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Phoronix: Beta Released Of Devuan, The Systemd-Free Version Of Debian

Saturday 30th of April 2016 01:54:32 PM
For those systemd haters that are out there, the beta of Devuan has been released as a spin of Debian Jessie that's free of systemd...

LXer: Gabriele Trombini: How do you Fedora?

Saturday 30th of April 2016 01:53:39 PM
We recently interviewed Gabriele Trombini on how he uses Fedora. This is part of a series on the Fedora Magazine where we profile Fedora users and how they use Fedora to get things done.

Phoronix: GTK+ 3.22 Is Working On An OpenGL Renderer & Scene Graph

Saturday 30th of April 2016 01:42:30 PM
Matthias Clasen of Red Hat has written an update about changes to GNOME's GTK+ tool-kit for the 3.20 cycle but he also mentions some of the exciting work that's brewing for GNOME/GTK+ 3.22...

TuxMachines: GNOME News

Saturday 30th of April 2016 01:02:48 PM

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LXer: GNOME Builder 3.20.2 Arrives with LLVM 3.8, FreeBSD and OpenBSD Support

Saturday 30th of April 2016 11:59:17 AM
The developers behind the GNOME Builder IDE (Integrated Development Environment) pushed earlier to updates of the software to the stable and devel channels, GNOME Build 3.20.2 and 3.21.1.

Reddit: Cub Linux Needs Your Assistance

Saturday 30th of April 2016 11:53:39 AM

I'm not in any way involved with Cub Linux, except that I recently became a user. The operating system is based off Ubuntu and Chromium's open-source code. As far as I can tell, it runs about as smoothly as a baby's bottom.

It's all run by one guy, but he says that if he can't get enough volunteers, the project may have to shutdown because it's getting too big for him to do all on his lonesome.

I don't know if this is allowed, but I'm urging anyone with any coding or web design experience to at least check out their Foundation page, see what it's all about, and maybe offer up some of your free time. I'd do it myself, but I really don't know anything about code, though at this point, I may start studying like a mad man just to keep this operating system going.

If any are interested, check out this link and read all about it:

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LXer: Top 5: Eclipse data processing tools, the US governments open source policy, and more

Saturday 30th of April 2016 10:04:55 AM
In this week's Top 5, we highlight 5 Eclipse scientific workbenches, a hands-on with the Raspberry Pi Sense HAT, open source GIS projects, and more.

Reddit: Email delivery errors to gmail account from VPS

Saturday 30th of April 2016 08:47:43 AM

I'm running Ubuntu server 14.04 on a VPS, and I have set up a mail server, which reports every day on time adjustments made by synchronising with a time-server. A cron job does this daily. I get one mail which says, for example:

/etc/cron.daily/ntpdate: 29 Apr 07:35:14 ntpdate[32387]: adjust time server offset -0.003585 sec

and another with subject "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender" which says that the message, when sent to my gmail account:

does not meet IPv6 sending guidelines regarding PTR records and authentication.

What I want to know is - how to I fix this up, and where?

submitted by /u/amca01
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LXer: Install Osclass on a CentOS 7 VPS

Saturday 30th of April 2016 08:10:33 AM
Osclass is a popular open source project that allows you to easily create and manage your own classifieds website without any technical knowledge.

Reddit: Reaper DAW coming to Linux

Saturday 30th of April 2016 07:33:51 AM

TuxMachines: Wine 1.9.9

Saturday 30th of April 2016 07:05:43 AM

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TuxMachines: Six free open source alternatives to Windows 10: Chrome, Ubuntu, Solus and more, what's the best alternative to Windows OS?

Saturday 30th of April 2016 06:54:35 AM

Windows 10 has generally be viewed as a welcome successor to Windows 8, both by businesses and individuals. However it has also come under scrutiny from users that are concerned about data privacy. So why not opt for a free Windows 10 alternative?

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LXer: Vivacious Colors – Best Colors Icon Suite for Ubuntu/Mint

Saturday 30th of April 2016 06:16:11 AM
To improve the overall appearance and feeling of the end-user desktop, we have to install Icon & Theme suite to make it cool. Vivacious Colors is one of the best suite which will comes with 5 variants with 14 colors. Support included Unity, Cinnamon, Gnome Shell, Gnome Classic, Mate, Xfce, LXDE, Openbox and more

Reddit: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Review

Saturday 30th of April 2016 04:56:35 AM

After consistently using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for 4 days I came up with a review. And I did my best to cover almost all the issues and features that I observed.

And, also as I always do, I've added a performance (boot-up speed, memory usage etc) comparison as well.

Thank you.

submitted by /u/hectic_geek
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LXer: IoT Past and Present: The History of IoT, and Where It's Headed Today

Saturday 30th of April 2016 04:21:49 AM
The history of the modern Internet of Things (IoT) dates back to the 1990s, yet IoT has evolved hugely since then, thanks especially to the cloud.

Reddit: Yet another great GTK+ update

Saturday 30th of April 2016 03:29:14 AM

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Leftovers: Gaming

Leftovers: KDE (Akonadi, KWin)

  • Akonadi for e-mail needs to die
    So, I'm officially giving up on kmail2 (i.e., the Akonadi-based version of kmail) on the last one of my PCs now. I have tried hard and put in a lot of effort to get it working, but it costs me a significant amount of time and effort just to be able to receive and read e-mail - meaning hanging IMAP resources every few minutes, the feared "Multiple merge candidates" bug popping up again and again, and other surprise events. That is plainly not acceptable in the workplace, where I need to rely on e-mail as means of communication. By leaving kmail2 I seem to be following many many other people... Even dedicated KDE enthusiasts that I know have by now migrated to Trojita or Thunderbird.
  • Virtual keyboard support in KWin/Wayland 5.7
    Over the last weeks I worked on improved input device support in KWin/Wayland and support for virtual keyboard. KWin 5.7 will integrate the new QtVirtualKeyboard module which is now available under GPLv3. For us this means that we have access to a high quality QML based keyboard. For Qt it means that the virtual keyboard is exposed to more users and thanks to the open source nature it means that we can upstream fixes.
  • Virtual Keyboard Support For KWin / KDE Wayland 5.7
    The latest KWin/Wayland hacking project by Martin Gräßlin is adding virtual keyboard support to KWin for the upcoming KDE Plasma 5.7 release. This virtual keyboard support is powered by the QtVirtualKeyboard module and provides a high-quality, QML-based keyboard that will work on KWin/Wayland when no hardware keyboard is available. Implementing this virtual keyboard support with Wayland compatibility was actually quite a feat, but has now become a reality thanks to the work by Martin.

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