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How to Install Redis Server on Debian 11

Saturday 9th of October 2021 05:56:06 AM
Redis is a free, open-source, cross-platform NoSQL, and in-memory Key-value data structure store, used as a database server, cache, and message broker. In this tutorial, I will explain how to install the Redis server on Debian 11.

3 new features of the latest OpenPGP.js version

Saturday 9th of October 2021 03:44:35 AM
OpenPGP.js is a cryptography library that implements the OpenPGP standard, most commonly used for email encryption. ProtonMail, Mailvelope, and FlowCrypt all use OpenPGP.js, to name a few. That means the OpenPGP.js library encrypts millions of users' messages.

How to Configure Static IP Address on Ubuntu 20.04

Saturday 9th of October 2021 01:33:04 AM
A static or fixed IP address is an IP address that does not change. Whether you reboot your device or home router, your device with a static IP address will get the same IP address.

Nethogs – Monitor Linux Network Traffic Usage Per Process

Friday 8th of October 2021 11:21:33 PM
There are tons of open-source network monitoring tools available for the Linux operating systems on the web. Say, you can use the iftop command to monitor bandwidth usage, netstat command, or ss command to see reports on interface statistics, or top command to watch running process on your system.

How to Install & Configure GitLab on Debian 11 Bullseye

Friday 8th of October 2021 10:07:13 PM
In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install GitLab on your Debian 11 Bullseye system, along with how to get started by logging in with root so you can begin setting up GitLab to your liking or for your team’s requirements.

How to Install PostgreSQL and pgAdmin4 on Ubuntu 20.04

Friday 8th of October 2021 08:52:53 PM
This tutorial shows you how to install the PostgreSQL database server on Ubuntu 20.04. Then we install pgadmin 4, an easy-to-use administration frontend for postgres.

KDE Connect vs. Warpinator: Which Is Best for File Transfers?

Friday 8th of October 2021 07:51:21 PM
Cloud storage has made the task of transferring files wirelessly simple enough to happen automatically in the background. But is it really worth giving some company access to your files just to move them from one machine to another, often in the same building? Sometimes even the same room!

The Linux Foundation and Fintech Open Source Foundation Announce Keynote Speakers for Open Source Strategy Forum New York 2021

Friday 8th of October 2021 06:49:49 PM
The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, along with co-host Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS), a nonprofit whose mission is to accelerate adoption of open source software, standards and best practices in financial services, today announced keynote speakers for Open Source Strategy Forum New York (OSSF).

How to Install Google Chrome Stable, Beta, or Unstable on Fedora 34 / 35

Friday 8th of October 2021 05:48:17 PM
In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install Google Chrome on Fedora with optional stable, beta or unstable option.

How to Set Up SSH Keys on Debian

Friday 8th of October 2021 04:46:45 PM
There are 2 methods to access the SSH, one is by password based and other is key based. The SSH key based authentication is meant provide a secure way to access a server with private and public key.

Lsyncd – Synchronize Local Directories with Remote Linux

Friday 8th of October 2021 03:45:13 PM
Lsyncd (Live Syncing Mirror Daemon) is a lightweight Linux solution for synchronizing remote and local directories. The use of this Linux solution does not affect the performance of your local filesystem in any way.

.snap Vs .deb Package

Friday 8th of October 2021 02:53:44 PM
As the number of Linux applications grows, so does the concern about security. Even though there are few recorded Linux attack incidents, it is conceivable to be attacked by viruses, hackers, or malware.

Open Source Tax Software For Filling US Taxes

Friday 8th of October 2021 01:52:12 PM
Open source alternatives to TurboTax exist, and in today’s article we’ll be seeing two of them.

Fixed error: snap “package” not found

Friday 8th of October 2021 12:50:40 PM
Snap has grown in popularity among Linux users. Instead of using system packages, snap containerizes their dependencies. Each snap app is unaffected by whether or not a certain package is present on the system.

RHEL 8.5 is ready for testing

Friday 8th of October 2021 11:49:08 AM
Getting ready to upgrade your Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)? You can get a look at the future with the just-released RHEL 8.5 Beta. Best of all, you'll no longer need an explicit beta subscription to get the operating system. From here on out, all Red Hat accounts come with an unlimited quantity of Red Hat Beta Access subscriptions.

Open Source 5G Ecosystem Solutions on Display at ONE Summit, as US Government Hosts Security Mini Summit

Friday 8th of October 2021 10:47:36 AM
5G Super Blueprint comes to life at ONE Summit with live a keynote demonstration of network slicing in 5G, and 6 pavilion demonstrations of new blueprints, use cases, and ecosystem solutions ONE Summit to feature Mini Summit by the US Government, Enabling Secure, Open, and Programmable 5G NetworksRegister today to join the community and see the demonstrations at the Open Networking & Edge Summit virtual experience, October 10-11

Twitch Data Leak 2021 Includes 125GB Private Data (Source code)

Friday 8th of October 2021 09:46:04 AM
Another breach of the year 2021 is the Twitch Data Leak, which comprises 125GB of company data as well as the platform’s source code. An anonymous member on 4chan leaked the data on October 6, 2021.

Latest Steam Client Update Brings PipeWire Desktop Capture on Linux, Reduces Vulkan Pre-Caching Sizes

Friday 8th of October 2021 08:49:39 AM
Valve released today a new stable Steam Client update that brings various improvements and new features for Linux gamers, as well as more bug fixes for a stable and reliable gaming experience.

The best part of Windows 11 is a revamped Windows Subsystem for Linux

Friday 8th of October 2021 07:48:07 AM
In our main Windows 11 review posted earlier this week, we covered the majority of new features and design decisions in Microsoft's newest consumer OS—and it feels reasonable to characterize the overall impression given there as "lukewarm." The good news is that we still hadn't covered the best part of Windows 11: Linux.

Open sources slowly growing role in Fintech

Friday 8th of October 2021 06:54:33 AM
Well, that's different. Most of the time when a business realizes a process helps them they embrace it. But, despite 69% of financial technology leaders saying open-source software and methodology increases productivity, they're not so keen on implementing governance programs. This insight came from the Fintech Open Source Foundation's (FINOS) 2021 State of Open Source in Financial Services Survey.

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today's howtos (GIMP only)

C/C++ Programming/Development

  • How to pass a struct to a function in C

    A structure has been widely used as a user-defined data type in the C language. The purpose of using structures in C is to create a single data type that would be used further to group various data type variables or elements into one type. The structure has been used as a global variable so all the functions can access it easily. This means it can’t be declared in the main method so that we can use it anywhere.

  • C++ String Reverse

    If the string, “vwxyz“, is reproduced in the new order as, “zyxwv“. Then the string has been reversed. Unfortunately, such direct reversibility is not possible in C++. However, there is a classical workaround for reversing a string in C++. Keep reading this article to know-how. A string can be created in two main ways in C++. A string can be created as a constant pointer to a sequence of characters. A string can also be created by instantiating a string object from the string class. This article deals with string objects instantiated from the string class. This means the string library has to be included in order to execute the code samples in this article. A string object is a data structure where the string literal is a list. Each character is of one element in the list. And so, a literal string can be handled like an array of elements. This article explains the classical workaround to reverse a string in C++. This essentially iterates the string literal, backward. Having a summary knowledge of forward iteration enables the reader to understand reverse iteration better. This article deals with string objects instantiated from the string class.

  • C++ String starts with

    There comes a time when the programmer has to know what a string starts with. This knowledge can be used to choose or eliminate items in a list of characters. So, a programmer may want to know if a string starts with a particular character or with a particular sub-string. A programmer can write code that will check the initial characters of a string, one-by-one, and compare that with a prefix sub-string. However, all the strategies involved have already been done by the C++ string library. The C++ string class of the string library has the member function, starts_with(). This does the work for the programmer, but the programmer needs to know how to use the function. And that is why this tutorial is being produced. There are three variants of the string starts_with() member function. Variants of the same function are called overloaded functions. The basic approach for the start_with() member function is to compare a short independent sub-string with the first short segment of the string in question. If they are the same, then the function returns true. If they are different, the function returns false.

  • Function Overloading in C

    Function overloading is a very well-known concept used in object-oriented languages having many functions with the same name and different parameters in a single code. The object-oriented programming languages which support function overloading include Java and C++. As the C compiler doesn’t allow it to be used in the code hence, it isn’t easy to implement function overloading in C. Yet; we can still achieve the same thing with some technique. Let’s start this article with the opening of the shell terminal of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.