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LXer: SAP supports open source Cloud Foundry and OpenStack for cloud

Wednesday 23rd of July 2014 06:35:29 PM
SAP has been moving its enterprise suite to the cloud for some time, and now it's embracing the open source cloud.

Phoronix: Unigine Develops City Traffic System, A Driving Simulator

Wednesday 23rd of July 2014 05:40:00 PM
While the Unigine Engine sadly hasn't fully rode the Linux gaming wave with there still being very few games powered by this visually stunning engine that has supported Linux for many years, they are at least finding commercial success in other areas -- namely around simulation and industrial licenses. One of the company's recent endeavors is with a driving simulator...

LXer: KDE's Semantic Desktop: Nepomuk vs. Baloo

Wednesday 23rd of July 2014 05:38:18 PM
One of the most disliked features of the early KDE SC 4 releases was the developers' attempt to establish the semantic desktop. The tools to further this goal are Nepomuk and Akonadi. While Nepomuk tries to interconnect meta data from different desktop applications, Akonadi is a service that stores and retrieves data from PIM applications like mail, calendar and contacts. Together, they pave the road to allow users to find data, structured and connected by tags, ratings and comments, covering different file formats. On top of that, Strigi performs the indexing that enables users to find data with simple search terms in KDE's file manager Dolphin.

LinuxToday: Best Linux Browsers

Wednesday 23rd of July 2014 05:00:00 PM

 Datamation: Choosing the best Linux browser for your needs requires just a bit of homework

LXer: Netrunner 14 - The perfect blend of usability and flexibility

Wednesday 23rd of July 2014 04:41:07 PM
Linux used to be perceived as being difficult to install, difficult to use and bereft of decent applications. With the current crop of distributions such as Linux Mint, Zorin OS and Netrunner, those perceptions will forever be consigned to the history books. Netrunner 14 is easy to install, easy to use and comes packed with the best applications that Linux has to offer.

Reddit: Owncloud 7 released

Wednesday 23rd of July 2014 04:32:30 PM

LinuxToday: The world's most secure OS may have a serious problem

Wednesday 23rd of July 2014 04:00:00 PM

The Verge: The Tails operating system is one of the most trusted platforms in cryptography, favored by Edward Snowden and booted up more than 11,000 times per day in May.

Phoronix: Intel 3.0 X.Org Driver Still Baking, New Development Release

Wednesday 23rd of July 2014 03:59:35 PM
Chris Wilson announced the release this morning of the xf86-video-intel 2.99.913 driver as the latest development version in the nearly year-long process of releasing xf86-video-intel 3.0...

Reddit: Install Google Docs on Linux with Grive Tools

Wednesday 23rd of July 2014 03:57:31 PM

LXer: UK government makes on open document standards

Wednesday 23rd of July 2014 03:43:56 PM
As previously reported on, the government of the United Kingdom forcefully signaled its intention earlier this year to mandate the adoption of compulsory document format standards in public administrations. The government[he]#039[/he]s stated objective was to assure greater choice for both government and citizens and for public administrations to avoid being locked in to software “that is still provided by just a few large companies."

Reddit: Tails 1.1 is out

Wednesday 23rd of July 2014 03:43:53 PM

LXer: How open source launched my small business

Wednesday 23rd of July 2014 03:26:33 PM
Open source hardware has truly changed my life. It allowed me to launch my own business. "How so," you might ask? Well, let’s take a little stroll down memory lane, shall we?read more

Reddit: Kernal Panic (Xubuntu) Can anyone help?

Wednesday 23rd of July 2014 03:20:38 PM

Phoronix: Eric Anholt Makes Progress With Broadcom VC4 Graphics Driver

Wednesday 23rd of July 2014 02:56:53 PM
One month ago Linux developer Eric Anholt left Intel to work at Broadcom. Eric, a long-time contributor to the open-source Linux graphics stack, is now tasked at Broadcom with developing a DRM driver and Mesa/Gallium3D driver for Broadcom's "VC4" graphics hardware, which is found within the Raspberry Pi...

Reddit: When will the middle click paste be removed completely or at the very least CONFIGURABLE TO DISABLE??

Wednesday 23rd of July 2014 02:53:49 PM

Oh my god, this "feature" happens to be the worst fucking thing to ever exist on Linux. It's such an annoyance I've had to deal with on a constant basis when using Linux. There is NO way to disable it without compiling something, fuck that, I'm on a shitty goddamned computer that can't handle more than 2 tabs on Chromium.

As far as I know, GNOME WAS going to disable it and just make another context menu for it, which is a step in the right direction, but christ, seriously, I can't stand this "feature" that got me banned from snoonet when I highlight text to read it a bit better and I won't lose my place. AND SOMEHOW the mouse went apeshit and I accidentally middle clicked the text box while I had shit highlighted and I then got banned, not knowing what happened until I saw the paste.


Thank you. I'm raging, yes, it's that bad.

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Reddit: Nix pill 1: why you should give it a try

Wednesday 23rd of July 2014 02:15:32 PM

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Munich Switching to Windows from Linux Is Proof That Microsoft Is Still an Evil Company

Reports about the city of Munich authorities that are considering the replacement of Linux with Microsoft products mostly comes from one man, the Deputy Mayor of Munich, who is also a long-term self-declared Windows fan. Munich is the poster child for the adoption of a Linux distribution and the replacement of the old Windows OS. It provided a powerful incentive for other cities to do the same, and it's been a thorn in Microsoft's side for a very long time. The adoption of open source software in Munich started back in 2004 and it took the local authorities over 10 years to finish the process. It's a big infrastructure, but in the end they managed to do it. As you can imagine, Microsoft was not happy about it. Even the CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, tried to stop the switch to Linux, but he was too late to the party. Read more

Dangling the Linux Carrot

Sometimes the direct sell method isn’t the best way to close the deal. How do you think the whole “play hard to get” thing got traction throughout the years? That method is successful in any number of applications. And really, I wasn’t wearing my Linux Advocacy hat that evening…I was just a guy relaxing after a day’s work. Read more

Red Hat Sets New 12-Month High at $61.97 (RHT)

They now have a $70.00 price target on the stock, up previously from $57.00. Three equities research analysts have rated the stock with a hold rating and eighteen have issued a buy rating to the company’s stock. Red Hat has an average rating of “Buy” and an average price target of $63.50. Read more

Systemd 216 Piles On More Features, Aims For New User-Space VT

Lennart Poettering announced the systemd 216 release on Tuesday and among its changes is a more complete systemd-resolved that has nearly complete caching DNS and LLMNR stub resolver, a new systemd terminal library, and a number of new commands. The systemd 216 release also has improvements to various systemd sub-commands, an nss-mymachines NSS module was added, a new networkctl client tool, KDBUS updates against Linux 3.17's memfd, networkd improvements, a new systemd-terminal library for implementing full TTY stream parsing and rendering, a new systemd-journal-upload utility, an LZ4 compressor for journald, a new systemd-escape tool, a new systemd-firstboot component, and much more. Read more