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Phoronix: MPV Player 0.28 Adds Initial Vulkan Support

Monday 25th of December 2017 11:34:42 PM
The MPlayer-forked MPV Player is out with a new feature release that presents several interesting features...

LXer: Give your Linux desktop a Christmas Touch

Monday 25th of December 2017 11:02:10 PM
Give your Linux desktop a Christmas touch with some Christmas themes Linux wallpapers and Christmas tree in the terminal.

Reddit: The end of the year is usually the time we set goals for next year, I suggest we the Linux community set a goal for ourselves: give back

Monday 25th of December 2017 09:39:38 PM

First lets play with numbers a little bit:

The Linux market share is about 2 percent (source), Assuming about 260 millions desktops and laptops were shipped last year (source), that gives us a minimal estimate of about 5.2 million Linux users.

If every one of them gave a 1 buck a month, that would put about 62 million dollars a year into the Linux ecosystem, that would have about 620 programmers contributing to Linux subsystems/applications.

Of course that would never happen, it’s easy to find reasons not to give, even for the people with the best intentions it is easy to drift to “selfish” behavior , saying to yourself that someday/maybe you will do that.

So I suggest we all set a goal to give 12 dollars next year (1 dollar a month, but i could be just one donation), does not matter that much to what you give, but do give something, there is always a chance the money you give will not be put to the best of use, just try to take an educated guess.

Tldr: set a goal to give 12 dollars minimum to Linux related projects

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LXer: Thunderbird New Design, UBports, NVIDIA Code Drop, Ubuntu 17.10 ISO Issue | This Week in Linux 19

Monday 25th of December 2017 08:10:37 PM
VIDEO: Thunderbird New Design, UBports Plan to Support Android Apps, NVIDIA Open-Source Code Drop, Ubuntu 17.10 ISO Issue, Steam Winter Sale, Command-Line Translations, and much more on Episode 19

Reddit: Linux makes Christmas better

Monday 25th of December 2017 07:55:29 PM

Reddit: Kubuntu, Linux Mint or Apricity OS?

Monday 25th of December 2017 07:55:29 PM

I read this thread. Without further due, which one is the most friendly, easy to use, just like windows, can install many programs OS? I prefer a free OS.

The reason why I need linux is so I can bypass airport... soooooo yeah haha

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Phoronix: Fedora Rawhide Flips On New SATA Power Management Policy

Monday 25th of December 2017 07:39:38 PM
If you are running Fedora Rawhide (their daily/development packages) and using an Intel mobile chipset, be forewarned that they are enabling the SATA link power change that runs the slight risk of potentially causing disk corruption...

Phoronix: AMDGPU DC Patches To Test This Christmas

Monday 25th of December 2017 07:12:46 PM
For those with extra time this holiday week, AMD recently published their latest patch queue of DC "display code" updates...

Reddit: Make your terminal snow for the holidays!

Monday 25th of December 2017 06:39:31 PM

TuxMachines: today's leftovers

Monday 25th of December 2017 05:29:54 PM
  • Art Eavesdrops on Life and Pagers

    Pagers use a protocol — POCSAG — that predates our modern (and well-founded) obsession with privacy and security. That isn’t surprising although the idea that private medical data is flying through the air like this is. Decoding POCSAG isn’t hard. GNU Radio, for example, can easily handle the task.

  • Two iPhone owners sue Apple over iPhone slowdown admission, seek class-action status
  • Security Education in Uncertain Times: 2017 in Review


    We facilitated two webinars with the Electronic Frontier Alliance and learned more about the digital security training scene in various cities around the US. These conversations with trainers helped us to assess what seasoned digital security trainers are already doing, what kind of resources they are using, what kinds of resources are missing, and where more guidance is needed for newer teachers of digital security. We learned that many trainers use our Surveillance Self-Defense resources to inform their training, and we learned where trainers felt that these existing resources fell short. We shared these comments back with our SSD team, and we have worked hard to address these concerns.

    We decided to narrow our audience to new teachers of digital security who would be teaching to their friends and neighbors.

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TuxMachines: Software: LibreOffice, Android Web Browsers, VLC 3, Eelo

Monday 25th of December 2017 05:29:13 PM
  • LibreOffice Tabbed Toolbar Compact

    The Notebookbar implementation Tabbed Compact is finished and can be tested.

  • 10 Best Android Browsers To Enhance Your Web Browsing In 2018

    Web Browsers are one of the most significant pieces of software on your device that serves as a window to access the World Wide Web. Mostly, a browser app is always pre-installed on every Android device. However, not all the browsers can provide you with a smooth and reliable browsing experience.

    There are a lot of third-party web browsers available in the Play Store which can give a fast browsing experience and will consume as little data as possible. We have hand-picked ten best Android browsers which come with all the necessary features and top-notch performance.


  • VLC 3.0-RC3 Released With Hardware Decoding That Works On All Platforms

    VLC lead developer Jean-Baptiste Kempf has released the big VLC 3.0-RC3 update for Christmas.

    Two weeks back I wrote how the VLC 3.0 release candidates finally got underway while timed now for Christmas day is the 3.0-RC3 release that's getting a fair amount of attention.

  • Eelo, the Mandrake of the Mobile World?

    Today, I visited the OpenMandriva site and found a piece of news that caught my eye. It seems that Gaël Duval, the founder of Mandrake (later Mandriva) Linux, has started an ambitious Kickstarter project: eelo, a mobile platform that uses FLOSS and focuses on keeping user data on the hands of users.

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TuxMachines: Graphics: NVIDIA, Mesa, AMD, Freedreno

Monday 25th of December 2017 05:27:03 PM
  • NVIDIA May Be Trying To Prevent GeForce GPUs From Being Used In Data Centers

    Making the rounds on the Internet this holiday weekend is an updated NVIDIA GeForce software license agreement prohibiting the use of their drivers in data-center deployments for consumer GPUs.

  • Marek Boosts Glxgears Performance By 20% For Christmas

    Well known open-source AMD driver developer Marek Olšák has taken to some Christmas day hacking on Mesa with a significant performance improvement for AMD APU owners and those who care about glxgears.

    While glxgears is not a benchmark, all too often people still seem interested in glxgears. If you fall into that boat, you will now find better performance with RadeonSI Gallium3D. By not using fast color clears for small images, this simple chage makes glxgears about 20% faster on APUs and a little more for discrete GPUs.

  • AMD Queues More AMDKFD HSA Kernel Driver Changes For Linux 4.16

    More AMDKFD changes are being queued for the upcoming Linux 4.16 kernel merge window with this being the kernel HSA driver for ROCm support, etc.

    The big work ongoing is getting the discrete GPU support upstreamed so that the stock mainline Linux kernel could work with the user-space ROCm open-source packages for OpenCL support, etc. Unfortunately this latest AMDKFD pull request still doesn't have all the dGPU changes as it's still waiting on a patch for the PCI subsystem that introduces the needed PCI-E atomics support.

  • Freedreno Lands Context Priority Support

    Rob Clark of the Freedreno project has landed his context priority patches in Mesa that originate from this past October.

  • NVIDIA To Abandon All GPU Driver Support For 32-bit Operating Systems

    The time has come for gamers and enthusiasts to ditch their 32-bit operating system (assuming you haven't already), because NVIDIA has announced that it will no longer support drivers for these operating systems. If you have been hobbling along on an old 32-bit version of an OS to save some money, perhaps Santa can bring you a 64-bit OS. NIVIDIA says that support will end after the 390 driver release.

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TuxMachines: Debian: Salsa is Out

Monday 25th of December 2017 05:24:08 PM
  • ( replacement) going into beta

    Since summer we have worked on our replacement based on GitLab. I am really happy to say that we are launching the beta of our service today. Please keep in mind that it is a beta, we don’t expect any database resets, but under unexpected circumstances it might still happen.

    The new service is available at Every active Debian Developer already has an account. Please request a password reset via – your login is either your Debian login or Debian e-mail address.

  • Debian Salsa Is Served Out On A Beta Dish

    Rolling out as beta this Christmas is Debian Salsa.

    Debian Salsa ( is the project's eventual replacement to Debian Salsa is powered by GitLab and has been in development the past few months.

    Basically, Salsa is to be Debian's collaborative development platform. GitLab is the open-source Git repository manager similar in nature to GitHub. GNOME and Debian have been among the free software projects working to migrate their development infrastructure around GitLab.

  • Salsa batch import

    Now that Salsa is in beta, it's time to import projects (= GitLab speak for "repository"). This is probably best done automated.

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LXer: MX Linux 17 An Easy To Use Linux Distro For Noobs

Monday 25th of December 2017 05:19:04 PM
If you are looking for a Desktop Linux distribution that is simple yet different, reliable and runs well on legacy hardware, then MX Linux is a good choice. MX Linux is a cooperative venture between the antiX and former MEPIS Linux communities (hence the name MX). One can expect best of both worlds is put into MX Linux.

TuxMachines: Display Animated Christmas Tree in Linux Terminal

Monday 25th of December 2017 05:09:49 PM

Give your Linux desktop a Christmas touch with some Christmas themes Linux wallpapers and Christmas tree in the terminal.

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Linux Kernel 4.15 Delayed Until Next Week as Linus Torvalds Announces Ninth RC

It's not every day that you see a ninth Release Candidate in the development cycle of a new Linux kernel branch, but here we go, and we can only blame it on those pesky Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities that affect us all, putting billions of devices at risk of attacks. That, and the fact that things haven't calmed down since last week's eight Release Candidate, which was supposed to be the last for the upcoming series. According to Linus Torvalds, there are still has some networking fixes pending, and there's also a very subtle boot bug that was discovered the other day. Read more Also: Linux 4.15 Goes Further Into Overtime: Linux 4.15-rc9

Review: Ubuntu MATE 17.10

Ubuntu MATE 17.10 is a solid release with a few minor caveats about the Mutiny layout. The Traditional MATE layout is very nice, but Mutiny still needs some work. For users who want the classic GNOME 2 look-and-feel, Ubuntu MATE is an excellent choice. However, Unity users looking for a Unity-like experience should still give Ubuntu MATE with the Mutiny layout a try, but need to be aware that it does have some issues and it won't work exactly like Unity. The Contemporary layout is also an option for Unity users, but is even further removed from the Unity experience than Mutiny is. Read more

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