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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 2 hours 10 min ago

The Linux gaming Sunday round-up paper

2 hours 33 min ago
Catch up on some recent big news and some things we haven't covered through the week...

When was the last time you used Windows?

4 hours 45 min ago
Which Windows version sounds most familiar to you? Take our poll.

What’s the Best Alternative to Windows 7?

6 hours 56 min ago
For consumers, migrating to Linux is a much easier thing to do, especially if we’re talking about power users. Distributions like Linux Mint have become much more user-friendly in the last couple of years and they provide users with a rather familiar UI similar to the one in Windows.

Pushd and Popd Commands in Linux

17 hours 44 min ago
pushd and popd are commands that allow you to work with directory stack and change the current working directory in Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. Although pushd and popd are very powerful and useful commands, they are underrated and rarely used.

Code it, ship it, own it with full-service ownership

Sunday 22nd of September 2019 05:12:56 AM
Software teams seeking to provide better products and services must focus on faster release cycles. But running reliable systems at ever-increasing speeds presents a big challenge. Software teams can have both quality and speed by adjusting their policies around ongoing service ownership. While on-call plays a large part in this model, advancement in knowledge, more resilient code, increased collaboration, and better practices mean engineers don[he]#039[/he]t have to wake up to a nightmare.

How to Install Go on Debian 10

Sunday 22nd of September 2019 03:01:25 AM
Go is a modern open-source programming language created by Google, used to build reliable, simple, fast, and efficient software. Many popular applications, such as Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, and Rancher, are written in Go.

How spicy should a jalapeno be?

Sunday 22nd of September 2019 12:49:54 AM
Everyone has opinions and preferences, especially when it comes to food. To establish a criterion when answering "How spicy should a jalapeño be?." the Scoville Heat Scale was developed as a standard to measure spiciness. This scale allows people to communicate and share information about how spicy we like our peppers.

Weekly Roundup: The Passion Of Saint iGNUcius Edition

Saturday 21st of September 2019 10:38:23 PM
A defense of Richard Stallman

Hone advanced Bash skills by building Minesweeper

Saturday 21st of September 2019 08:26:52 PM
I am no expert on teaching programming, but when I want to get better at something, I try to find a way to have fun with it. For example, when I wanted to get better at shell scripting, I decided to practice by programming a version of the Minesweeper game in Bash.

Attempting to install Linux on a new laptop, a follow-up

Saturday 21st of September 2019 06:15:21 PM
[b]LXer Feature: 21-Sept-2019[/b]A successful conclusion..I recently detailed my attempts to install Linux as an alternative boot an SD card in a new Dell laptop. Those attempts failed. See [url=]Attempting to install Linux on a new laptop[/url] for the details. Microsoft has continued in their usual way and notified me last week that the current feature update of Windows on that laptop would soon be unsupported and urged me to update to the latest version.

How to compare strings in Java

Saturday 21st of September 2019 04:03:50 PM
String comparison is a fundamental operation in programming and is often quizzed during interviews. These strings are a sequence of characters that are immutable which means unchanging over time or unable to be changed.Java has a number of methods for comparing strings; this article will teach you the primary operation of how to compare strings in Java.There are six options:read more

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 15 Marks End of Short-Term Support

Saturday 21st of September 2019 01:52:19 PM
Red Hat OpenStack Platform 15 is the last release that will only be supported for a year, as the company moves to a new model to support the open-source cloud platform.

Arch Linux Review in 2019

Saturday 21st of September 2019 11:40:48 AM
Started since 2002, Arch Linux has built up a large, loyal following of users who love Arch's KISS approach, where minimalism and choice reign supreme.

Managing network interfaces and FirewallD in Cockpit

Saturday 21st of September 2019 09:29:16 AM
In the last article, we saw how Cockpit can manage storage devices. This article will focus on the networking functionalities within the UI. We’ll see how to manage the interfaces attached to the system in Cockpit. We’ll also look at the firewall and demonstrate how to assign a zone to an interface, and allow/deny services […]

Kubernetes 1.16 Offers New Promise for IPv6 Cloud Native Deployments

Saturday 21st of September 2019 07:17:45 AM
The open source container orchestration platform expands networking capabilities with an initial dual stack IPv4/IPv6 implementation.

How to Install a Raspberry Pi Camera Module

Saturday 21st of September 2019 05:06:14 AM
One of the most useful add-ons for the Raspberry Pi is the camera module. Here you'll learn how to install and use the Raspberry Pi camera module.

How to Remove (Delete) Symbolic Links in Linux

Saturday 21st of September 2019 02:54:42 AM
The rm and unlink commands allows users to remove symbolic links on Linux.

Safe Eyes - protect your eyes from eye strain

Saturday 21st of September 2019 12:43:11 AM
Safe Eyes protect your eyes from eye strain using a simple and extensible break reminder. It’s designed to reduce and stop repetitive strain injury. It’s not just your eyes that need to take a break.

Webinoly – Easily Setup Optimized LEMP Stack For WordPress In Ubuntu

Friday 20th of September 2019 10:31:40 PM
Webinoly is a simple script that allows you to easily and securely setup optimized LEMP stack for wordpress and other type of websites in Ubuntu operating system.

Bash bang commands: A must-know trick for the Linux command line

Friday 20th of September 2019 08:20:09 PM
Your bash history maintains a record of the commands you've entered. Here's how to make good use of that record.