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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 13 min 22 sec ago

How To Enable SSH On FreeBSD

Friday 6th of September 2019 07:42:46 AM
This brief guide will explain how to enable SSH on FreeBSD to access it from remote systems on the network.

Dropbox To Stop Following Symlinks To Items Outside The Dropbox Folder

Friday 6th of September 2019 06:28:25 AM
It looks like Dropbox will soon stop following symbolic links to files or folders outside of the Dropbox folder. When placing a symbolic link (symlink or soft link) in the Dropbox folder before this change, the symlink is replaced by the data it points to, so you have the actual data on the Dropbox servers, and not just the symlink.

5 of the Best Linux Writing Tools

Friday 6th of September 2019 05:14:05 AM
Writing is not an easy task, and therefore any assistance provided by a useful app can be very much appreciated, and even totally relied upon. The apps included here needed to satisfy only three criteria to make it to this list: they had to be compatible for Linux, they had to be a writing tool but not a word processing app, and they had to be great.

COBOL turns 60: Why it will outlive us all

Friday 6th of September 2019 03:59:45 AM
In the beginning, there was machine languages and assembler. Neither was easy to use, but then along came COBOL, and everything changed.

A quick introduction to the Linux filesystem for Windows users

Friday 6th of September 2019 02:45:25 AM
If you've considered giving Linux a closer look but are put off by the slashes, dots, roots, mounts, and terminal weirdness, this introduction to the Linux filesystem structure explains it all from a DOS/Windows perspective.

How to Install Mastodon on Ubuntu 18.04

Friday 6th of September 2019 01:31:05 AM
Mastodon is a free and open-source network platform that is very similar to the famous social media platform known as Twitter. However, unlike Twitter, there is no single central authority and there is no advertising. Mastodon is written in Ruby and JavaScript and its open-source nature makes sure that it remains open for anyone to use privately and securely.

Tiny ZeroPi SBC swaps out GPIO for GbE

Friday 6th of September 2019 12:16:45 AM
FriendlyElec has launched a tiny, $13 “ZeroPi” SBC that runs Linux on a quad -A7 Allwinner H3 with 512MB DDR3 and provides single GbE, USB 2.0, and micro-USB ports — but no GPIO.

LibreOffice 6.3 Office Suite Gets Its First Point Release, over 80 Bugs Fixed

Thursday 5th of September 2019 11:02:25 PM
The Document Foundation announced today the general availability of the first point release of the latest LibreOffice 6.3 open-source and cross-platform office suite series for all supported platforms.

How to Debug Bash Scripts

Thursday 5th of September 2019 09:48:05 PM
There are techniques from traditional programming environments that can help. Some basic tools like using an editor with syntax highlighting will help as well. There are builtin options that Bash provides to make debugging and your everyday Linux System Administration job easier.

How to install and run Opera Browser via Snap on Ubuntu

Thursday 5th of September 2019 08:33:45 PM
In this article, we will learn how to launch Opera as a snap in Ubuntu. On Ubuntu 18.04 and 19.04 TS, snap comes preinstalled.

Introducing the guide to 7 essential PyPI libraries and how to use them

Thursday 5th of September 2019 07:19:25 PM
Why is Python so beloved by programmers? It's open source. It's compatible with a variety of operating systems. It's readable for beginners. And it's powerful enough to use for developing complex applications.

Developers Italia and the New Guidelines: Let the Open Source Revolution Start! An Interview with Leonardo Favario

Thursday 5th of September 2019 06:07:39 PM
Leonardo Favario is the Open Source Project Leader at the Italian Digital Transformation Team. Italy has an ambitious agenda to move government IT to open source. In principle, all software written by government should be published as open source. This is a big change from the past...

Free software advocate Richard Stallman spoke at Microsoft Research this week

Thursday 5th of September 2019 04:53:19 PM
Microsoft invited free software legend Richard Stallman to speak at its Microsoft Research headquarters this week. Stallman, known for launching the Free Software Movement to develop the GNU operating system, was and still is a staunch Microsoft critic. Microsoft's ongoing embrace of open source has resulted in some fairly surprising moves for the company. A Microsoft-built Linux kernel in Windows 10? Check. Bringing SQL Server to Linux? Done. Open-sourcing big chunks of .NET? It happened.

Chgrp Command in Linux

Thursday 5th of September 2019 03:48:53 PM
In Linux, each file is associated with an owner and a group and has permissions that determine which users may read, write, or execute the file. The chgrp command changes the group ownership of given files. This guide explains how to use chgrp.

Helper GUI For scrcpy, The Android Desktop Display And Remote Control Tool

Thursday 5th of September 2019 02:34:33 PM
guiscrcpy is a PyQt5 GUI for scrcpy, a free and open source application to display and control Android devices connected via USB or wirelessly from your desktop, be it Linux, Windows or Mac.

KDE Plasma 5.16 Desktop Reaches End of Life, Plasma 5.17 Arrives on October 15

Thursday 5th of September 2019 01:20:12 PM
The KDE Project released today the fifth and last maintenance update for the KDE Plasma 5.16 desktop environment, also marking the end of life of this series.

Little Misfortune from the developer of Fran Bow is releasing this month for Linux

Thursday 5th of September 2019 12:05:52 PM
After releasing a demo with Linux support back in April, the dark adventure game Little Misfortune now has a release date of September 18th.

Openwashing Report: Mass Surveillance is Now... Open!

Thursday 5th of September 2019 10:51:32 AM
Mass surveillance by proprietary software (either at the user’s end or the server side, where Free software can be made secret, proprietary, impossible for the user to modify) is being framed as ‘championing’ Open Source; it doesn’t seem to matter, not to the mainstream media at least, how this code gets used in practice and what for

openSUSE Is A Community Of Communities: Gerald Pfeifer

Thursday 5th of September 2019 09:37:12 AM
Gerald Pfeifer, a seasoned open source developer and CTO of SUSE EMEA, has been appointed the new chair of the openSUSE board. We talked to Pfeifer to better understand the role of the openSUSE board, the relationship between the company and the community, and the status of the openSUSE Foundation.

Geeks in Cyberspace: A documentary about Linux nerds and the web that was

Thursday 5th of September 2019 08:22:52 AM
"We invented blogging, we invented podcasting, we invented the LIKE button…" Rob Malda is only half-joking when he makes these claims in the closing minutes of my new documentary, Geeks in Cyberspace. Together with his friends Jeff Bates, Nate Oostendorp, and Kurt Demaagd, Malda helped usher in our present age of social media, inventing now-familiar conventions that we use every day on Reddit, Wikipedia, Facebook, and elsewhere.

More in Tux Machines

SUSE: YaST Development Sprint 84 and SUSE 'in Space'

  • Highlights of YaST Development Sprint 84

    The YaST Team finished yet another development sprint last week and we want to take the opportunity to let you all glance over the engine room to see what’s going on. Today we will confess an uncomfortable truth about how we manage the Qt user interface, will show you how we organize our work (or at least, how we try to keep the administrative part of that under control) and will give you a sneak peak on some upcoming YaST features and improvements. Let’s go for it!

  • Lunar Vacation Planning

    HPE, one of SUSE’s most important partners in High-Performance Computing and the advancement of science and technology, is now building NASA’s new supercomputer named “Aitken” to support Artemis and future human missions to the moon. HPE’s “Aitken” supercomputer will be built at NASA’s Ames Research Center and will run SUSE Linux Enterprise HPC (co-located where the Pleiades supercomputer – also SUSE-based – has been advancing research for several years). Aitken will run extremely complex simulations for entry, descent and landing on the moon as part of the Artemis program. The missions include landing the next humans on the lunar south polar region by 2024 (on the rim of the Shackleton crater, which experiences constant indirect sunlight for a toasty -300 degrees Fahrenheit).

today's howtos

Flathub vs. Snap Store: Which App Store Should You Use?

Linux package management has come a long way from the nightmare it used to be. Still, the package managers provided by distributions aren’t always perfect. The Snap and Flatpak formats have made it much easier to install software no matter what distro you’re running. Both Snap and Flatpak files are often available on a given app’s website, but both of these formats have their own centralized marketplaces. Which one is right for you? It’s not an easy question to answer. Read more

GhostBSD 19.09 Now Available

GhostBSD 19.09 has some considerable changes happened, like moving the system to STABLE instead of CURRENT for ABI stability with the integration of the latest system update developed by TrueOS. This also means that current users will need to reinstall GhostBSD unless they were running on the development version of GhostBSD 19.09. GhostBSD 19.09 marks the last major changes the breaks updates for software and system upgrade. Read more