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How to migrate from CentOS 8 to AlmaLinux

Thursday 19th of August 2021 09:56:17 PM
2DayGeeK: This guide shows you how to migrate from CentOS 8 to Almalinux using the “almalinux-deploy” script.

How to Install WordPress Ubuntu Using LAMP Stack

Thursday 19th of August 2021 08:41:57 PM
For those who cannot afford the hustles of developing websites from scratch, there are now several content management systems (CMSs) such as WordPress that you can take advantage of to set up blogs as well as complete websites with a few clicks.

SparkyLinux 6.0 “Po Tolo” Released Based on Debian GNU/Linux 11 “Bullseye”

Thursday 19th of August 2021 07:27:37 PM
The developer of the Debian-based SparkyLinux distribution announced today the general availability of SparkyLinux 6.0, a major stable update derived from the Debian GNU/Linux 11 “Bullseye” operating system series.

How To Install MongoDB Using Vagrant In Linux

Thursday 19th of August 2021 06:13:17 PM
This guide explains how to install latest MongoDB 5 community edition using Vagrant in Linux.

KaOS 2021.08 Ships with a Better and More Controlled KDE Desktop

Thursday 19th of August 2021 04:58:57 PM
Being one of the best KDE focused Linux distros, KaOS has launched the new version KaOS 2021.08 with an updated package base and appearance changes.

Set up KVM && Cockpit WEB Console on Debian Bullseye (11)

Thursday 19th of August 2021 03:44:37 PM
The presence of Web Cockpit Console is a nice way to manage KVM guest's deployment via clicking the button "Remote Virt-viewer" built into Cockpit Web Console. Bridge attached to external network interface was also created pretty smoothly utilizing network management section inside Web Console. However, it doesn't look to me as a reason to deprecate virt-manager .

AlmaLinux arrives on Azure cloud

Thursday 19th of August 2021 03:29:27 PM
When Red Hat, CentOS's Linux parent company, announced it was "shifting focus from CentOS Linux, the rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), to CentOS Stream, which tracks just ahead of a current RHEL release," the move annoyed many CentOS users. So, commercial CentOS distributor CloudLinux announced it would create a new CentOS clone, Lenix. Now, under a new name, AlmaLinux OS, this new business Linux is available in more markets than ever.

How to Add a User to Sudoers on Debian

Thursday 19th of August 2021 02:15:06 PM
Adding your existing username and adding anyone else that needs access to privilege commands is a straightforward process with a few commands.In the following tutorial, you will learn to add a user to the sudoers group on any Debian system.

Set up KVM && Cockpit WEB Console on Ubuntu DDE 21.04

Thursday 19th of August 2021 01:00:46 PM
First notice that we intend set up Ubuntu DDE on Ryzen 7 3700 box with board MSI X570 A-PRO in UEFI mode with "kvm" enabled. Enable SVM in the BIOS Setup due to it is disabled by default. This step might be the hardest to complete in the whole installation procedure.

How to Create and Run New Service Units in Systemd Using Shell Script

Thursday 19th of August 2021 11:46:26 AM
Few days ago, I came across a Centos 7 32-bit distro and I felt the desire to test it on an old 32-bit machine. After booting I realized that it had a bug and it was loosing the network connection, which I had to turn it “up” manually every time after boot.

How to Install KDE Plasma in Linux Desktop

Thursday 19th of August 2021 10:32:06 AM
KDE is a well-known desktop environment for Unix-like systems designed for users who wants to have a nice desktop environment for their machines, It is one of the most used desktop interfaces out there.

How to Install UrBackup Server and Client on Ubuntu 20.04

Thursday 19th of August 2021 09:17:45 AM
UrBackup is an open-source and client/server backup system for Linux operating systems. It supports both file and image backups in a live system without interrupting current processes. In this tutorial, I will show you how to install the UrBackup server and Client on Ubuntu 20.04.

Faster .NET? Monster post by Microsoft software engineer shows serious improvements

Thursday 19th of August 2021 08:03:25 AM
Essential reading for developers in search of performance and efficiency. The forthcoming .NET 6 will be significantly faster than its predecessors, according to a monster post by Microsoft Partner Software Engineer Stephen Toub.…

Krita 5.0 Enters Public Beta Testing with All-New Resource System, Many New Features

Thursday 19th of August 2021 06:49:05 AM
The Krita Foundation announced today the general availability for public testing of the first beta release of the upcoming Krita 5.0 open-source, free, and cross-platform digital painting software.

Easy guide to monitoring your systems with Checkmk

Thursday 19th of August 2021 05:34:44 AM
This tutorial will show you how to take your first steps with Checkmk, a comprehensive IT monitoring system that identifies issues across your entire IT infrastructure. Checkmk monitors servers, applications, networks, cloud environments and many other systems.

How to Install Grafana Monitoring System on CentOS 8

Thursday 19th of August 2021 04:20:24 AM
Grafana is a widely used open-source system monitoring solution for Linux servers. Grafana is a good choice for all engineers who want to use a scalable and robust monitoring dashboard on CentOS.

How to Check Battery Status Using Linux Command Line

Thursday 19th of August 2021 03:06:04 AM
Checking the battery status through GUI is easy. Hovering the mouse cursor over the battery indicator given in the Laptop task bar simply shows the battery level. But, did you know you can find the battery status through the Linux command line as well? Yes, there are some utilities in Linux that can be of help in this regard. This article explains 4 different methods of checking laptop battery status using the Linux command line. S

Is this indeed the light-house top I see? Microsoft updates its container Linux, CBL-Mariner

Thursday 19th of August 2021 01:51:44 AM
Stripped-down OS prepares to unroll the birthday bunting. Microsoft has updated its internal-use (and now public) container Linux, CBL-Mariner.…

IPFire Linux Firewall Distro Is Now Powered by the Long-Term Supported Linux 5.10 Kernel

Thursday 19th of August 2021 12:37:23 AM
Michael Tremer announced today the release of IPFire 2.27 Core Update 159, a new version for the hardened open source Linux distribution targeting firewalls and routers.

Pi HAT brings Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) to Raspberry Pi 4

Wednesday 18th of August 2021 11:23:03 PM
InnoRoute has launched its “Real-Time HAT,” a HAT for Raspberry Pi 4 that enables support for TSN and other real-time protocols. The Artix-7 FPGA-based HAT supports TSN and PoE through its 3 GbE ports. InnoRoute has rolled out the Real-Time HAT, a HAT that brings Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) capability to the Raspberry Pi 4. At […]

More in Tux Machines

Security Leftovers

  • Linux Fixes Spectre V1 SWAPGS Mitigation After Being Partially Borked Since Last Year - Phoronix

    This week's set of "x86/urgent" changes for the Linux 5.16-rc4 kernel due out later today has some Spectre V1 fixes after kernel commits last year ended up partially messing things up around its SWAPGS handling. These fixes in turn will also likely be back-ported to relevant stable kernel series. Thanks to an Alibaba engineer, Lai Jiangshan, are some important fixes around the Spectre V1 SWAPGS mitigation that are landing today in the mainline kernel.

  • Reproducible Builds: Reproducible Builds in November 2021

    As a quick recap, whilst anyone may inspect the source code of free software for malicious flaws, almost all software is distributed to end users as pre-compiled binaries. The motivation behind the reproducible builds effort is therefore to ensure no flaws have been introduced during this compilation process by promising identical results are always generated from a given source, thus allowing multiple third-parties to come to a consensus on whether a build was compromised. If you are interested in contributing to our project, please visit our Contribute page on our website.

  • Reproducible Builds (diffoscope): diffoscope 195 released

    The diffoscope maintainers are pleased to announce the release of diffoscope version 195. This version includes the following changes:

    [ Chris Lamb ]
    * Don't use the runtime platform's native endianness when unpacking .pyc
      files to fix test failures on big-endian machines.

Linux 5.16-rc4

Fairly small rc4 this week. Three areas stand out in the diff: some
kvm fixes (and tests), network driver fixes, and the tegra SoC sound

The rest is fairly spread out: drm fixes, some filesystem stuff,
various arch updates, and some smattering of random driver fixes.

Nothing looks all that scary, although I certainly hope the kvm side
will calm down.

Read more Also: Linux 5.16-rc4 Released - "Nothing Looks All That Scary"

EFF Argument in Patent Troll Case to Be Livestreamed on Monday

At 10 am Monday, FOSS folks and others interested in software patent litigation will have a chance to have a firsthand look at how our courts address patent cases. The case involves a “notorious patent troll,” according to Electronic Frontiers Foundation, that is trying to hide information from Apple, which it’s suing. “At a federal appeals court hearing that will be livestreamed, attorney Alexandra H. Moss, Executive Director at Public Interest Patent Law Institute, who is assisting EFF in the case, will argue that a judge’s order to unseal all documents and preserve public access in the case of Uniloc USA, Inc. v. Apple Inc. should be upheld,” EFF said in a statement on Thursday. “Uniloc is entitled to resolve its patent dispute in publicly-funded courts, Moss will argue, but it’s not entitled to do so secretly.” EFF said that this is the second time the plaintiff, Uniloc, has appealed an order to be more transparent in this case. Read more

Gnuastro 0.16 released

Dear all,

I am happy to announce the 16th official release of GNU Astronomy
Utilities (Gnuastro version 0.16).

Gnuastro is an official GNU package, consisting of various
command-line programs and library functions for the manipulation and
analysis of (astronomical) data. All the programs share the same basic
command-line user interface (modeled on GNU Coreutils). For the full
list of Gnuastro's library, programs, and a comprehensive general
tutorial (recommended place to start using Gnuastro), please see the
links below respectively:

For a complete review of the new/changed features in this release,
please see [1] below (also available in the 'NEWS' file within the
source code tarball).

Here is the compressed source and the GPG detached signature for this
release. To uncompress Lzip tarballs, see [2]. To check the validity
of the tarballs using the GPG detached signature (*.sig) see [3]:    (3.7MB)    (5.9MB) (833B) (833B)

Here are the SHA1 and SHA256 checksums (other ways to check if the
tarball you download is what we distributed). Just note that the
SHA256 checksum is base64 encoded, instead of the hexadecimal encoding
that most checksum tools default to.

fe1f84bf1be270f1a62091e9a5f89bb94b182154  gnuastro-0.16.tar.lz
B4hftfYuyc7x3I6aEJ2SQlkp6x7zOOrPz/bK2koGuR8  gnuastro-0.16.tar.lz
1ae00673648fe8db5630f1de9d70b49fadb42d7d  gnuastro-0.16.tar.gz
kMEdJbsFrRNxDLX4EXntgXNgikJv3/2LIEWGLV/e4i0  gnuastro-0.16.tar.gz

For this release, Pedram Ashofteh Ardakani, Natáli D. Anzanello,
Sepideh Eskandarlou, Raúl Infante-Sainz, Vladimir Markelov and Zahra
Sharbaf directly contributed to the source of Gnuastro, I am very
grateful to all of them. I should also thank Alejandro Serrano
Borlaff, Fernando Buitrago, Mark Calabretta, Zohreh Ghaffari, Giulia
Golini, Leslie Hunt, Raúl Infante-Sainz, Matthias Kluge, Juan Miro,
Juan Molina Tobar, Markus Schaney, Zahra Sharbaf, Vincenzo Testa,
Ignacio Trujillo and Aaron Watkins for their very good suggestions or
bug reports that have been implemented in Gnuastro 0.16.

If any of Gnuastro's programs or libraries are useful in your work,
please cite _and_ acknowledge them. For citation and acknowledgment
guidelines, run the relevant programs with a `--cite' option (it can
be different for different programs, so run it for all the programs
you use). Citations _and_ acknowledgments are vital for the continued
work on Gnuastro, so please don't forget to support us by doing so.

This tarball was bootstrapped (created) with the tools below. Note
that you don't need these to build Gnuastro from the tarball, these
are the tools that were used to make the tarball itself. They are only
mentioned here to be able to reproduce/recreate this tarball later.
  Texinfo 6.8
  Autoconf 2.71
  Automake 1.16.4
  Help2man 1.48.5
  ImageMagick 7.1.0-9
  Gnulib v0.1-4944-g7fc3219bc
  Autoconf archives v2021.02.19-29-g0fbee2a

The dependencies to build Gnuastro from this tarball on your system
are described here:

Best wishes,
Read more