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TuxMachines: Linux is the quiet revolution that will leave Microsoft eating dust

Friday 27th of June 2014 10:39:47 AM

But the fact is, even if you think you are bound to Windows or some other proprietary operating system, you are probably already a Linux user too. When you visit a website, the chances are that it is using an Apache2 webserver. This is free and designed to integrate with the security and operating system features of Linux. Currently more than 60% of webservers are known to be hosting via Apache.

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Reddit: Top 4 Linux VoIP clients

Friday 27th of June 2014 10:39:40 AM
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TuxMachines: GNOME 3.13.3

Friday 27th of June 2014 09:18:07 AM

I’ve done the release team duty for the GNOME 3.13.3 release this week. As I often do, I took some screenshots of new things that I’ve noticed while smoketesting.

There is quite a bit of good new stuff in this release, starting with an rewritten and improved Adwaita theme that is now part of GTK+.

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TuxMachines: Smartwatch Battle: Pebble Steel vs. Galaxy Gear 2

Friday 27th of June 2014 09:10:56 AM

Before Google comes in with its own smartwatches, consumers have two mainstream devices to choose from. On one hand, there is the Galaxy Gear 2, coming from a reputed brand like Samsung and there's Pebble Steel by Pebble Technology Corporation that gained popularity after a successful Kickstarter funding campaign for their first watch.

When we consider the turf of wearable devices, there's nothing much to boast of, except, of course, Google Glass. Apart from Pebble and Gear, the tech industry is impatiently waiting for the Motorola smartwatch, which will be made in collaboration with Google. The wait, however, doesn't have to be this hard. If you are someone who wants to get their hands on a smartwatch right now, both the Pebble and the Gear 2 are excellent choices. Both have their own merits, and also their own demerits. But then, which to choose between the two? Well, that's why we are here. In this article, we'll be doing a quick comparison between the Pebble Steel smartwatch and the Galaxy Gear 2. Let's see who wins.

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TuxMachines: UT Update and the Futures of Fedora and KDE

Friday 27th of June 2014 09:05:50 AM

Our top story tonight is the update on the progress of upcoming Unreal Tournament. GamingOnLinux has the details. In other news, Jos Poortvliet today explored "where the KDE community currently stands and where it is going." And finally, Libby Clark spoke to Fedora project lead Matthew Miller about Fedora's future.

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TuxMachines: Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) alpha-1 released!

Friday 27th of June 2014 09:00:26 AM

The first alpha of the Utopic Unicorn (to become 14.10) has now been released!

This alpha features images for Kubuntu, Lubuntu Ubuntu GNOME,
UbuntuKylin and the Ubuntu Cloud images.

Pre-releases of the Utopic Unicorn are *not* encouraged for anyone
needing a stable system or anyone who is not comfortable running
into occasional, even frequent breakage. They are, however,
recommended for Ubuntu flavor developers and those who want to
help in testing, reporting and fixing bugs as we work towards getting
this release ready.

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TuxMachines: Intel Haswell HD Graphics Benchmarks With Linux 3.16

Friday 27th of June 2014 08:55:46 AM

While nothing was explicitly stated with regard to 3D performance changes with the numerous Intel DRM improvements for Linux 3.16, I ran some basic OpenGL benchmarks on a Intel Core i7 4790K Devil's Canyon box with Ubuntu 14.04 to look out for any performance changes when using the latest drm-next code merged into Linux 3.16.

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TuxMachines: Ubuntu 14.10 Alpha 1 Flavors Officially Released

Friday 27th of June 2014 08:44:50 AM

Unlike the previous development branch for Ubuntu 14.04, fewer developers chose to participate in the first Alpha release of 14.10. This is not something to worry about and it's likely that the second Alpha will have more exposure.

Canonical stopped releasing Alpha versions for its operating system for some time now, and only a few of the flavors have decided to keep doing this kind of releases. Ubuntu 14.10 will only get a Beta version right before launch so, until then, users can only expect the flavors to have intermediary builds.

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LXer: uCLinux SBC for IoT runs WiFi and Bluetooth at 400mW

Friday 27th of June 2014 08:17:38 AM
Amptek is prepping a uClinux- and Cortex-M3 based “iCon” SBC for IoT, equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB, and CAN, and running on under half a Watt. uClinux on a microcontroller represents the simplest expression of the Linux operating system, sort of the flipside to Android or Ubuntu on the high end. Despite this platform’s limitations, however, it draws only a smidgin of electricity, and provides a capable wireless platform while also supplying numerous industrial interfaces. All these attributes are showcased by the iCon single board computer (SBC), which probably deserves more than being stuck in the doldrums on Kickstarter, with nine days left to go.

LXer: Mount & Blade: Warbound Now In Beta For Linux

Friday 27th of June 2014 07:20:27 AM
While not yet officially announced Mount & Blade: Warbound is out for Linux, downloadable and might even be playable for you.

LXer: Raspberry Pi motion controller

Friday 27th of June 2014 06:23:16 AM
If you saw last issue you might remember the DoodleBorg, a massive remote-controlled tank of a vehicle designed and built by PiBorg, makers of add-ons for the Raspberry Pi. This month we’re looking at their XLoBorg, a board designed to help you measure movement and determine direction, among other things. At under £10/$16, it’s a bargain too, because as well as featuring a three- axis accelerometer, it’s also kitted out with a three-axis magnetometer (digital compass). In this tutorial we’ll be using the accelerometer to turn our Pi into a tilt controller and mock up a simple demo to show how you could integrate it into your Pygame-powered games…

LXer: Linux Mint 17 Xfce Screenshot Tour

Friday 27th of June 2014 05:26:05 AM
The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 17 'Qiana' Xfce. Linux Mint 17 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2019. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use. The Update Manager was hugely improved. It shows more information, it looks better, it feels faster, and it gets less in your way. It no longer needs to reload itself in root mode when you click on it. It no longer checks for an Internet connection or waits for the network manager and it no longer locks the APT cache at session startup. Linux Mint 17 features Xfce 4.10, MDM 1.6, a Linux kernel 3.13 and an Ubuntu 14.04 package base.

Phoronix: Intel Haswell HD Graphics Benchmarks With Linux 3.16

Friday 27th of June 2014 04:58:40 AM
Phoronix benchmarks have shown that when using the Linux 3.16 kernel, the Nouveau performance is faster when taking advantage of the experimental re-clocking. Additionally, the Radeon graphics performance is faster on Linux 3.16 for newer graphics cards thanks to other optimizations. For Intel Haswell Linux users are there any performance improvements in store for Linux 3.16? Here's some tests.

Reddit: Protip or horrible mistake? I just managed to move every dotfile in my home folder into a separate directory to stay organized and it's working great.

Friday 27th of June 2014 04:42:47 AM

So I did this with my 20+ dotfiles on arch:

mkdir ~/dot mv .* ~/dot/

Then I changed my user's home directory to ~/dot, so now ~ was /home/myuser/dot/

I kept ownership of myuser and all of the downloads, documents, pictures etc folders are still one directory below dot/ and still work as expected. I had to reinstall some things and reconfigure some $XDG_ variables to get it all working nicely and change how my local bin folder was added to $PATH but in the end I now have a dot/ folder with all my dotfiles in it, working WTHOUT SYMLINKS! All unhidden folders are still in their original locations.

Open questions:

Is there a way to relink ~ to the original folder without changing $HOME? I tried using : in the $HOME path but it blackscreened xinit for some reason. (Test it yourself, it could just be my WM theme!)

Answered by me, by symlinking everything in /home/myuser/ to /home/myuser/dot/ you can create a dirty fix and restore the expected behaviors.

Thoughts or improvements? I'm kind of a linux noob.

TL;DR: Instead of symlinking all of your dotfiles into another directory or managing them with github, change your $HOME variable to a subdirectory of your home folder and move the dotfiles there, symlink everything in the origional home folder to the new one and change some XDG variables for complete transparency.

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Reddit: How to use KDE if I am running in UNITY

Friday 27th of June 2014 04:29:08 AM

I am using Ubuntu. I have just installed kde-full and now am wondering how to use kde instead of unity.

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LXer: Android apps are coming to Chromebooks

Friday 27th of June 2014 04:28:54 AM
In today's open source roundup: Chrome OS is getting Android apps. Plus: Get great Linux games on sale at Steam, and Makulu Linux KDE 6.0 released.

Phoronix: Ubuntu 14.10 "Utopic Unicorn" Alpha 1 Released

Friday 27th of June 2014 04:05:06 AM
For the Ubuntu Linux derivatives doing alpha releases, the first development version of *buntu 14.10 is now available for testing...