more. The kernel was built for a small sub-section of hardware it actually had support for (which included a lot of hardware most people didn't have). The typical resources needed to run Linux were quite small. The first machine I ran Linux on was a Pentium II 75 Mhz processor with 56 MB of RAM and an unsupported WinModem (which was eventually swapped out for a US Robotics 36.6 external modem).

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TuxMachines: China’s ‘home-made’ operating system isn’t home made at all, but maybe that’s OK

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014 08:05:00 PM

Like most governments, China’s has long been concerned about the security vulnerabilities that may come with using software developed in other countries. The biggest problem: PC operating systems in government buildings are almost universally run on Windows. For years, China has been trying to create a domestic alternative. Yesterday, the latest alpha build of its decade-in-the-making Kylin operating system went up for download.

According to Techweb, this latest version of Ubuntu Kylin – the version of Kylin that’s being designed for use by the public – still contains serious bugs, and important parts of the OS have not been translated into Chinese.

In fact, whether Kylin is even a Chinese operating system at all is debatable, although the Chinese media continues to describe the project as “home-grown.”

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LXer: Teaching Linux in the Dark

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014 07:43:50 PM
See, that’s the problem with many people in my generation. If something happens or is added to their computers, they believe it’s supposed to happen, that “the Internet knows what I need.” Apparently, the Internet thought Jake needed eleven toolbars and so many JavaScript exploits that the damned thing took over five minutes just to open the browser.

TuxMachines: The Curious Case of the Disappearing Distros

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014 07:42:58 PM

"Linux is a big game now, with billions of dollars of profit, and it's the best thing since sliced bread, but corporations are taking control, and slowly but systematically, community distros are being killed," said Google+ blogger Alessandro Ebersol. "Linux is slowly becoming just like BSD, where companies use and abuse it and give very little in return."

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TuxMachines: Come On! The Year Of GNU/Linux On The Desktop Was Ages Ago. Now We’re Mopping Up.

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014 07:39:07 PM

Chromebooks are killing iPads and Wintel PCs in USAian education. Even PhotoShop ships for them. Every major OEM of PCs is shipping ChromeOS which is Chrome browser embedded on GNU/Linux. There are moves to integrate the rampant Android/Linux, too, with ChromeOS. We’ve won, beyond our wildest dreams and rather quickly too. It was only 7 years ago that Android was a gleam in Google’s eyes but they sold a billion copies last year.

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TuxMachines: Mozilla and KDDI Launch First Firefox OS Smartphone in Japan

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014 07:29:35 PM

Mozilla, the mission-based organization dedicated to promoting openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web, is excited to announce that KDDI will release the first Firefox OS smartphone in Japan, just in time for the holidays.

KDDI announced at a press conference in Tokyo today that the newest Firefox OS smartphone, Fx0, goes on sale in Japan on Dec. 25. Fx0 is the first high-spec Firefox OS smartphone with the latest Firefox OS update inside.

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TuxMachines: Quadcopter drone packs first all-Linux APM autopilot

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014 06:55:31 PM

Erle Robotics launched a ROS-enabled, open source “Erie-brain” autopilot that runs APM directly on Linux. The device also powers an “Erle-copter” drone.

Over the last year, Spanish firm Erle Robotics S.L. has been working with 3DRobotics to develop an open source BeaglePilot autopilot for drones that can run Linux on 3DR’s popular, Arduino-based APM (ArduPilot Mega) platform. The APM Linux port was developed by both companies, as well as several academic institutions. The BeagleBone-based “Erle-brain” autopilot is built into the $490-and-up Erle-copter quadcopter.

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LXer: Updating the Linux Kernel Without Restart Could Arrive Soon for Users

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014 06:46:39 PM
A new development cycle has been started for the Linux kernel, 3.19, but it looks like the 3.20 branch is about to receive a very interesting patch that should really shake things up if it's going to get accepted, that is.

LXer: Why You Should Switch to Ubuntu MATE Edition

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014 05:49:28 PM
Finding the right desktop can be a deeply personal experience. In this article, I’ll explain why I decided to make the switch to the MATE desktop and the reason behind using an Ubuntu base.

Reddit: GUI starting despite runlevel set to 3?

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014 05:40:34 PM

I am attempting to disable the GUI from starting on boot on a RHEL 5.x server. I manually edited /etc/inittab and changed the runlevel from 5 to 3 (id:3:initdefault:). After rebooting the GUI still starts. What am I missing?

submitted by ChewyTheGrey
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Reddit: Kodi 14.0 Helix Unwinds: Final version released

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014 05:06:14 PM

LinuxToday: Open Source Online Game Gets Students Excited About Linux

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014 05:00:00 PM To help his students get interested in and engaged with Linux, Rughinis created World of USO, an open source, interactive online game that teaches the basics of the operating system at the same time it encourages participation and competition

LXer: Mozilla and KDDI Launch First Firefox OS Smartphone in Japan

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014 04:52:17 PM
Mozilla, the mission-based organization dedicated to promoting openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web, is excited to announce that KDDI will release the first Firefox OS smartphone in Japan, just in time for the holidays. KDDI announced at a press … Continue reading

Reddit: Addicts

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014 04:45:53 PM

Reddit: Kali Linux / Backtrack

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014 04:09:33 PM

Hi there,

I work in IT sales and I'm trying to learn how to do penetration testing for clients as part of a security assesment. Someone mentioned in passing that Kali Linux / backtrack would be a great tool. I'm wondering if any of you guys have some words of advice or any links that might get me started?

I'm currently running it on an old DELL Vostro1500 off a bootable disk. I haven't installed in on the hard drive. Are there any real benefits to putting it on the HDD? Or should I keep the disk?

I appreciate any help. Thank you.

submitted by lemontortilla
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Phoronix: UEFI Secure Boot Tools Updated For v2.4

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014 03:58:39 PM
James Bottomley has updated the open-source UEFI Secure Boot Tools for Linux distributions to build against the UEFI 2.4 specification...

LXer: Top 5: Legal issues in open source in 2014

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014 03:55:06 PM
The most-read articles this year on demonstrated a strong interest in the changing aspects of complicated issues. For example, the top two stories this year both relate to a complex series of cases involving a dispute between Versata and Aperiprise surrounding alleged violations of the GNU General Public License (GPL).read more

Phoronix: Phoronix Test Suite 5.4.1 Released

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014 03:24:44 PM
Earlier this month Phoronix Test Suite 5.4 was released. Out today in time for some holiday benchmarking is the first point release to Phoronix Test Suite 5.4 "Lipki" for open-source, automated benchmarking on Linux / OS X / Solaris / BSD / Windows...

LinuxToday: VeriSign Warns of DNS Security Risks

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014 03:00:00 PM

eWEEK: The CSO of VeriSign discusses his concerns about domain collisions and the risks they entail.

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Linux Mint Debian Might Not Adopt Systemd

The Linux Mint team has ended 2014 in force with a great Linux Mint 17.1 "Rebecca" release, for both the MATE and Cinnamon desktop, but it looks like the Debian edition is also going to be interesting. Read more

Latest SteamOS Update Brings New NVIDIA and AMD Drivers

SteamOS, a Linux distribution based on Debian and developed by Valve that aims to provide the best gaming experience, has been updated by its makers and a new Beta version has been released. Read more

Your Old Computer Can Live Again with Emmabuntüs 2

Emmabuntüs 2 1.09, a distribution created for reconditioning old computers and relying on the robustness of Xubuntu 12.04.5 LTS, has been released and is now ready for download. The Emmabuntüs developers only use LTS editions of Xubuntu, and that means they actually have two distros out right now that are maintained and improved. We had Emmabuntüs 3 1.0 released a few weeks ago, but that one was using Xubuntu 14.04 LTS as the base. Now, the old branch based on Xubuntu 12.04, Emmabuntüs 2, has been improved as well and the devs have made quite a few changes. Read more

11 years developing Krita

Back in 2003 Krita had never been released and the application was only able to do some very crude painting. I think the main reason that I started contributing to Krita back then was that I was much more comfortable with the single window UI and the fact that it used Qt/KDE and C++. In the early days I would never have imagined that I would be still with the project after 10+ years and how big the project is now. Even that the project exists today is a miracle and result of many developers putting in effort without ever knowing how it would develop. For the first few years we had almost no users and the users that we had were die-hard KDE users. At the time that wasn’t a bad thing as it allowed us to do some radical changes and experiments. Many features that were developed during this time still provide the base for the current Krita. Read more