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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 2 hours 37 min ago

Celebrating Data Privacy Day

3 hours 28 min ago
Happy International Data Privacy Day! While January 28 marks a day to raise awareness and promote best practices for privacy and data protection around the world, we at Mozilla do this work year-round so our users can celebrate today — and every day — the endless joy the internet has to offer.

Securing Kubernetes at the Infrastructure Level

4 hours 43 min ago
Infrastructure security is important to get right so that attacks can be prevented''or, in the case of a successful attack, damage can be minimized. It is especially important in a Kubernetes environment because, by default, a large number of Kubernetes configurations are not secure. Learn how to secure Kubernetes at the infrastructure level.

Latest Raspberry Pi OS Release Adds New Options to Its Configuration Tool, Many Bug Fixes

Saturday 29th of January 2022 07:39:09 AM
The Raspberry Pi Foundation released today a new version of their official Raspberry Pi OS Debian-based distribution for the tiny Raspberry Pi single-board computers, a release that comes with various improvements and bug fixes.

The Apache Log4j vulnerability explained: Everything you need to know

Saturday 29th of January 2022 06:24:48 AM
The Apache Log4j Project is among the most deployed pieces of open source software, providing logging capabilities for Java applications. There was a lot of media hype and misinformation about the project and a series of vulnerabilities in the open source technology at the end of 2021...

How to Install and Use Docker on Ubuntu 20.04

Saturday 29th of January 2022 05:10:28 AM
Docker is a compact virtualization that runs on top of the operating system, allowing users to design, run, and deploy applications encased in small containers. In this tutorial, I will show you how to install, use, and remove Docker on an Ubuntu Linux system.

BSD Release: OPNsense 22.1

Saturday 29th of January 2022 03:56:08 AM
OPNsense is a FreeBSD-based specialist operating system designed for firewalls and routers. The project's latest release is OPNsense 22.1 is based on FreeBSD 13 and improves boot speed while removing older, insecure cryptography components.

‘Welcome To Elk’ arrives on Switch and Linux next month

Saturday 29th of January 2022 02:41:47 AM
Welcome To Elk, the biographical adventure game from Triple Topping, is launching on Nintendo Switch and Linux next month.

VMware fixes vSphere release it pulled, sorts out Log4j while it's at it

Saturday 29th of January 2022 01:27:27 AM
Paul Turner, Virtzilla's veep for vSphere product management, told The Register that the source of the problem was Intel driver updates that arrived out of sync with VMware's pre-release testing program. When users adopted the new drivers – one of which had been renamed – vSphere produced errors that meant virtual server fleet managers could not sustain high availability operations.

Sharing the computer screen in Gnome

Saturday 29th of January 2022 12:13:07 AM
You do not want someone else to be able to monitor or even control your computer and you usually work hard to cut off any such attempts using various security mechanisms. However, sometimes a situation occurs when you desperately need a friend, or an expert, to help you with a computer problem, but they are not at the same location at the same time.

What You Can Do With The RoseHosting Cloud PHP Stack

Friday 28th of January 2022 10:58:47 PM
One of the most used server-side script languages according to some ranks is the PHP language.

Top tech conferences for sysadmins in 2022

Friday 28th of January 2022 09:44:27 PM
In the pre-pandemic past, time and budget often limited which industry events people could attend. While time will always be a factor, the shift towards virtual gatherings has made that commitment much easier for many people. Pair a more flexible schedule with reduced costs for travel and tickets, and you have the most accessible industry landscape in history.

How to Install Node.js and NPM on Debian 11

Friday 28th of January 2022 08:30:07 PM
In this guide you are going to learn how to install Node.js and NPM, manage multiple versions, uninstall versions using Node Version Manager.

Software Privacy Day: Use Delta Chat, an open source chat tool

Friday 28th of January 2022 07:15:47 PM
It[he]#039[/he]s Software Privacy Day again, the day meant to encourage users everywhere to spare a thought about where their data actually goes when it[he]#039[/he]s posted on, over, or through the Internet. One of the cottage industries around Internet communication that seems to ebb and flow in popularity is the venerable chat application. People use chat applications for all manner of conversations, and most people don[he]#039[/he]t think about what bots are recording and monitoring what[he]#039[/he]s being said, whether it[he]#039[/he]s to effectively target ads or just to build a profile for future use.

Micro: Modern and Intuitive Terminal-Based Text Editor

Friday 28th of January 2022 06:01:27 PM
Nano isn’t good as it should be, while vim seems quite complex for the beginner. There are many Text Editor for Linux users, and choosing the best one is quite debatable. Suppose you do not want to leave nano because other editors are too complex and require a learning curve. Then you didn’t try till now micro terminal-based text editor.

How To Backup And Restore Application Settings Using Mackup On Newly Installed Linux System

Friday 28th of January 2022 04:47:07 PM
This guide explains what is Mackup, and how to backup and restore application settings with Mackup on a freshly installed Linux system.

SUSE unveils Rancher Desktop 1.0 for Kubernetes on your PC

Friday 28th of January 2022 03:32:47 PM
As Kubernetes users know, Rancher is a popular complete software stack for running and managing multiple Kubernetes clusters across any infrastructure. Now, since Linux and cloud-power SUSE acquired Rancher, it's launched its first new program: Rancher Desktop 1.0

KDE Plasma 5.24 Will Be the Next LTS Release Receiving Support Until KDE Plasma 6

Friday 28th of January 2022 02:18:27 PM
Good news today for fans of the KDE Plasma desktop environment as I just found out that the next major release, Plasma 5.24, will be an LTS (Long-Term Support) series maintained for about 18 months.

Writing an open source GPU driver – without the hardware

Friday 28th of January 2022 01:12:54 PM
Until now, no Valhall devices (Mali-G57, Mali-G78) ran mainline Linux - whilst this made driver development obviously difficult, there’s no better time to write drivers than before the devices even get into the hands of end users. Here's a tale from Alyssa Rosenzweig, on how she wrote an open source GPU driver – without the hardware.

WordPress 5.9 Goes Live with Full Site Editing (FSE)

Friday 28th of January 2022 11:58:34 AM
Every year, everyone is waiting to see what the next version of the most popular CMS on the planet is going to bring. WordPress 5.9 marks the introduction of the next generation of themes that allows greater customization and simpler building.

How to Install Grafana on Rocky Linux

Friday 28th of January 2022 10:44:13 AM
Grafana is free and open-source analytics and visualization tool. It's a multi-platform web-based application that provides customizable charts, graphs, and alerts for supported data sources. This tutorial will show you how to install Grafana with Nginx as a Reverse Proxy on the Rocky Linux system.

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