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TuxMachines: 5 open source card and board games for Linux

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 09:19:19 AM

Gaming has traditionally been one of Linux's weak points. That has changed somewhat in recent years thanks to Steam, GOG, and other efforts to bring commercial games to multiple operating systems, but many of those games are not open source. Sure, the games can be played on an open source operating system, but that is not good enough for an open source purist.

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TuxMachines: What legal remedies exist for breach of GPL software?

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 09:17:02 AM

Last April, a federal court in California handed down a decision in Artifex Software, Inc. v. Hancom, Inc., 2017 WL 1477373 (N.D. Cal. 2017), adding a new perspective to the forms of remedies available for breach of the General Public License (GPL). Sadly, this case reignited the decades-old license/contract debate due to some misinterpretations under which the court ruled the GPL to be a contract. Before looking at the remedy developments, it’s worth reviewing why the license debate even exists.

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LXer: IBM thinks Notes and Domino can rise again

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 08:25:49 AM
But first, the big catchup: adding proper mail, scalability, mobility and JavaScript for devs. IBM and HCL have outlined their plans for the Notes/Domino portfolio that the former offloaded to the latter last year.…

Reddit: New Raspberry Pi 3B+ Specs and Benchmarks

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 07:17:40 AM

LXer: 6 ways Apache Cassandra prepares you for a multi-cloud future

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 07:11:29 AM
The incentives for enterprises to pursue a multi-cloud deployment strategy—a cloud-agnostic infrastructure, greater resilience, the flexibility that comes from not being reliant on any single vendor, to name just a few—have never been more compelling, and they are constantly increasing.

Reddit: I feel like an idiot

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 06:18:04 AM

So, I just realized today that curl, or should I say cURL, stands for "Client for URLs" or some variation of that. I have been using linux for years (and curl for all that time) and have always been saying it phonetically, so I never realized that it was an acronym. I feel stupid.

TL;DR cURL stands for "Client for URLs" and I didn't know that before today.

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LXer: Latest Firefox available to users where they browse the web laptop, Fire TV and the office. Plus, a chance to help with the next Firefox release!

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 05:57:09 AM
This week, we’re happy to roll out not one, but three Firefox releases to our users. Now available in more of the places where they browse, Firefox users can access the web whether they’re relaxing at home with their laptop, in front of their TV with Amazon Fire TV, or at the office.

LXer: Mozilla's Firefox 59 Released, New Agones Project, SparkyLinux 5.3 Available, Hunt for Exoplanets and More

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 04:42:48 AM
News briefs for March 13, 2018.

LXer: Open Source LimeSDR Mini Takes Off in Satellites

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 03:28:28 AM
In late February, Lime announced a collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) to make 200 of its Ubuntu Core-driven LimeSDR Mini boards available for developing applications running on ESA’s communications satellites, as part of ESA’s Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) program.

Reddit: Microsoft buying influence over linux

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 03:25:49 AM

What are the implications of Microsoft investing heavily into the influence of linux on open source projects?

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Reddit: Ubuntu 16.04 macbook pro 13” non spacebar

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 03:01:38 AM

Hello everyone,

I got my hands on a 13” mbp non touchbar. I installed Ubuntu 16.04 lts on it but ran into an issue with the keyboard and mouse not working. I bypassed it during installation by using a usb mouse/kb. after the installation i found a work around for it and both work now although a bit sketchy.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? if so what was your fix? Are you satisfied?

submitted by /u/xShadowProclamationx
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LXer: SMARC module features hexa-core i.MX8 QuadMax

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 02:14:08 AM
iWave unveiled a rugged, wireless enabled SMARC module with 4GB LPDDR4 and dual GbE controllers that runs Linux or Android on NXP’s i.MX8 QuadMax SoC with 2x Cortex-A72, 4x -A53, 2x -M4F, and 2x GPU cores. iWave has posted specs for an 82 x 50mm, industrial temperature “iW-RainboW-G27M” SMARC 2.0 module...

TuxMachines: i.MX8M SBC on pre-order for $165

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 01:18:52 AM

Boundary Devices has launched a $165 “Nitrogen8M” SBC that runs Linux or Android on a quad-core i.MX8M with GbE, WiFi, BT, HDMI 2.0, mini-PCIe, MIPI-DSI and -CSI, 4x USB 3.0, and optional -40 to 85°C support.

Boundary Devices has updated its Nitrogen line of NXP i.MX based SBCs with a Nitrogen8M model that runs Android, Yocto, Ubuntu, Buildroot, or Debian based Linux on NXP’s i.MX8M. Available on pre-order starting at $165 with 2GB RAM, the SBC will ship this Spring.

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Reddit: Voice to Text typing in fedora

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 01:16:40 AM

So I've been experimenting with voice typing for a little while now and I'm having some success. I'm finding that I can control Chrome with my voice in a in an Xbox 360 controller using lib360drv, I believe it's called. But outside of chrome there's really no support for voice.

I'm able to control my computer with my 360 controller, however; the on-screen keyboard that I used sucks with this controller. The cursor doesn't move fast or precise enough in order to use to type with ease. I can use it for casual things but things lik LibreOffice would be in controller.

As much as I would love a Linux computer that I could completely control with nothing but my voice I know that's out of the question right now. But if I could just type with my voice I would be satisfied. I would be willing to pay a few dollars not much. But I would prefer to use open source software so that I could edit the code if need be. I wouldn't mind using software in wine.

Simon seems to be the most promising of programs that I have tried however it's so confusing that I can't figure out how to work it. If someone can send me some links to some tutorial videos that would explain the process easily just to get the keyboard setup and xfce that would be much appreciated. But even better would be a program that works out of the box.

I don't see why a Chrome app or an Android phone which is based on Linux would be able to do it but not a Linux application. I greatly appreciate any help thank you.

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TuxMachines: Arduino Create expands to run Arduino on BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 01:16:16 AM

Arduino announced an expansion of its Arduino Create development platform for deploying Arduino sketches on Linux systems to support Arm boards like the the Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone in addition to Intel boards like the UP Squared.

In November, Arduino announced a version of its Arduino Create toolkit that supports Intel-based systems running Linux, with specific support for a new UP Squared IoT Grove Development Kit. Today at the Embedded Linux Conference in Portland, where Arduino co-founder and CTO Massimo Banzi is a keynote speaker, Arduino announced an expansion of Arduino Create to support Arm boards. The platform provides optimized support for the Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone boards.

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TuxMachines: Neptune 5.0 Linux OS Released with KDE Plasma 5.12 LTS, Based on Debian Stretch

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 01:13:35 AM

Powered by the long-term supported Linux 4.14 kernel ported from Debian Stretch's Backports repository, Neptune 5.0 uses the latest KDE Plasma 5.12 desktop environment along with the KDE Applications 17.12 and KDE Frameworks 5.43.0 software suites. It also promises new ways to run the latest software versions.

"This version marks a new iteration within the Neptune universe. It switches its base to the current Debian Stable "Stretch" version and also changes slightly the way we will provide Updates for Neptune. We will no longer strive to bring in more recent versions of Plasma, Kernel or other software on our own," reads the release announcement.

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TuxMachines: SMARC module features hexa-core i.MX8 QuadMax

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 01:03:27 AM

iWave unveiled a rugged, wireless enabled SMARC module with 4GB LPDDR4 and dual GbE controllers that runs Linux or Android on NXP’s i.MX8 QuadMax SoC with 2x Cortex-A72, 4x -A53, 2x -M4F, and 2x GPU cores.

iWave has posted specs for an 82 x 50mm, industrial temperature “iW-RainboW-G27M” SMARC 2.0 module that builds on NXP’s i.MX8 QuadMax system-on-chip. The i.MX8 QuadMax was announced in Oct. 2016 as the higher end model of an automotive focused i.MX8 Quad family.

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Linux Kernel 4.15 Reached End of Life, Users Urged to Move to Linux 4.16 Now

After a very busy cycle due to the Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities, which were publicly disclosed earlier this year and later discovered to put billions of devices using modern processors at risk of attacks, the Linux 4.15 kernel series was released at the of January heavily redesign against two critical hardware bugs. Now, nearly three months and only eighteen maintenance updates later, the Linux 4.15 kernel series reached end of life and it will no longer receive support. As such, all those using a kernel from the Linux 4.15 branch on their GNU/Linux distributions are urged to upgrade to the latest Linux 4.16 kernel series as soon as possible. Read more

LibreOffice 6.1 Lands Mid August 2018, First Bug Hunting Session Starts April 27

Work on the next big release of the widely-used open-source and cross-platform office suite for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows operating systems, LibreOffice 6.1, has already begun this week with a focus on revamping the online experience and improving the Writer and Calc components. A first bug hunting session was scheduled for the end of next week, on April 27, 2018, when developers will hack on the first alpha milestone of LibreOffice 6.1, which should be available to download for all supported platforms a few days before the event. During the bug hunting session, devs will try to fix as many bugs as possible. Read more

This Chart Shows How The Radeon RX 580 vs. GeForce GTX 1060 Now Compete Under Linux

It was just last year that open-source RadeonSI/RADV developers were trying to get the Radeon RX 580 "Polaris" GPU to be competitive with the GeForce GTX 1060 as it is under Windows given each GPU's capabilities. We've seen the RX 580 and GTX 1060 dancing under Linux the past few months and yesterday's 20-way GPU comparison with Rise of the Tomb Raider was quite significant -- perhaps most surprising being how well the RX 580 performed. Heck, just one or two years ago it was an accomplishment seeing any official Radeon driver support at-launch for new Linux game releases. So here are some extensive tests looking closer at the GTX 1060 vs. RX 580 battle in this latest Vulkan-powered Linux game port. Read more

Linux 4.9.95

I'm announcing the release of the 4.9.95 kernel. All users of the 4.9 kernel series must upgrade. The updated 4.9.y git tree can be found at: git:// linux-4.9.y and can be browsed at the normal git web browser: Read more