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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 2 hours 47 min ago

How To Visualize Disk Usage With Filelight In Linux

8 hours 46 min ago
This brief guide explains what is Filelight and its uses, how to install Filelight in Linux, and then how to visualize disk usage with Filelight in Linux operating systems.

How to fix Suspend/Resume failures with NVMe drives on Linux (Ubuntu as an example)?

Sunday 25th of September 2022 06:44:51 AM
I finally made suspend feature work on my Linux laptop with NVME SSD after it gave me a headache the past few days. So how can you do that too?

Sony Starvis based GigE camera supports PoE

Sunday 25th of September 2022 05:30:31 AM
The e-RouteCAM_CU20 is a 2MP PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) GigE camera developed by e-con Systems. Additionally, the device integrates a high performance ISP to target low light applications.     According to the datasheet, the RouteCAM_CU20 is a two board solution. The base board features an ethernet transceiver and an 8P PoE RJ45 connector. The other board […]

New Linux and Cloud Capture the Flag Platform Launched

Sunday 25th of September 2022 04:16:10 AM
PenTesting.Cloud, a free learning platform, has released their first 4 challenges. Utilize your Linux and Cloud Computing skills to exploit vulnerabilities in a lab environment. New challenges are released every two weeks. They are setup in a CTF style, where you can earn points and compete against other members.

StarlingX, the cloud for edge computing, gets a major upgrade

Sunday 25th of September 2022 03:01:50 AM
If you want a complete cloud stack for your edge computing -- whether you[he]#039[/he]re running a handful of IoT devices or thousands of 5G endpoints -- StarlingX 7.0 is for you.

AI Vision dev kit based on Allwinner V853 SoC includes 7″ LCD and dual cameras

Sunday 25th of September 2022 01:47:30 AM
Crowd Supply recently featured an open-source V853 Development board accommodating the high-performing V853 System-on-Chip (SoC). This device provides a 7” MIPI LCD, dual camera modules and many other peripherals to target AI-Vision applications. The V853 Dev board comes in a 4-layer PCB featuring a Cortex-A7 core (up to 1GHz), a RISC-V E906 core (up to […]

Drop your database for PostgreSQL

Sunday 25th of September 2022 12:33:09 AM
Databases are tools to store information in an organized but flexible way. A spreadsheet is essentially a database, but the constraints of a graphical application render most spreadsheet applications useless to programmers. With Edge and IoT devices becoming significant target platforms, developers need powerful but lightweight solutions for storing, processing, One of my favourite combinations is the PostgreSQL database and Lua bindings, but the possibilities are endless.

How to Install Fedora Linux in VirtualBox Easiest Guide

Saturday 24th of September 2022 11:18:49 PM
The most simple and easy guide for you demonstrating how you can install latest Fedora Linux in Oracle VirtualBox and set up.

ONLYOFFICE 7.2 Is Out with UI Changes and New Functionalities

Saturday 24th of September 2022 10:04:29 PM
ONLYOFFICE is a free cross-platform business-class productivity platform designed for internal team collaboration. Its latest 7.2 version features toolbar optimizations for smaller screens, a redesigned search inside the document, and an improved font engine.

DebugPoint Weekly Roundup #22.06: NVIDIA Open Sources CV-CUDA, Rust-Based FreeBSD Kernel and More

Saturday 24th of September 2022 08:50:09 PM
DebugPoint Weekly Roundup #22.06: This week brings significant updates such as GNOME 43, Rust-based FreeBSD Kernel and More.

UbuntuDDE Remix 22.04 Brings the Deepin Desktop Environment to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Saturday 24th of September 2022 08:43:51 AM
The developers of the UbuntuDDE Remix distribution announced the release of UbuntuDDE Remix 22.04 as the latest version of this unofficial Ubuntu flavor featuring the Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE).

Audacity 3.2 Released with Real-Time and VST3 Effects, FFmpeg 5.0 and WavPack Support

Saturday 24th of September 2022 07:29:31 AM
Audacity 3.2 has been released today as the latest stable version of this powerful, free, open-source, and cross-platform audio editor software for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows systems.

How to Install FileRun on Ubuntu 22.04 with Apache

Saturday 24th of September 2022 06:15:11 AM
FileRun is a storage platform system that allows managing, sharing, and syncing files.

How to Install Neos CMS on Debian 11

Saturday 24th of September 2022 05:00:51 AM
Neos is an enterprise content management built-in with custom content modeling that provides an effective way to edit and manage content, SEO optimization such as automatic redirects and SEO metadata, and powerful roles and user management.

Python 2 Is No Longer Part of the Arch Linux Repositories

Saturday 24th of September 2022 03:46:30 AM
Python 2 reached EOL in 2020, so Arch’s devs reduced the apps that used it to the point it is now entirely removed from the distro’s repos.

How to Install Nexus Repository Manager on Ubuntu 22.04

Saturday 24th of September 2022 02:32:10 AM
Nexus is one of the most popular repository managers in the DevOps world. It allows you to store and retrieve build artifacts and also provides features to push and pull artifacts via CI and IDE integration tools such as Visual Studio and Jenkins.

Mesa 22.2 Graphics Stack Brings Improvements for Halo Infinite, Minecraft, and Other Games

Saturday 24th of September 2022 01:17:50 AM
The Mesa 22.2 open-source graphic stack has been officially released as yet another massive update to this open-source graphics drivers initiative for GNU/Linux distributions and other systems.

How to build a dynamic distributed database with DistSQL

Saturday 24th of September 2022 12:03:29 AM
Distributed databases are common for many reasons. They increase reliability, redundancy, and performance. Apache ShardingSphere is an open source framework that enables you to transform any database into a distributed database...

Jit and ZAP: Improving programming security

Friday 23rd of September 2022 10:49:09 PM
Simon Bennetts, the founder of the world[he]#039[/he]s famous web app security scanner, OWASP ZAP, has joined the Jit code security company. Both will be the better for it.

3 ways to use the Linux inxi command

Friday 23rd of September 2022 09:34:49 PM
I was looking for information about the health of my laptop battery when I stumbled upon inxi. It's a command line system information tool that provides a wealth of information about your Linux computer, whether it's a laptop, desktop, or server...