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Linux and Open Source news headlines
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HP’s ‘The Machine’ & the Future of Linux

Monday 15th of December 2014 01:24:45 PM
If all goes according to plan, in June of 2015 HP plans to release a new operating system they’re calling Linux++. Before we start jumping up and down and putting on our party hats, we should know that this is not a new Linux distro being designed by HP to be featured on a new line of laptops. Although based on Linux and Android, this won’t even be an operating system at all in the sense that mortals such as I generally use the term. Most of us won’t be downloading and installing it. If we do, we won’t be using it as a drop-in replacement for Mint, Fedora or any of our other favorite desktop distros.

Black Lab Linux 6.0 SR1 Released

Monday 15th of December 2014 12:27:34 PM
Today we are pleased to announce the release of Black Lab Linux 6.0 SR1, which is Service Release 1. The purpose of our service releases is to focus on security and application updates rather than new features. Service Releases are provided every two to three months in between our 6 month release schedule. Black Lab Linux 6.0 is based on LTS technologies so users can be rest assured that you will receive feature and functionality updates until 2017 and security updates until 2020.

Rugged COM Express module packs quad-core Haswell punch

Monday 15th of December 2014 10:29:25 AM
Axiomtek’s new, Linux-friendly COM Express module offers 4th gen Core CPUs, triple displays, GbE, PCIe x16 and x1 lanes, and extended temperature operation. The Axiomtek “CEM880″ computer-on-module updates the company’s circa-2011 CEM860 COM Express Type 6 module, moving from the “Ivy Bridge” generation of Intel Core processors to the latest “Haswell” Core chips. You get […]

Adventures in Sniffing the Network

Monday 15th of December 2014 08:35:03 AM
This article is intended to provide a simple demonstration of how easy it is to sniff/intercept traffic on various types of networks, and serve as a warning to utilize secure methods of communication on a) untrusted networks and b) known networks with the potential for untrusted clients or administrators.

Python Update Limits Risk of POODLE Attacks

Monday 15th of December 2014 06:40:41 AM
Python 2.x was supposed to be long gone by now. Instead, it's getting security fixes to keep legacy users current.

LXer Weekly Roundup for 14-Dec-2014

Monday 15th of December 2014 04:46:19 AM
[url=][img][/img][/url] [b]LXer Feature: 14-Dec-2014[/b]The week's big stories for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Non-Linux FOSS: Don't Type All Those Words!

Monday 15th of December 2014 04:07:12 AM
We've mentioned Autokey as a great tool for text replacement in real time on Linux. Thankfully, there's an option for Windows users that actually is even more powerful than Autokey! AutoHotkey is a similarly named application that runs strictly under Windows.

Linux Mint 17.1 MATE Edition : Video Overview and Screenshot Tours

Monday 15th of December 2014 02:12:50 AM
Linux Mint 17.1 MATE Edition is the latest version of Linux Mint featuring MATE desktop environment 1.8.1. Released with many new improvements, software update and new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use. Based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and powered Linux Kernel 3.13, Linux Mint 17.1 will be supported until 2019.

Tanglu 2.0 Screenshot Tour

Monday 15th of December 2014 01:15:39 AM
We are glad to announce the availability of the second release of Tanglu, code name 'Bartholomea'. This release contains a large amount of updated packages, and ships with the latest release of KDE 4 and GNOME. Tanglu 2 ships with two options to install it: Debian Installer (d-i) and our own live-installer. We recommend to use Debian Installer ('Install Tanglu' option on the live CD boot menu), because a lot of testing went into it and it does a much better job compared to the live installer, which will be replaced with Tanglu 3. The KDE flavor of Tanglu received bug-fix updates for the Plasma workspaces and contains new versions of the KDE applications.

Hell yes Apple should dump Google in iOS search!

Monday 15th of December 2014 12:01:55 AM
Apple has much to consider in this decision, but I think they realize that the days of needing Google for search have already come to an end. Search results have become more or less a comparable experience across different search engines, and Google’s money is pocket change to Apple. There’s just nothing that Google has that Apple really needs at this point.

Magical Open Source Music Workstations

Sunday 14th of December 2014 10:07:33 PM
Digital audio workstation software is often expensive. The heavyweight Cubase, Apple LogicPro, FL Studio, Adobe Audition, and Sony ACID Pro are each impressive software music production environments. Unfortunately, they cost hundreds of dollars and are released under a proprietary software license.

Heroes of Fedora QA: Fedora 21

Sunday 14th of December 2014 08:13:11 PM
With Fedora 21 out the door and into the wild, I’ve finally had time to gather stats on who contributed to the Fedora QA efforts. With each milestone release (and […]

Newborn Mini-ITX twins run Linux on Bay Trail SoCs

Sunday 14th of December 2014 02:25:55 PM
Aaeon launched two Mini-ITX boards powered by Intel Bay Trail SoCs, and featuring up to three video ports, one or two GbE ports, PCIe expansion, and more. We missed Aaeon’s Atom E3800 based “EMB-BT1? Mini-ITX motherboard when it was announced earlier this year, so we are including it here as we cover two newly released Atom and Celeron based 6.7 x 6.7-inch Mini-ITX SBCs announced by Aaeon this week. The new “EMB-BT2? and somewhat lower-powered “EMB-BT4? will both ship later this month with Fedora Linux support at unstated prices. Applications are said to include panel PCs, slim PCs, kiosks, and PoS devices.

5tFTW: Five Fedora 21 FAQs

Sunday 14th of December 2014 12:31:33 PM
After Tuesday’s awesomely successful launch of Fedora 21, this Five Things in Fedora This Week covers a few questions that I’ve been asked a lot, by the press and by users who haven’t been following Fedora development closely. I hope this will clear up some of the concerns, and as always I’m happy to discuss further in comments, email, IRC, social media, or in person.

Google vows: Earth will VANISH in 2015

Sunday 14th of December 2014 10:37:11 AM
Developers who have built web apps that take advantage of the Google Earth geospatial imaging service have just 12 more months to make the most of them, because the online ad-slinger plans to shut down the Google Earth API next year.

Havoc game engine, HTML5 games on Fire TV, and more

Sunday 14th of December 2014 08:42:49 AM
Hello, open gaming fans! In this week's edition, we take a look at Havoc (a new open source RPG game engine), publishing HTML5 games on the Amazon Fire TV, new Linux releases, and more.

Top 5 articles of the week: Raspberry Pi A+, Ansible, and Jens Linux journey

Sunday 14th of December 2014 06:48:27 AM
Every week, I tally the numbers and listen to the buzz to bring you the best of last week's open source news and stories on This week: December 8 - 12, 2014.

Cloud 5: OpenStack's maturing, United's phablets, and NAS is not cloud

Sunday 14th of December 2014 04:54:05 AM
This week, we look ahead to OpenStack's fifth birthday, United gives each of its flight attendants an iPhone 6 Plus and no, a NAS is not the cloud.

Practical public-key cryptography with GnuPG, part 2 of 2

Sunday 14th of December 2014 02:59:43 AM
It doesn’t matter how your email or file will get from A to B. It may go directly, it may go through C, it may go through X and Y and Z -- heck, it may also go through all the letters of the alphabet.

Microsoft withdraws bad Windows 7 update that broke future Windows 7 updates

Sunday 14th of December 2014 01:05:21 AM
One of this week's Patch Tuesday updates for Windows 7 has been withdrawn after some users discovered that it blocked installation of software containing digital signatures, including first- and third-party software, and even other Windows updates.

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