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TuxMachines: Choosing a license

2 hours 1 min ago

Free software projects need licenses. But choosing a license is such a pain that most github projects don’t even bother (resulting in an initiative by Github to rectify this). And when taking a closed source project and making it free software, the topic of license choice will take a huge amount of time and effort.

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TuxMachines: Valve's OpenGL Debugger Now Supports Unreal 4 Engine with Linux Support

2 hours 7 min ago

There are great times ahead for the Linux gamers. More and more companies are making important steps toward the Linux platform and it’s becoming increasingly clear that open source is a valid entertainment alternative.

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TuxMachines: Debian 6 “Squeeze” LTS Period Extended Until February 2016

2 hours 14 min ago

“This is an advance notice that regular security support for Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 (code name ‘squeeze’) will be terminated on the 31st of May. However, we're happy to announce that security support for squeeze is going to be extended until February 2016, i.e. five years after the initial release. This effort is driven by various interested parties / companies which require longer security support,” reads the official announcement.

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Reddit: Want to switch to a live distro need some help.

2 hours 31 min ago

I'm tired of reinstalling and i severly disklike using ubuntu now. currently on mint but have the same issue.

I would like a distro that will stay continuously up to date. can anyone recommend a good one? something with good hardware support and doesnt break things often.

edit: I mean a rolling release distro. thanks for clarification.

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LXer: Sloppy but secure: Open source TrueCrypt passes audit

2 hours 34 min ago
An independent audit of the open source disk encryption utility finds no backdoors, but dredges up other troubling issues.

TuxMachines: Ubuntu 12.04.4 vs. 13.10 vs. 14.04 LTS Desktop Benchmarks

2 hours 34 min ago

With Ubuntu 14.04 LTS being released today, here's some fresh benchmarks comparing the Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit performance against Ubuntu 13.10 and Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS. In this article are desktop and gaming benchmarks comparing these versions of Ubuntu Linux.

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TuxMachines: GNOME 3: It’s time to let go of the past

2 hours 42 min ago

No Linux desktop, including Unity, has generated more heated arguments than GNOME 3. Some people love it and some people despise it. Love it or hate it, GNOME 3 is here to stay and I think that’s a good thing. It’s time to let go of the past and enjoy GNOME for what it is, not what some of us would have it be.

Datamation has an article that spells out why the writer switched to GNOME, and I think it’s well worth a read since it embodies the spirit of moving on and also of accepting GNOME as it is without comparing it to other desktop environments.

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TuxMachines: QEMU 2.0 Released With ARM, x86 Enhancements

2 hours 47 min ago

QEMU 2.0 was supposed to be released in early April but it slipped until now. The QEMU 2.0 release has AArch64 ARM 64-bit improvements, support for the Allwinner A10-based Cubieboard, PowerPC improvements, Q35 x86 machine improvements, support for Intel MPX registers, the QEMU GUI supports SDL 2.0, GTK+ support for mouse wheel, new monitor improvements, TCG code generation improvements, and many other changes.

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TuxMachines: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Released, See What`s New [Video, Screenshots]

3 hours 8 min ago

Ubuntu 14.04 was released today, so let's take a look at the most important new features and changes in this LTS release.

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TuxMachines: Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) Officially Released

3 hours 18 min ago

This is the first LTS release for the developers of Ubuntu GNOME and, understandably, it is a very important version. The fans of this distribution have eagerly awaited for the new release in the series, especially because this is a major update for Ubuntu GNOME.

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TuxMachines: In Intel, Android Has Gained a Mighty Friend

4 hours 9 min ago

For a couple of years now, efforts to usher in devices that can run both Microsoft's Windows platform and Android have been in the works. We've written about BlueStacks Player, which runs a virtualized instance of Android that can be used alongside Windows. And we've covered Hybrid PCs, which run both operating systems.Now, this trend is set to pick up momentum, as Intel warms up to Android, and puts in place plans to produce chips and platform technology for new generation Android tablets.

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TuxMachines: CliQr launches cloud marketplace featuring 100 open source apps

4 hours 16 min ago

Google-backed CliQr Technologies, which focuses on helping businesses migrate applications into private or public cloud environments, has flipped the switch on the CliQr App Store, a collection of more than 100 popular open source applications.

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LXer: Are Containers the Right Answer to the Wrong Question?

4 hours 28 min ago
There's a lot of buzz about containers recently, but do they spell the end to hypervisors as some of their proponents claim?

TuxMachines: Is Amazon's Fire TV a dud for gamers?

4 hours 29 min ago

I suspect we're in the very early days of gaming on the Fire TV. Amazon has gotten the Fire TV to market ahead of an Apple TV or Android TV that offers games, and we'll most likely see the game controller and the overall gaming experience get even better in future releases of the Fire TV.

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read more Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Debuts With OpenStack Icehouse and Docker Support

4 hours 37 min ago

Canonical on Thursday released Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, a new Long-Term Support version. Here are some of the highlights.

Phoronix: Ubuntu 12.04.4 vs. 13.10 vs. 14.04 LTS Desktop Benchmarks

4 hours 40 min ago
With Ubuntu 14.04 LTS being released today, here's some fresh benchmarks comparing the Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit performance against Ubuntu 13.10 and Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS. In this article are desktop and gaming benchmarks comparing these versions of Ubuntu Linux.

Phoronix: QEMU 2.0 Released With ARM, x86 Enhancements

5 hours 24 min ago
QEMU 2.0 has officially shipped. The QEMU 2.0 release has been under development for many months and has numerous new features for this processor emulator commonly used in conjunction with Linux KVM or Xen...

LXer: How to introduce open source to your public library

5 hours 25 min ago
I was intrigued to read this recent article in The Guardian about public libraries’ new role as community problem solvers. If you read carefully into this article you’ll notice the author talks about libraries becoming more involved with "proactive community engagement."This means that libraries are looking to community members as partners to help solve community problems. In the open source community, we’re familiar with how well these methods can work. In open source, different players contribute to group projects according to their own personal strengths. The results can be far greater than anyone originally imagines.

Reddit: VT-D Virtualization rig help

5 hours 29 min ago

I love linux and gaming, this is problematic so for my new build I will fix that problem by running them both at the same time.

The i7 and ASRock Z87 Extreme6/ac are VT-D compatible meaning I can directly tell the VM that it is connected to say an HD 7850 and the VM will use normal drivers right? By this it should have like 99% native speed and won't be slowed down by crappy vendor linux drivers, right? I went to /r/buildapc but was recommended the i5 k variant which doesn't have VT-D and I kind of got mad.

I went with an i7 rather than a Xeon E3 as I can overclock it and it has better performance in games with the added bonus of having an iGPU.

I'm sort of crazy. Here's the build:

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks

Type Item Price CPU Intel Core i7-4770K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor £215.99 @ Aria PC Motherboard ASRock Z87 Extreme6/ac ATX LGA1150 Motherboard £167.87 @ Amazon UK Case Cooler Master Storm Stryker (White) ATX Full Tower Case Purchased For £0.00 Other Noctua NH-D15 £60.00 Other Nvidia GT-640 Purchased Other AMD Radeon HD 7850 Purchased Other Seagate Barracuda 500GB Purchased Other Misc. RAM 1x8GiB + 1x4GiB Purchased Other Linux distro Purchased Other OCZ ZT750 750W PSU Purchased Total Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available. £443.86 Generated by PCPartPicker 2014-04-17 15:41 BST+0100

Should I run W7/W8.1? I already have a bunch of graphics cards (1x Random friend's old quadro, 1x Nvidia GT-640 and a HD 7850). I will probably but tonnes of random stuff in this computer as it has a bunch of expansion slots and I have a 750W PSU plus hyper threading and extra OC speed.

Even if I didn't use it for Linux one day it will still be super fast and useful.

tl;dr Build where I run Linux and game in a Windows VM with direct pass through

Edit: Going to game on the HD 7850 which will later be upgraded and I'm going to run the computer off integrated graphics or the GT 640.

Edit2: I didn't really get mad, just gave him a bunch of Intel Ark links and said that the i7 is useful for virtualization because of hyper threading plus I like the floating point benefit.

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