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Phoronix: Wine 1.7.35 Starts Working On OpenGL Core Context Support

Friday 23rd of January 2015 08:37:03 PM
Wine 1.7.35 is out today as the latest bi-weekly development version of Wine for running Windows programs on Linux and other operating systems...

TuxMachines: 'Windows Must Go Open Source': What Happened?

Friday 23rd of January 2015 08:30:44 PM

It was a bold prediction in 2009 that Microsoft would take its Windows operating system open source. The advent of Windows 10 says it hasn't come true -- yet.

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TuxMachines: It's Windows *10*, Because It's 10 Years Behind Open Source

Friday 23rd of January 2015 08:23:42 PM

I don't write about Microsoft much here. That's largely because, as I noted recently, open source has won. Well, it's won in the field of supercomputers, cloud computing, Web servers, mobile systems, embedded systems and the Internet of Things. Of course, it hasn't won on the desktop - although there are some interesting indications that even there things may be changing. That means Wednesday's launch of Windows 10 is still important, since it affects the daily lives of many people - far too many. Here, I want to focus on a few key aspects that emerged.

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TuxMachines: Google just made it easier to run Linux on your Chromebook

Friday 23rd of January 2015 08:19:12 PM

Have you ever installed a full desktop Linux system on your Chromebook? It isn’t all the hard, but it is a bit more complex than it should be. New features in the latest version of Chrome OS will make dipping into an alternative operating system easier. For example, you’ll be able to easily boot a full Linux system from a USB drive and use it without any additional hassle!

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TuxMachines: Review: Two Android Wear Watches That Are (Almost) Worth Buying

Friday 23rd of January 2015 07:55:05 PM

2015 is the year the battle for your wrist goes nuclear, as the highly anticipated Apple Watch will finally hit store shelves.

But it’s not here yet. Watches using Google’s Android Wear, however, are, and they have been getting better since they were first unveiled last June.

Two of the latest watches in the Google camp: Sony’s SmartWatch 3 and LG’s G Watch R. Both watches have unique features that help them stand out from the first wave of Android Wear devices. Sony’s watch offers a standalone GPS, while LG’s has a completely circular display.

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TuxMachines: Linus Torvalds to Patch the Kernel for a Witcher 2 Problem

Friday 23rd of January 2015 07:54:05 PM

Linus Torvalds is not known to interfere with other projects than the Linux kernel and it must be something really special to get him involved. Well, it looks like the Linux port of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings proved to be interesting enough.

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TuxMachines: Weekend Viewing: Catch up on LCA 2015

Friday 23rd of January 2015 07:48:26 PM

With many of the videos from now available, and a three-day weekend about to hit Australia, there's no excuse not to watch the best talks from last week.

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TuxMachines: Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Alpha 2 Has Default Compiz Support, All Things Must Wobble – Gallery

Friday 23rd of January 2015 07:42:50 PM

The Ubuntu MATE developers have just released the Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Alpha 2 Linux distribution, which is now available for download and testing. It's the first one in the new development cycle and it comes with quite a few improvements.

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Phoronix: X.Org Server 1.17 Pre-Release "TimTam" Is Out

Friday 23rd of January 2015 07:42:00 PM
Keith Packard who this month left Intel's graphics team to join HP to work on "The Machine" has released a new pre-release version of X.Org Server 1.17...

TuxMachines: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 beta available on IBM Power Platform

Friday 23rd of January 2015 07:39:28 PM

Two open source titans put their rings together and joined forces to announce that Red Hat Enterprise Linux v7.1 beta is now available on the IBM Power Development platform. Last month Red Hat announced that v7.i beta supported IBM Power Systems based on little endian mode. Today, it is available and ready to use on the platform directly via download as well as at IBM Innovation & Client Centers worldwide.

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TuxMachines: PC-BSD Releases Updated Lumina Desktop Environment

Friday 23rd of January 2015 07:21:12 PM

Besides working toward PC-BSD 10.1.1's release, the PC-BSD crew have also been working on improving their Lumina Desktop Environment.

Nearly a year ago I wrote about PC-BSD developing its own desktop environment and months later it was out in alpha form. The new PC-BSD desktop is called Lumina and it's a homegrown environment catered toward the BSDs. The Lumina desktop is they're hoping for it to be an alternative to GNOME or KDE.

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LXer: Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Alpha 2 Has Default Compiz Support, All Things Must Wobble - Gallery

Friday 23rd of January 2015 07:15:49 PM
The Ubuntu MATE developers have just released the Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Alpha 2 Linux distribution, which is now available for download and testing. It's the first one in the new development cycle and it comes with quite a few improvements.

Phoronix: Faster VP9 Decoding Is On The Horizon

Friday 23rd of January 2015 05:28:57 PM
For those frustrated by the current lack of hardware supporting VP9 encode/decode and the slow decode speed when playing back VP9 content on the CPU, improvements are coming...

LXer: Weekend Viewing: Catch up on LCA 2015

Friday 23rd of January 2015 05:21:27 PM
With many of the videos from now available, and a three-day weekend about to hit Australia, there's no excuse not to watch the best talks from last week.

Reddit: What OS/Distributions to use?

Friday 23rd of January 2015 04:57:01 PM

Hello all!

As I am finally (almost) done with university (software development), I can get rid of my Windows installation. I have a laptop and a desktop PC that both run Windows (desktop is dual boot with Ubuntu) at this moment. I have experienced with Linux before and also installed Ubuntu on my girlfriend's laptop.

I want to clean install both of those PC's, but I am not sure what operating system to use. As I need some kind of way to develop C# application, I was thinking of atleast have one Windows installation on my desktop PC (also for gaming). I do however, want to create a new dual-boot setup, so I can do other kinds of programming in a non-Windows environment.

I plan on using my laptop for daily tasks, webbrowsing, etc. I need it to be able to run Netflix and Popcorn Time, but that's about it.

What would you recommend for me to do? Both on the dual-boot desktop and on my laptop? What are the pro's and con's of some of the distro's? I'm only familiar with Ubuntu, but there might be better alternatives for the stuff I plan on doing with my installations?

Thanks in advance!

submitted by MaybeAlbertCamus
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Reddit: Need some hardware advice

Friday 23rd of January 2015 04:40:56 PM

We've run Linux (generally Ubuntu and Kali) on Lenovo laptops for a number of years with good results. My issue is I've just spent my morning on the phone with support them stated that "Installing a 3rd party operating system voids your hardware warranty". This one is only 3 months old.

I'm getting a bunch of errors that indicate either the drive is bad or the controller is bad and the run around from Lenovo.

So... I need beefy laptops that support Ubuntu Linux. Who makes them?

At this point

submitted by mustangsal
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Reddit: CentOS 5.11 with Areca RAID card getting random journal corruption in the late evening early morning times. Causing the whole filesystem to go RO.

Friday 23rd of January 2015 04:35:16 PM

CentOS 5.11, 64-bit.

EXT3 system mounted as EXT4. I plan on fully converting this weekend. When the journal corruption happens it locks down the whole filesystem. Unfortunately this includes the Data drive which is on entirely other hardware. Which sucks to those trying to access network files, but oh well.

Side Question: Why would sda3 going read only affect sdb1?

This is an ongoing issue, but I only started exporting rsyslog logs a couple of months ago, but then the problems disappeared.

Well it used to happen a couple of times a month for a few months. Then it went away for a long time. Now it's happening again. Twice in this week alone.

Since I've been exporting logs, I finally see what's going on. This is one exmaple. On the 20th is locked up at 11pm. Nowhere near the 5am that this most recent error happened.

Jan 23 05:30:02 Computer kernel: [154486.309561] jbd2_journal_bmap: journal block not found at offset 31372 on sda3-8

Jan 23 05:30:02 Computer kernel: [154486.309584] Aborting journal on device sda3-8.

Jan 23 05:30:02 Computer kernel: [154486.309742] EXT4-fs error (device sda3): ext4_journal_start_sb: Detected aborted journal

Jan 23 05:30:02 Computer kernel: [154486.309831] EXT4-fs (sda3): Remounting filesystem read-only

  1. What does the 8 refer to in sda3-8? Also, not. The partition is mounted as EXT4, but it's not fully converted by way of tune2fs.

  2. Is this a known issue with areca raid cards? I've tried googling. The previous sysadmin seemed to believe it was a problem with the RAID card. But why, then, doesn't it happen with the data drives? Just the system drive.

  3. Why these RANDOM times at night?! God, I'd understand if it were happening at like the same time everynight during the backup process. Or during the day when it was in heavy use during developer builds. And it has happened at around 8am before. I think once it even happened at 2pm? I guess... But it's almost always in the middle of the night. It's just completely random.

  4. How the hell do I fix this... ? Completely new hard drives? I hate computers. (I love computers.)

submitted by Sysa_Dmin
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LXer: Linus Torvalds on security, AI tools by Facebook, and more

Friday 23rd of January 2015 04:24:16 PM
In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at open data not being so open, Facebook releasing more of its tools as open source, and more!Open source news for your reading pleasure.January 17 to January 23, 2015read more

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Ubuntu Touch Apps Running in Unity Desktop – Video

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Wireless-enabled i.MX6 SBC offers remote IoT management

Eurotech’s “CPU-351-13″ SBC runs Linux on Freescale’s i.MX6 SoC, and offers ZigBee, GPS, extended temperature operation, remote IoT management, and more. Eurotech has been promoting the concept of managed Internet of Things devices long before “IoT” became the latest craze. The Yocto Linux ready CPU-351-13 single board computer is the latest of its embedded boards that can be remote controlled using its Everyware Software Framework (ESF) and Everyware Cloud Client. Other Everyware-enabled products from Eurotech include last year’s Intel Atom E3800 based Catalyst BT module. Read more