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LXer: High-Availability Storage with HA-LVM

Friday 27th of February 2015 09:24:27 AM
In recent years, there has been a trend in which data centers have beenopting for commodity hardware and software over proprietary solutions. Whyshouldn't they? It offers extremely low costs and the flexibility tobuild an ecosystem the way it is preferred. The only limitation is the extentof the administrator's imagination.

Reddit: SSD - Running trim once a week is enough?

Friday 27th of February 2015 09:07:15 AM

As of Ubuntu 14.10 trim is enabled by default for some SSD's. However it's implemented with cron.weekly job running fstrim.

Is running fstrim once a week enough? I used to activate trim with a cron.daily job.

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LXer: Tiny COM Express module runs Linux on quad-core Atom

Friday 27th of February 2015 08:27:16 AM
Aaeon launched a transportation-focused “NanoCOM-BT” COM Express Type 10 Mini module based on Atom E3800 SoCs, with optional industrial temperature support. The Linux-friendly NanoCOM-BT supports a variety of automation, medical, ticketing, kiosk, surveillance, and communications applications, but is primarily being promoted for use in public transportation devices. The 84 x 55mm COM Express Type 10 […]

TuxMachines: Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Vivid Vervet Beta 1 Released, Ubuntu MATE Is Now Official Flavor

Friday 27th of February 2015 07:38:46 AM

Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet MATE Beta 1 released today with other flavors of Ubuntu like KDE, Xfce, LXDE and GNOME desktop environment. Although, as usual Ubuntu unity has not taken part in Beta release. And first time Ubuntu MATE is an official releaed.   Read at LinuxAndUbuntu

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LXer: Five Linux Distros for New Users

Friday 27th of February 2015 07:30:05 AM
Those who’re new to Linux want the best distro out there for new users, which means simple things like ease of use, productivity, speed, and security. But which distros are the best for new users? Actually, there is probably no “best,” but there are many distros that are designed keeping the needs of the inexperienced Linux user in mind.

LXer: Tails 1.3 Screenshot Tour

Friday 27th of February 2015 06:32:54 AM
Tails, The Amnesic Incognito Live System, version 1.3, is out. This release fixes numerous security issues and all users must upgrade as soon as possible.

LXer: Juniper Partners Contrail Cloud Platform with Canonical OpenStack

Friday 27th of February 2015 05:35:43 AM
Juniper Networks and Canonical, the lead commercial sponsor of Ubuntu Linux, are partnering for a new Network Function Virtualization cloud platform, based on OpenStack and the Contrail Software Defined Networking (SDN) controller.

LXer: Has Valve helped Linux gaming?

Friday 27th of February 2015 04:38:32 AM
In today's open source roundup: Valve's impact on Linux gaming. Plus: Why a tech journalist dumped Apple, Microsoft and Google for open source. And four music players for Linux.

LXer: Docker Advances With Trio of Orchestration Tools

Friday 27th of February 2015 03:41:21 AM
Two months after first announcing Machine, Swarm and Compose, Docker rolls out the three orchestration tools. -

LinuxToday: Docker Advances With Trio of Orchestration Tools

Friday 27th of February 2015 03:00:00 AM

eWEEK: Two months after first announcing Machine, Swarm and Compose, Docker rolls out the three orchestration tools.

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Why Android's Winning The Battle Right Now

Without a doubt, the key technological revolution of our time has been the rise of mobile computing. With iOS and Android leading the charge, the way people communicate has been transformed. Of course the most significant competition in the space is the one between the two dominant mobile platforms: Google and Apple. Together, they make up the lion’s share of the mobile market. The fierce competition between the two has been the driving force behind the incredible pace of development and innovation the market has seen. Read more

Linux Kernel Source Code of BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition Published on GitHub

Some of you might be aware of the fact that about a week ago, on March 18, Carsten Munk, Chief Research Engineer at Jolla, published an interesting article on his blog, where he claimed that BQ is not offering a GPL license for the Linux kernel that powers the BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition device. Read more

Google makes deploying software on its cloud a trivial task

Google is offering a new incentive for using its Google Compute Engine. With Google Cloud Launcher, you can launch more than 120 popular open-source packages. Read more

Linux Kernel 3.19.3 Arrives with ARM, ARM64, and IPv6 Fixes, Many Updated Drivers

Greg Kroah-Hartman has announced today, March 26, the immediate availability for download of the third maintenance releases for Linux 3.19 kernel, along with Linux kernels 3.14.37 LTS and 3.10.37 LTS. Additionally, Linux kernel 3.18.10 LTS has also been announced a couple days ago. Read more