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TuxMachines: Security Leftovers

Saturday 7th of May 2016 07:50:29 PM
  • This Single Command Can Hack Your Windows AppLocker In Seconds

    If you use Windows AppLocker to restrict others from using some applications and locking down your Windows PC, here’s something to worry about. Casey Smith, a security researcher, has found a way to bypass the AppLocker whitelist and run arbitrary scripts. IT admins are advised to run this command on their systems and see if some loopholes exist in their network.

  • Here's how I verify data breaches

    Other headlines went on to suggest that you need to change your password right now if you're using the likes of Hotmail or Gmail, among others. The strong implication across the stories I've read is that these mail providers have been hacked and now there's a mega-list of stolen accounts floating around the webs.

  • The Top 4 in a Linux Environment
  • An update on SSH protocol 1

    At this stage, we're most of the way towards fully deprecating SSH protocol 1 - this outlines our plans to complete this task.

  • High-Severity OpenSSL Vulnerability allows Hackers to Decrypt HTTPS Traffic
  • Firejail 0.9.40-rc1 Release Announcement

    We are happy to announce the release candidate of Firejail version 0.9.40-rc1 (download). Firejail is a generic Linux namespaces security sandbox, capable of running graphic interface programs as well as server programs. This release includes a number of major features, such as X11 sandboxing support, file transfers between sandboxes and the host system, run-time configuration support, Ubuntu 14.04 AppArmor support, and firecfg, a desktop configuration utility. A number of smaller features, documentation and bugfixes are also included:

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TuxMachines: Linux Devices/Embedded (Sailfish OS, Osmocom, GENIVI, Android)

Saturday 7th of May 2016 07:49:10 PM
  • Russian company to use Sailfish OS components

    May 6, 2016, Innopolis, Tatarstan, Russia. New company "Открытая мобильная платформа" (Open Mobile Platform) is about to begin the development of domestic Russian operating system for mobile devices.

    The new mobile operating system is suggested to be based on components of Sailfish OS. The company is already hiring employees.

  • Developers wanted for Osmocom GSM related work

    Many years ago I started OpenBSC and Osmocom in order to bring Free Software into an area where it barely existed before: Cellular Infrastructure. For the first few years, it was "just for fun", without any professional users. A FOSS project by enthusiasts. Then we got some commercial / professional users, and with them funding, paying for e.g. Holger and my freelance work. Still, implementing all protocol stacks, interfaces and functional elements of GSM and GPRS from the radio network to the core network is something that large corporations typically spend hundreds of man-years on. So funding for Osmocom GSM implementations was always short, and we always tried to make the best out of it.

  • Say Hi! to the new GENIVI Development Platform

    On Wednesday February 17th, the GENIVI Alliance released a QEMU image of the GENIVI Demo Platform ivi9 Beta version, together with everything needed (instructions, source code, recepies, etc.) to build GDP-ivi9 with Yocto. A few weeks later, on March 8th, the first release candidate was published.

  • [Older] Your Chromebook may be about to get a million extra apps

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TuxMachines: Leftovers: Ubuntu

Saturday 7th of May 2016 07:47:44 PM
  • Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak Release Schedule

    Ubuntu 16.10, which is codenamed the Yakkety Yak, is currently penciled in to ship on 20nd October, 2016. The release date Ubuntu 16.10 has now been firmed up as are the other development milestones leading up to the mid-October, currently we don't know what new features and technologies will ship in 16.10.

  • LXD, ZFS and bridged networking on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

    LXD works perfectly fine with a directory-based storage backend, but both speed and reliability are greatly improved when ZFS is used instead. 16.04 LTS saw the first officially supported release of ZFS for Ubuntu and having just set up a fresh LXD host on Elastichosts utilising both ZFS and bridged networking, I figured it’d be a good time to document it.

  • Customize NotifyOSD Notification Bubbles In Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus)

    Sukochev Roman's (Leolik) patched NotifyOSD PPA adds extra features on top of the Ubuntu NotifyOSD notifications, like closing the notifications on click, option to move the notifications to a different screen corner, configurable colors for both the notification background and text, and much more.

  • Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus - Oh Shucks ... it's Schuster!

    Dafuq? What is this? Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus is supposed to be an LTS. A pillar of stability! It's buggier than Werewolf. And it sure comes with a dozen new issues and/or regressions that Trust did not have. Horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible. Why? WHYYYYYY? Why oh why?

    Why can't I have my peace and quiet and sanity? Why do you have to dash my hopes? Why do you have to ruin my day? Why can't I use this new LTS with a big and happy smile on my face? Why did you have to rush this release? Why release the tablet without the newest LTS on it? Why all of it?

    I am really displeased. But I also believe I must keep on testing Xerus, so that you know where you stand, and hopefully, with enough pressure, we will see some positive results. Much like openSUSE, I presume the issues will be ironed out a few months after the initial offering. Which reminds me, I need to test Leap again. On the Xenial side of things, there's a lot of room for improvement. Network support first and foremost, Bluetooth, battery life, memory consumption, codecs, package management. All of it really.

    At the moment, Ubuntu 16.04 is not ready for mass consumption. It pains me, really deeply pains me, because I know there will be a ripple effect on Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Mint, and for months ahead, we will struggle with silly problems and regressions, and hardware support will just suck. For now, Xerus gets 3/10. Let's hope things improve, for everyone's sake. More than just pride and silly release names are at stake. The whole of Linux, even if you don't believe that. See ya.

  • Top 10 Task to do after installing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • Software Defined Radio App Store

    LimeSDR is an open source SDR with a crowdfunding campaign. By itself, that’s not anything special. There are plenty of SDR devices available. What makes LimeSDR interesting is that it is using Snappy Ubuntu Core as a sort of app store. Developers can make code available, and end-users can easily download and install that code.

  • Voyager 16.04 LTS
  • Lubuntu 16.04 LTS - See What's New

    Lubuntu 16.04 LTS was officially released as part of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Official Flavors. This release ships with the latest build of LXDE Desktop Environment and powered by long-term suported of Linux kernel Series 4.4.

  • Monthly News – April 2016

    April saw the releases of Cinnamon 3.0 and MATE 1.14 which will be featured in the upcoming Linux Mint 18.

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TuxMachines: Distros News

Saturday 7th of May 2016 07:46:54 PM
  • gNewSense 5 Hopes To Be A Speedier Release Of The FSF-Approved Linux OS

    GNewSense 4 was released yesterday as the successor to gNewSense 3, which had been around since 2013. GNewSense 4 was also their first release being based off the current Debian stable 7. GNewSense releases have been far and few between, but the developers involved are looking at possibility expediting gNewSense 5 and beyond.

    With gNewSense 4 "Ucclia" out the door, developers have already turned the discussion to gNewSense 5. Developer Sam Geeraerts started a mailing list thread about speeding up the development for this next major release. He's also started this planning Wiki page with brainstorming ways to improve their build processes to be able to push out new releases in a faster manner.

  • Installing OpenSUSE on Thinkpad P50

    The Lenovo Thinkpad P50 is quite a nifty laptop. However installing Linux required some digging around, so I'm writing this up for others to stumble upon it when looking for answers to similar issues.

  • Slackware Live Edition – final testing please

    My gut feeling tells me that I should announce a stable release of my “liveslak” project soon. I have implemented much more than I set out to do from the beginning, and no bugs have surfaced for a while.

    So it was time to stamp a final beta number on the liveslak sources and generate new Slackware Live ISO images. I want you to give them a spin and report any bugs that you find. Otherwise there may well be an 1.0.0 release after the weekend.

  • Debian's i386 Builds Now Require 686-Class CPUs

    Those running any old VIA C3, AMD K5/K6, or original Intel Pentium CPUs, you'll be losing your Debian support past the current stable (Jessie) series.

    The Debian i386 architecture builds now require an i686 class processor for Debian testing (affecting Debian Stretch) and future builds. Support for 586 class and 586/686 class processors has been dropped, similar to the 486 CPUs being dropped previously. This i686 CPU requirement means the end of the line for hardware like the AMD K5 and K6, Intel Pentium / Pentium MMX, and VIA C3 Ezra hardware.

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TuxMachines: GNOME and Mozilla

Saturday 7th of May 2016 07:44:49 PM
  • Easily Create Your Own Numix-Based GTK Themes With Oomox

    Note that Numix theme requires GTK 3.16 or newer, so the themes generated with Oomox require the same version.

  • From Firefox UI Papercuts To GNOME Testing: The 41 Projects Of Outreachy This Round

    The Outreachy summer 2016 intern accepted projects/participants were announced at the end of April with the internship period running from the end of May through the end of August. Here are the accepted projects.

  • Is Web Mail Killing Thunderbird?

    I have used Thunderbird off and on since about 2003. I started using it on Windows and then installed it onto my Linux PCs later on. The point is: Thunderbird is near and dear to my heart.

    Unfortunately over the past few years Thunderbird's importance with Mozilla has faltered. Not because of anything negative, rather because Mozilla is trying to refocus their efforts with Firefox. Most recently, the news that Mozilla is finally letting Thunderbird go took a lot of folks by complete surprise. What was once loved by legions of users has now been placed onto the market for others to adopt it.

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Reddit: Arch with GUI preinstalled?

Saturday 7th of May 2016 06:26:14 PM

I'm thinking of trying Arch. But I don't want to start with nothing but the CMD line.

Is there an Arch Distro bundled with GUI like Cinnamon or Gnome Shell?

submitted by /u/favneko
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TuxMachines: Unboxing the Tehnoetic S2 phone with Replicant

Saturday 7th of May 2016 06:15:07 PM

I wanted a phone that works pretty much out of the box without having to worry about hardware compatibility and installation hassles since I never used Replicant before. The only shop and product I found to meet these criteria was the second-hand Samsung S2 by Tehnoetic. The Romanian shop was positively mentioned by the FSF so I decided to test my trust.

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TuxMachines: 11 Reason Why To Migrate From Windows Desktop To Linux Desktop

Saturday 7th of May 2016 06:01:06 PM

We have always felt that Windows is one of the most user-friendly interfaces among the Operation Systems that have been developed and upgraded in this technological era. However, this has become a myth with the release of the Linux Desktops as they have proved to be more user-friendly and safe compared to that of the Windows Desktops.

Also: Microsoft half-bricks Asus Windows 7 PCs with UEFI boot glitch

Why It’s The Best Time To Learn Linux And Open Source Programming — Tons Of New Jobs

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LXer: Forbes Is Confused: You Can View Content Using An Adblocker By Promising Not To Use An Adblocker

Saturday 7th of May 2016 05:28:52 PM
Forbes, an organization with a website presumably built on the value of its content, also has made the unfortunate decision recently to try to block off access to anyone using adblocker software, apparently so that it could successfully allow malicious "ads" to infect its readers' machines. This set of circumstances would seem to be one that would have Forbes re-thinking its adblocker policy, assuming it wishes to retain the trust of its readership. And it turns out that Forbes is doing so. And then not! Or maybe? Allow me to explain.

TuxMachines: GCC 4.9 vs. GCC 5.3 vs. GCC 6.1 On A Debian Xeon E5 Linux System

Saturday 7th of May 2016 05:27:38 PM

Given the recent stable release of GCC 6 (GCC v6.1.0), here are some fresh compiler benchmarks on an Intel Debian x86_64 system when comparing the GCC 4.9.3, GCC 5.3.0, and GCC 6.1.0 compiler releases.

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Reddit: Why does Linux flicker a cursor when booting, loging out, etc?

Saturday 7th of May 2016 04:07:44 PM

For a fraction of a second after logging out, before plymouth starts, Linux will flicker a cursor, and the screen will go black.

Why cant the screen buffer just remain the desktop, and wait for Plymouth to overwrite it?

Why will the screen go black when booting for a fraction of a second, even after Plymouth has loaded?

I'm not talking about a major problem, But it has happened with every computer I've installed Linux on.

This isn't meant to be a support post, just wondering why it happens.

It gives off the feeling of hackish-ness or instability. It happens even more when you have a kernel message / log.

submitted by /u/happyPugMonkey
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Phoronix: GCC 4.9 vs. GCC 5.3 vs. GCC 6.1 On A Debian Xeon E5 Linux System

Saturday 7th of May 2016 04:00:00 PM
Given the recent stable release of GCC 6 (GCC v6.1.0), here are some fresh compiler benchmarks on an Intel Debian x86_64 system when comparing the GCC 4.9.3, GCC 5.3.0, and GCC 6.1.0 compiler releases.

Reddit: Does any of the major distros allow full rollbacks out of the box yet?

Saturday 7th of May 2016 03:39:39 PM

I've been thinking in this for a while. Why all major the distros out there doesn't provide this functionality, just out of the box? From time to time anything can mess up your installation, an update, the installation of a new program, anything running with root permissions. Why we keep without any automatic rollback capabilities, by default? Not enough interest in implementing this? PD. Rollbacks, snapshots, etc...

submitted by /u/RandCoder2
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LXer: Released Opera 37 with support of Native ad blocker and video pop out

Saturday 7th of May 2016 03:34:30 PM
Opera is a web browser developed by Opera Software which is one of the older web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer and both are released the same year 1995, 20 years ago. The latest Opera 37 released with support of Native ad blocker and video pop out.

Reddit: Questions regarding Open-source code

Saturday 7th of May 2016 02:56:04 PM
  1. How does one sell free (libre) software? Couldn't people just download the sourcecode and compile it?

  2. How do FLOSS creators get paid? Donations? e.g. coreutils, systemd, clamav

  3. What is the likelyhood that someone could insert malicious code or viruses into the source code?

  4. People talk about how the government is spying on us. Where would I go to confirm this? What documents, documentaries, websites etc. should I go to confirm these so-called "conspiracy theories"?

submitted by /u/zero17333
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