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Updated: 47 min 54 sec ago

Amiga fun with IcAROS Desktop 2.0

Monday 3rd of November 2014 10:24:45 PM
The highly anticipated version 2.0 of AROS distribution Icaros Desktop is now available for download. AROS is now an almost-20-years old open source attempt to rewrite the original AmigaOS 3.x operating system from Commodore, starting with its API documentation. Icaros Desktop extends AROS features with many 3rd party programs and libraries, providing a full preconfigured environment to allow modern tasks. In this new version, which has been released 2 years after the latest one, AROS' Workbench clone "Wanderer" can be replaced by x86-native port of DirectoryOpus 5 Magellan, which has been configured to act like a modern GUI, old Amiga programs can run in a more polished emulation layer (AmiBridge) which does not require original Amiga ROMs and Operating System, and whole AROS system files have been replaced with a newer branch, which also includes a new, faster and more reliable TLSF memory manager. For full size screenshots and downloads, you can follow this link.

Fuzix, a New Unix 5 like OS for Zilog Z80 by Alan Cox

Monday 3rd of November 2014 10:19:58 PM
In a Google Plus post, Alan Cox, of linux kernel fame, announced a new Unix V like operating system for the zilog z80 architecture. He's been on a z80 kick the past couple of years, even getting into hardware board design. For those interested, he has has a git repo.

US Internet Speed and Affordability

Monday 3rd of November 2014 10:18:11 PM
The reason the United States lags many countries in both speed and affordability, according to people who study the issue, has nothing to do with technology. Instead, it is an economic policy problem - the lack of competition in the broadband industry.

Overview of e-book Tools for Linux

Monday 3rd of November 2014 10:13:54 PM
Linux has a good range of open source software which helps users to organise their e-book collection, catch up on a novel, and to create, validate and publish their own e-book.

Tizen Smartphone Spotted at FCC

Monday 3rd of November 2014 10:03:58 PM
The Samsung SM-Z130H/DS with dual SIM, Samsung’s first low-end Tizen phone, has just been spotted undergoing certification at the FCC. According to the FCC filing under FCC ID "A3LSMZ130H," The Samsung SM-Z130H is a dual-sim smart phone. The device will come with support for GSM 850/1900, Wi-fi 802.11b and GSM 850/1900 bands.

Xiaomi: World's #3 Handset Manufacturer?

Monday 3rd of November 2014 09:52:12 PM
China’s Xiaomi only sells its smartphones and other devices in a handful of markets… but they’re big markets with large populations including China and India. So even though you can’t easily buy a Xiaomi phone in the US or Europe, we probably shouldn’t be surprised that the company is selling a lot of phones. In fact, with Xiaomi shipping 18 million phones in the third quarter of 2014, two different reports suggest the company just became the third biggest smartphone company in the world.

IcAROS Desktop 2.0 is here!

Monday 3rd of November 2014 09:21:27 PM
There's a new major release of IcAROS available with: "new kernel, new TLSF memory management, new GUI/file manager, new version of Janus-UAE, new AROS system files, and all libraries, all system commands and utilities brought up to their latest version, with two clear goals in mind: improving system stability, speed and responsiveness, while keeping compatibility alive with your usual applications." With a screenshot showing IcAROS displaying the OSNews homepage in their announcement web page, how could we not publish the annoucement?

Run IE On Android, iOS And OS X

Monday 3rd of November 2014 09:18:24 PM
You can now run the latest version of Internet Explorer on your Android, iOS, OS X or non-Windows 10 Windows machine. Microsoft has built and released something it calls RemoteIE, which allows developers to run the company’s browser preview builds without requiring them to be on the most current version of Windows.

More in Tux Machines

Kernel 3.18 development – the kernel column

Linus Torvalds announced Linux 3.17, the Shuffling Zombie Juror, saying, “The past week was fairly calm, and so I have no qualms about releasing 3.17 on the normal schedule”. The latest kernel includes a number of nice headline features, such as the new getrandom() system call and sealed files APIs that we covered in previous issues of LU&D. Linux 3.17 also includes support for less highlighted new features, such as new signature checking of kexec()’d kernel images and sparse files on Samba file systems (which is significant for those mounting Windows and Mac shares). Read more

Qt 5.4 Release Candidate Available

I am happy to announce that Qt 5.4 Release Candidate is now available. After the Qt5.4 Beta release we have done some build & packaging related updates in addition to large number of error fixes based on feedback from Beta release. Read more

Weston's IVI Shell Sees New Version

There hasn't been much in the way of exciting Wayland/Weston developments to report on this month, but its development is continuing in its usual manner. Out today is another version of the Weston IVI Shell as it still works to being accepted upstream. The weston-ivi-shell is a reference shell for Wayland's Weston compositor running on In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems. The Weston-IVI work dates back many months and today's revision to the shell marks its eighth public version as it still seeks to be accepted into mainline Weston. Read more

Python 3 Support Added To The GNOME Shell

The GNOME Shell 3.15.2 release fixes some visual glitching, improves the layout of the extension installation dialog, supports the CSS margin property, and offers other bug fixes and minor enhancements. Most notable to GNOME Shell 3.15.2 though is there's finally Python 3 support. Many GNOME components have long ported their Python 2 code to Python 3 while GNOME Shell's Python support has just received the Py3 treatment. Details on GNOME's overall Python 3 porting work can be found via this Wiki page. Read more