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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 1 min 18 sec ago

How to customize the Linux top command

27 min 48 sec ago
The top command offers many customization options. Here's one way to take advantage of them in order to check out memory use.

How Intel's Clear Linux Team Cut The Kernel Boot Time From 3 Seconds To 300 ms

1 hour 42 min ago
Intel engineer Feng Tang spoke at this week's Linux Plumbers Conference in Lisbon, Portugal on how the Clear Linux team managed to boot their kernel faster.

The community-led renaissance of open source

2 hours 56 min ago
With few commercial participants, early free software and open source communities were, by definition, community-led. Software was designed and created organically by communities of users in response to their needs and inspiration. The results, to a degree nobody predicted, were often more

How to recover deleted files with foremost on Linux

4 hours 10 min ago
In this article we will talk about foremost, a very useful open source forensic utility which is able to recover deleted files using the technique called data carving. The utility was originally developed by the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations, and is able to recover several file types (support for specific file types can be added by the user, via the configuration file). The program can also work on partition images produced by dd or similar tools.

Might and Delight just announced Book of Travels, a unique new RPG that will support Linux

5 hours 25 min ago
Might and Delight (Meadow, Shelter) announced something very interesting this week called Book of Travels. It's what they say is a TMO (Tiny Multiplayer Online) game and it looks pretty awesome.

Election fraud: Is there an open source solution?

6 hours 39 min ago
Can open source technology help keep our elections honest? With its Trust The Vote Project, the Open Source Election Technology (OSET) Institute is working on making that a reality for elections in the United States and around the more

How to Administrate MySQL/MariaDB Server Using the MySQLAdmin Command

7 hours 53 min ago
This tutorial allows you to manage the MySQL / MariaDB server using the MySQLAdmin command.

Video - Linux File Permissions (chmod and chown)

9 hours 8 min ago
The following video shows you how to use chmod and chown to change up file permissions. It also goes over the various settings you can apply to files with chmod.

SMARC 2.0 module runs Linux on i.MX8M Mini

10 hours 22 min ago
Congatec’s “Conga-SMX8-Mini” SMARC 2.0 module runs Linux on NXP’s i.MX8M Mini with up to 4GB LPDDR4 and 128GB eMMC and optional WiFi and -40 to 85°C. There’s also a new carrier and coolers for Congatec’s Epyc 3000 based conga-B7E3 module. NXP’s power-efficient, 14nm FinFET fabricated i.MX8M Mini has attracted considerable support among computer-on-module manufacturers, starting […]

Flathub vs. Snap Store: Which App Store Should You Use?

11 hours 36 min ago
Both the Snap and Flatpak formats have their own centralized marketplaces, Snap Store and Flathub. Both are useful, but which one of these is right for you?

Examining AI's Effect on Media and Truth

12 hours 51 min ago
Mozilla is announcing its eight latest Creative Media Awards. These art and advocacy projects highlight how AI intersects with online media and truth — and impacts our everyday lives

GNOME Firmware App Launches Officially to Make Updating Firmware Easier on Linux

14 hours 5 min ago
Just two weeks after its initial unveiling, the GNOME Firmware utility has been officially released as part of the GNOME 3.34 desktop environment series.

SDR dev kit builds on Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC

15 hours 19 min ago
Avnet has launched an “RFSoC Development Kit” that extends Xilinx’s eval kit for its Linux-powered, Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC. The kit adds a Qorvo 2×2 Small Cell RF front-end for SDR prototyping and integrates MATLAB and Simulink. Xilinx launched its 5G-focused Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC variant of its Arm/FPGA hybrid Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoc last year and then […]

Su Command in Linux

16 hours 34 min ago
The su (short for substitute or switch user) utility allows you to run commands with the privileges of another user, by default the root user. Using su is the simplest way to switch to the administrative account in the current login session. This is especially handy when the root user is not allowed to log in to the system through ssh or using the GUI display manager. In this tutorial, we will explain how to use the su command.

How to Add Custom Search Engines in Thunderbird

17 hours 48 min ago
Adding a custom search engine in Thunderbird is tricky and prone to errors. Follow the steps here to access your favorite search engine from Thunderbird.

Lenna's Inception, the Zelda-like action-adventure RPG is looking brilliant in the latest trailer - made by a Linux dev

19 hours 2 min ago
Lenna's Inception, a name I've honestly not heard of since 2013 is closing in on release with a brand new trailer and some big news about the development.

Setup a Local WordPress Development Environment with Vagrant

Wednesday 18th of September 2019 06:42:11 AM
Vagrant is a tool for working with virtual environments. It provides an easy way to set up a local development environment with a few commands, and you can replicate a complete setup as many times as you want, with ease and without the hassle of installing everything manually.

Rclone Browser Fork With Fixes And Enhancements

Wednesday 18th of September 2019 05:27:50 AM
Rclone Browser is a fairly popular cross-platform GUI for Rclone. Its development was stopped in 2017, but a Rclone Browser fork was created recently to fix some "small not working bits and pieces", like the transfer progress not working, while also adding some enhancements.

How to install SearX Search Engine on Ubuntu

Wednesday 18th of September 2019 04:13:30 AM
Searx is a decentralized and non-commercial search engine that respects user’s privacy. It is one of the best and free private search engines that aggregate results from more than 70 search services, including Google and Bing.

10 more essential Linux commands you need to know

Wednesday 18th of September 2019 02:59:10 AM
You've mastered installation and the basics of filesystem navigation. Now you're ready to take your skills to the next level with 10 more essential Linux commands.