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TuxMachines: SUSE and IBM/SAP

Wednesday 5th of August 2015 07:55:27 AM

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LXer: Windows 10 Start menu replacements shifting like hot cakes

Wednesday 5th of August 2015 07:42:19 AM
You had one job, Microsoft. One job. Microsoft had one job to do with Windows 10 – but it looks like it's failed to get even that right.

Reddit: Moving from Zentyal to NethServer

Wednesday 5th of August 2015 07:17:45 AM

Reddit: I got this far...

Wednesday 5th of August 2015 05:59:34 AM

On my shiny new Suicide Linux Distro!

How much longer will I go? I dunno, but it's proving to be a thrilling experience.

For the curious:

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LXer: So long (Vista), it's been good to know yah

Wednesday 5th of August 2015 05:47:57 AM
And there is a silver lining for Vista owners: At least their OS is more popular than Linux.

Reddit: Question about Ubuntu Privacy

Wednesday 5th of August 2015 05:06:07 AM

I heard that Ubuntu had some privacy issues with sending things to Amazon (though anonymized). I was wondering if that is turned off by default now. Also, I use Gnome Shell and not Unity, so am I unaffected anyways? Thanks :)

submitted by switched_to_linux
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LXer: Ada Initiative organization to end, but its work will continue

Wednesday 5th of August 2015 03:53:35 AM
Today the Ada Initiative announced that the nonprofit will be shutting down in mid-October. Founded in 2011, the Ada Initiative is a nonprofit feminist organization created to help improve open source culture and build a more inviting, productive, safe environment for women. In this interview, the co-founders, Mary Gardiner and Valerie Aurora, look back at the organization's successes, and the work that still needs to be more

LXer: Debian Finally Moves to GCC 5

Wednesday 5th of August 2015 01:59:13 AM
Ubuntu and Debian developers have been working for some time to make GCC 5.x the default compiler for the project, and they have finally made it. Ubuntu was the first one to achieve this, and now it looks like Debian has joined the party as well.

Phoronix: Linux Foundation's CII Donates $50k+ To OpenBSD

Wednesday 5th of August 2015 01:30:21 AM
The Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) has made a donation in the range of $50~100k USD to the OpenBSD project...

Reddit: Can I Change The root Password?

Wednesday 5th of August 2015 01:05:57 AM

I was recently installing Debian 8.. When it asked me to enter a password for the root user I just hit enter without putting anything in, and it accepted it... After it installed I fired up terminal and tried to do some tasks using sudo... When it asked me for the root password, I hit enter without putting anything in and it said "Authentication Failure"

Is there a way taht I can change the password for root? Thanks :)

submitted by ExplosiveBrainPower
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Reddit: options for linux laptops

Wednesday 5th of August 2015 01:05:00 AM

I want to buy a new laptop. I'm going to add it to my student loans which are already high, and I'm a cs major, so it doesn't seem like that bad of a choice. I'm willing to go up to $1700 probably. I want something durable with like an i7 processor and good graphics. and then as long as everything else is upgradable i can put more ram and a solid state drive in later if it didn't have one. A nice video card would be good too. Can anyone recommend a laptop like that? Also i plan to run Debian on it exclusively probably.

submitted by 5methoxy
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LXer: Compact, rugged i.MX6 SBC expands via PCIe and SATA

Wednesday 5th of August 2015 01:02:02 AM
F&S has launched a Linux-ready, “ArmStone A9-v2? Pico-ITX SBC with an i.MX6 SoC, SATA, mini-PCIe, extended temperatures, and an optional 7-inch touchscreen.

TuxMachines: Point Linux 3.0 (Agni)

Tuesday 4th of August 2015 09:58:48 PM

Point Linux 3.0 (Agni) is the latest release of the distribution based on the stable branch of Debian - the current version of which was released in April of this year and is code named Jessie. Point Linux aims to provide a very stable system - thus the Debian base, but with modifications to improve the user experience over a stock Debian system. One of the things the Point Linux developers do to achieve this goal is to provide their own repository, where current builds of Firefox and Thunderbird are available for installation (unless the full installation medium is used, in which case these programs are installed by default). This is in contrast to the Debian experience where only unbranded versions of these programs are available. Point Linux also chooses default desktop environments for the distribution based on the ease of use of the desktop. This choice has traditionally been the MATE desktop environment, but with this release Xfce has been added as an official desktop environment.

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TuxMachines: Xfce: Seven Reasons It's Popular

Tuesday 4th of August 2015 09:56:09 PM

Xfce has a long history of being the third most popular Linux desktop. For over a decade, it trailed behind GNOME and KDE. Then, a few years ago, during the revolts against GNOME and Unity, it became a major contender, and ever since has consistently polled a strong second to KDE. Nothing had changed in Xfce, but users' search for alternatives made them appreciate Xfce in a way they never had before.

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Reddit: Help with Vnets

Tuesday 4th of August 2015 09:53:26 PM

I am trying to setup virtual interfaces for internal network bridges. No matter what I try on Rhel 6.7 the interfaces won't show in virt-manager or even an ifconfig.

Please help this is my first attempt with a linux hypervisor and setting up vnets on it.

submitted by linuxnoob169
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TuxMachines: Tanglu 3 (Chromodoris willani) released!

Tuesday 4th of August 2015 09:22:28 PM

We are proud to announce the release of Tanglu 3 (Chromodoris willani) today!

Tanglu 3 comes with fresh new packages, a Linux 4.0 kernel, systemd 224,
KDE Plasma 5.3 and the latest GNOME release, GNOME 3.16.

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Gnome: Release code names

Hi all, I'm working on the release notes for 3.18, and I will also be working on release promotion. During GUADEC, the board and Release Team agreed to name September release after the GUADEC host city, and each March release after the GNOME.Asia host city. Read more

systemd 225 Adds 'su' Replacement, Saving of Private-Zone DHCP Options

The systemd development team, through David Herrmann, had the pleasure of announcing the release and immediate availability for download of the systemd 225 open-source, next-generation init system for GNU/Linux distributions. Read more

Interviews with FLOSS developers: Elena Grandi

One of fresh additions to Debian family, and thus wider FLOSS family is Elena Grandi. She is from realms of Valhalla and is setting her footprint into the community. A hacker mindset, a Free software lover and a 3D printing maker. Elena has big dedication to make the world free and better place for all. She tries to push limits on personal level with much care and love, and FLOSS community will benefit from her work and way of life in future. So what has the Viking lady to say about FLOSS? Meet Elena "of Valhalla" Grandi. Read more

Jide Remix Mini Android PC to ship in October

Google Android is an operating system that was originally designed for smartphones, but these days it also supports tablets, TVs, smartwatches, and more. It’s not really designed to replace a desktop operating system like Windows or Ubuntu, but there have been a number of attempts to modify the open source Android operating system to make it feel more like a desktop OS. This year Chinese startup Jide launched Remix OS, which a version of Android with a taskbar, support for multi-window apps, and other desktop-style features. Read more