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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 2 hours 58 min ago

How to Install and Set Up Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS

Monday 16th of May 2022 06:51:45 AM
In this tutorial you will learn how to install Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS on your computer

6 Practical and Real-World Applications of Linux

Monday 16th of May 2022 04:40:14 AM
If you use Linux on your desktop, you might have wondered if the operating system you're messing around with has any practical uses. Fortunately, there are plenty of real-world applications of Linux today. Here are some of them.

MAYA-W2 Tri-Radio includes Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 and IEEE 802.15.4 support

Monday 16th of May 2022 02:28:43 AM
The u-blox MAYA-W2 is a connectivity module based on the multiradio NXP IW612 chipset and provides support for standard wireless protocols such as Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 and 802.15.4. radio (Thread and Zigbee).

10 Keyboard Shortcuts That Work on Both Windows and Linux

Monday 16th of May 2022 12:17:12 AM
Transitioning to a new operating system may seem overwhelming or daunting but the joy of learning something new is worth the effort. Let's take a look at some of the important keyboard shortcuts that work similarly on both Linux and Windows. Although Windows and Linux are inherently different, you can still use most of the shortcuts that you are familiar with, in either of the operating systems.

How to Install Nginx, MariaDB, and PHP (LEMP) on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Sunday 15th of May 2022 10:05:41 PM
LEMP is an acronym for a group of free and open-source software often used to serve web applications. It represents the configuration of Nginx Web Server, MySQL / MariaDB Database, and PHP Scripting Language on a Linux operating system. This guide shows you step-by-step the installation process of the LEMP stack, Nginx, MariaDB, and PHP, in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

Top 10 Best Linux Distributions in 2022 For Everyone

Sunday 15th of May 2022 07:54:10 PM
A list of best Linux Distributions in 2022 for every user - students, creators, developers and casual users with guidance to pick one.

How To Enable Minimize And Maximize Buttons In Fedora 36 Workstation

Sunday 15th of May 2022 12:36:26 AM
This guide explains how to enable minimize and maximize buttons in application windows using Gnome Tweaks and Dash to Panel extension in Fedora GNOME Workstation and Silverblue editions.

KDE Frameworks 5.94 Released with More Than 200 Changes, Here's What's New

Saturday 14th of May 2022 10:24:55 PM
The KDE Project released today KDE Frameworks 5.94 as the monthly update for this open-source collection of more than 80 add-on libraries to Qt providing common functionality needed for the Plasma desktop environment and various KDE apps.

How To Install Multimedia Codecs In Fedora 36 Workstation

Saturday 14th of May 2022 08:13:23 PM
This tutorial explains how to install multimedia codecs in Fedora 36 workstation from RPM Fusion software repository.

Ubuntu 22.10 (Kinetic Kudu) development starts. Here are all the details you need to know.

Saturday 14th of May 2022 06:01:52 PM
Details about the upcoming Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu that includes expected features, updated with daily build download links.

How to Zip Files and Directories from Linux Command Line

Saturday 14th of May 2022 03:50:21 PM
Learn how to zip files and directories in Linux using the zip command. It put one or more compressed files into a single zip archive file with the .zip extension.

FriendlyELEC unveils Rockchip based NanoPi R5S SBC with gigabit WAN/LAN support and HDMI output

Saturday 14th of May 2022 01:38:50 PM
FriendlyELEC recently revealed a new member of its NanoPi line on their social Media. The NanoPi R5S is a SBC (Single Board Computer) based on the Rockchip RK3568 processor. According to the company, the NanoPi has been designed to be used as a gateway device.

5 reasons to apply for B Corp certification

Saturday 14th of May 2022 11:27:19 AM
Wholegrain Digital just passed its fifth anniversary of being a certified B Corp. B Corp is one of the most robust independent certifications assessing whether a business is run responsibly in terms of its environmental impact, its treatment of workers and suppliers, its impact on communities, and its governance.

An introduction to USB Device Emulation and how to take advantage of it

Saturday 14th of May 2022 10:12:59 AM
Nowadays, the number of devices is getting bigger and bigger, and modern operating systems must try to support all types and several of them with every integration, with every release. Maintaining a large number of devices is difficult, expensive and also hard to test, specially for plug-and-play devices, like USB devices.

NetworkManager 1.38 Released with IPv6 and Wi-Fi Hotspot Improvements, More

Saturday 14th of May 2022 08:58:39 AM
NetworkManager 1.38 has been released today as the latest stable version of this popular network manager graphical and command-line utility for GNU/Linux distributions.

White House joins OpenSSF and the Linux Foundation in securing open-source software

Saturday 14th of May 2022 07:44:19 AM
Open-source software supply chain security is now a vital issue of national security.

AlmaLinux 8.6 Released Less Than 48 Hours After RHEL 8.6

Saturday 14th of May 2022 06:29:59 AM
The 48 hour turnaround is looking like the norm for AlmaLinux, a feature-by-feature clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Finnish open-source-as-a-service startup Aiven adds $1bn to valuation

Saturday 14th of May 2022 05:15:39 AM
innish open-source-as-a-service provider Aiven received $210 million in funding this week, adding $1 billion to its nominal valuation in just nine months. The Series D cash injection – led by Eurazeo, and joined by funds and accounts managed by BlackRock as well as existing investors IVP, Atomico, Earlybird, World Innovation Lab, and Salesforce Ventures – follows $60 million Series C funding which valued the firm at $2 billion.

How to Easily Upgrade to the Latest Fedora Beta Version

Saturday 14th of May 2022 04:01:18 AM
Fedora Linux is known as a leading-edge Linux distribution that consistently showcases all the latest Linux features and software technologies. The fact that Fedora is often the first to include the latest versions of popular software is one of the distro's main draws.

How to Install MariaDB on Ubuntu 22.04

Saturday 14th of May 2022 02:46:58 AM
MariaDB is one of the most widely used database software built over MySQL and used for several well-known applications that utilize like WordPress and many more.In this guide you are going to learn how to install latest MariaDB community server on Ubuntu 22.04