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LXer: Linux Mint 17 Xfce Screenshot Tour

Friday 27th of June 2014 05:26:05 AM
The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 17 'Qiana' Xfce. Linux Mint 17 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2019. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use. The Update Manager was hugely improved. It shows more information, it looks better, it feels faster, and it gets less in your way. It no longer needs to reload itself in root mode when you click on it. It no longer checks for an Internet connection or waits for the network manager and it no longer locks the APT cache at session startup. Linux Mint 17 features Xfce 4.10, MDM 1.6, a Linux kernel 3.13 and an Ubuntu 14.04 package base.

Phoronix: Intel Haswell HD Graphics Benchmarks With Linux 3.16

Friday 27th of June 2014 04:58:40 AM
Phoronix benchmarks have shown that when using the Linux 3.16 kernel, the Nouveau performance is faster when taking advantage of the experimental re-clocking. Additionally, the Radeon graphics performance is faster on Linux 3.16 for newer graphics cards thanks to other optimizations. For Intel Haswell Linux users are there any performance improvements in store for Linux 3.16? Here's some tests.

Reddit: Protip or horrible mistake? I just managed to move every dotfile in my home folder into a separate directory to stay organized and it's working great.

Friday 27th of June 2014 04:42:47 AM

So I did this with my 20+ dotfiles on arch:

mkdir ~/dot mv .* ~/dot/

Then I changed my user's home directory to ~/dot, so now ~ was /home/myuser/dot/

I kept ownership of myuser and all of the downloads, documents, pictures etc folders are still one directory below dot/ and still work as expected. I had to reinstall some things and reconfigure some $XDG_ variables to get it all working nicely and change how my local bin folder was added to $PATH but in the end I now have a dot/ folder with all my dotfiles in it, working WTHOUT SYMLINKS! All unhidden folders are still in their original locations.

Open questions:

Is there a way to relink ~ to the original folder without changing $HOME? I tried using : in the $HOME path but it blackscreened xinit for some reason. (Test it yourself, it could just be my WM theme!)

Answered by me, by symlinking everything in /home/myuser/ to /home/myuser/dot/ you can create a dirty fix and restore the expected behaviors.

Thoughts or improvements? I'm kind of a linux noob.

TL;DR: Instead of symlinking all of your dotfiles into another directory or managing them with github, change your $HOME variable to a subdirectory of your home folder and move the dotfiles there, symlink everything in the origional home folder to the new one and change some XDG variables for complete transparency.

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Reddit: How to use KDE if I am running in UNITY

Friday 27th of June 2014 04:29:08 AM

I am using Ubuntu. I have just installed kde-full and now am wondering how to use kde instead of unity.

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LXer: Android apps are coming to Chromebooks

Friday 27th of June 2014 04:28:54 AM
In today's open source roundup: Chrome OS is getting Android apps. Plus: Get great Linux games on sale at Steam, and Makulu Linux KDE 6.0 released.

Phoronix: Ubuntu 14.10 "Utopic Unicorn" Alpha 1 Released

Friday 27th of June 2014 04:05:06 AM
For the Ubuntu Linux derivatives doing alpha releases, the first development version of *buntu 14.10 is now available for testing...

Phoronix: X.Org Server 1.15.2 Released

Friday 27th of June 2014 04:02:08 AM
For those habitually upgrading their X.Org Server code or packaging the xorg-server for a repository, the 1.15.2 release is now available...

Reddit: What OS should I put on my Asus eeePC 900?

Friday 27th of June 2014 03:45:17 AM

I recently received a free eeePC 900 from someone who didn't want it anymore. It works perfectly fine and I've even upgraded the RAM to 2gbs and the SSD to 32gbs. I've updated the BIOS to the newest version as well.

The problem I'm facing is what I linux distribution (besides Ubuntu) should I put on it. For clarification: this is the 900mhz processor, no webcam, purple cover version. What do you recommend reddit?

submitted by hamie96
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LXer: Windows wars? The Android and Chrome OS Alliance

Friday 27th of June 2014 03:31:43 AM
Can Google's Rebel Alliance of Android and Chrome OS finally dent Microsoft's Windows Evil Empire? I expect we'll see this desktop operating system war start in late 2014.

LXer: diff -u: What's New in Kernel Development

Friday 27th of June 2014 02:34:32 AM
David Herrmann wanted to disable thevirtual terminal subsystem in order tosave space on a kernel that didn't need a VT. But, he still wanted to seekernel oops output for debugging purposes. The problem was that only the VTsubsystem would display oops output—and he'd just disabled it.

LXer: Tools for diagramming in Fedora

Friday 27th of June 2014 01:37:21 AM
If you're a big-time open source fanatic like me, you probably get questions about open source alternatives to proprietary tools rather frequently. From the 'Alternatives to Microsoft® Visio®' department, here are three tips that should help designers who use Visio in an open source environment. If you need an open source option for opening Visio files, a revived open source application for creating diagrams, or a lesser-known open source tool for converting Visio® stencils, these tips are for more

Reddit: Teh Bluez Blues

Friday 27th of June 2014 12:42:28 AM

I have playing around with my LG Tone+ on an off for nearly a month and I haven't got it to work with my Debian 7 machines. I even tried the The things from the ArchWiki page, and that still didn't work

I fell stupid for not getting it to work, bluetooth shouldn't be this hard. I haven't got pulseaudio to work with the headset at all. The module won't even load whenever I to load it with blueman or pactl load-module. Pairing the headset was very easy, though.

Do you have have any ideas of what else to try before I start recompiling newer versions of core components of my operating systems until something works?

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LXer: Asus 1015E: Low End Meets High Function

Friday 27th of June 2014 12:40:10 AM
The Asus 1015E isn't great all. But Linux makes it workable for a great price. The larger question is, why didn't netbooks catch on?

LXer: Whatever Happened To Torchlight On Linux

Thursday 26th of June 2014 11:42:59 PM
Torchlight already exists on Linux but it cannot be found anywhere but the Ubuntu Software Centre! What about those of us who do not use Ubuntu? Why is this charming hack and slash action roleplaying game being withheld from our willing wallets?

LXer: Create flowcharts with yEdCreate flowcharts with yEd

Thursday 26th of June 2014 10:45:48 PM
Get to grips with yEd, one of the best flowcharting tools for communicating information about how processes work

Reddit: How do I verify that Fiber Channel MPIO is actually working?

Thursday 26th of June 2014 10:38:41 PM

Hi there, recently I was working on a SUSE Linux host that's getting block storage through fiber channel. It has two Fiber HBA's so I'm expecting two paths going to the storage array.

From the arrays interface, it appears both paths are transmitting data however I struggled with finding out how to verify MPIO connectivity via bash on the SUSE host.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Just wondering what you're take on it is.

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TuxMachines: Linux Mint 17 "Qiana" Xfce Final Version Is Out – Screenshot Tour

Thursday 26th of June 2014 10:35:16 PM

With the release of Linux Mint 17 "Qiana" Xfce, the collection of Mint flavors is now complete. Cinnamon, MATE, KDE, and Xfce are the main versions, but the developers have been dabbling for some time in a Mint release based on Debian. We'll have to wait a little more until those experimental OSes make their entrance in this branch.

Just like all the other releases in the new 17 "Qiana" series, the Xfce flavor is also based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, a distribution that will be supported until 2019. This extended support period will also be adopted by Linux Mint developers and the next three editions of this distro will use the same base, 14.04 LTS

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TuxMachines: today's howtos

Thursday 26th of June 2014 10:28:06 PM