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TuxMachines: OnePlus unveils its own Android build without Cyanogen

Saturday 3rd of January 2015 01:31:42 AM

Following a temporary ban in India, OnePlus has released its own alpha Lollipop ROM for the One based on stock Android 5.0 -- with no Cyanogen influence. For now, the alpha software is only available as a download, and you'll need to wipe your phone in order to get it. It's also very basic and OnePlus said it includes "no extras beyond the stock features of AOSP Lollipop," though it promised to build on it over time. OnePlus started talking about its own Android fork shortly before Cyanogen inked an exclusive deal with Indian smartphone maker Micromax.

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TuxMachines: Things I appreciate about Android

Saturday 3rd of January 2015 01:23:24 AM

Android is probably the most versatile mobile platform out there, both when it comes to hardware and software. The Android platform is one that comes in many shapes, sizes, and flavors. To somebody who has never really looked at Android in depth before, it can be a somewhat confusing experience. How is the HTC One, which looks completely different from the Galaxy S5 over here, possibly be a part of the same platform?

It’s because Android is considered an “open source” type of platform, which means that manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, Sony, or anybody else who chooses to use Android can create skins to make Android look, act, and feel different. However, it still technically runs on the Android platform.

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LXer: Watch free movies with Isoplex on GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac

Saturday 3rd of January 2015 01:12:21 AM
Isoplex is a free and cross-platform computer software designed in the style of the famous Popcorn Time application, giving users access to millions of movies for free. With Isoplex, you won’t have to install a BitTorrent client, locate a reliable BitTorrent website, search for your favorite movies and wait hours or even days to download them at the highest quality available (usually 1080p).

Reddit: Improving math performance in glibc

Saturday 3rd of January 2015 12:05:09 AM

LXer: North Korea Linux 3.0 (Red Star OS) screenshot tour

Friday 2nd of January 2015 11:17:59 PM
The desktop version North Korea Linux 3.0 is finally available for download and install, thanks to the same guy who initially brought us the server version of North Korea Linux. The ISO download has been popping up all over the place on torrent sites...

Reddit: question about Linux on chromebooks

Friday 2nd of January 2015 10:30:29 PM

I will preface by saying I am not a Linux user, but a Windows user. I have a couple Linux devices, like a Raspberry Pi, but I usually only know enough to follow some instructions and get something working.

I was given a task which the ultimate goal is "get minecraft running on this chromebook". It is an Acer Chromebook 11.

Following a few online examples (unsure if their instructions are still relevant) I had some frustrations, and minimal success. First trying the ChrUbuntu method to dual boot, which seemed to work, but then after reboot, ctrl+l did nothing to boot legacy, only ctrl+d worked to load default, which was ChromeOS.

Wiped the chromebook back to factory using a reset USB key, and then I attempted to try the Crouton method. This worked as far as getting Linux running, but I am unsure what to do from there. I downloaded and (I think) installed Java using instructions from sun for installing java on Linux, which really just seemed to be as much as unpacking the downloaded file into a directory. However I can't seem to run the minecraft.jar file. I don't see anyway to link it to java, and trying to open it just opens in it the Linux archive viewer to see the internal contents.

Any suggestions on how I could get this to run properly? I am ok with having to start over again if needed and wipe back to factory settings.

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Slashdot: Red Hat Engineer Improves Math Performance of Glibc

Friday 2nd of January 2015 10:01:00 PM
jones_supa writes: Siddhesh Poyarekar from Red Hat has taken a professional look into mathematical functions found in Glibc (the GNU C library). He has been able to provide an 8-times performance improvement to slowest path of pow() function. Other transcendentals got similar improvements since the fixes were mostly in the generic multiple precision code. These improvements already went into glibc-2.18 upstream. Siddhesh believes that a lot of the low hanging fruit has now been picked, but that this is definitely not the end of the road for improvements in the multiple precision performance. There are other more complicated improvements, like the limitation of worst case precision for exp() and log() functions, based on the results of the paper Worst Cases for Correct Rounding of the Elementary Functions in Double Precision (PDF). One needs to prove that those results apply to the Glibc multiple precision bits.

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TuxMachines: today's howtos

Friday 2nd of January 2015 09:41:03 PM

TuxMachines: Leftovers: Gaming

Friday 2nd of January 2015 09:39:55 PM

Reddit: Toward Civil Behavior

Friday 2nd of January 2015 09:27:26 PM

LXer: Installation and getting started guide with Amazon Glacier storage on the Linux system

Friday 2nd of January 2015 09:23:37 PM
Glacier is a low cost cloud storage provided by Amazon Web Services. There are certain time limitation when retrieving your data so be sure that this is a right service for you before you decide to use Amazon Glacier service. Generally Amazon Glacier service is great for all digital archiving and backup needs, where the archived files do not need to be retrieved instantly.

TuxMachines: Improving math performance in glibc

Friday 2nd of January 2015 09:06:09 PM

Mathematical function implementations usually have to trade off between speed of computation and the accuracy of the result. This is especially true for transcendentals (i.e. the exponential and trigonometric functions), where results often have to be computed to a fairly large precision to get last bit accuracy in a result that is to be stored in an IEEE-754 double variable.

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TuxMachines: Happy New Year & Browser and OS stats for 2014

Friday 2nd of January 2015 09:01:36 PM

LQ ISO recently surpassed 55,000,000 Linux downloads

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Reddit: MakuluLinux Survey Time !

Friday 2nd of January 2015 08:49:19 PM

Reddit: Design of a vim like text editor

Friday 2nd of January 2015 07:24:10 PM

TuxMachines: Deciso Launches OPNsense, a New Open Source Firewall Initiative

Friday 2nd of January 2015 07:16:41 PM

OPNsense combines the best of open source and closed source firewalls. It brings the rich feature set of commercial offerings with the benefits of open and verifiable sources combined with a simple BSD license. This makes OPNsense the platform of choice for users, developers and commercial partners.

Companies that want to use OPNsense to create a branded version, extend its features, or even create a fork and build upon the same codebase are allowed to do so under the 2-clause BSD license.

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