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How to Enable Minimize on Click in Ubuntu

Sunday 21st of November 2021 01:37:07 AM
Many Ubuntu users coming to Linux from Windows find themselves looking for a way to make their new Linux system minimize open windows when the corresponding dock or taskbar icon is clicked. Unfortunately, Ubuntu doesn't provide a direct configuration option to enable this behavior.

Best Raspberry Pi Black Friday Deals for 2021

Saturday 20th of November 2021 11:06:49 PM
With more than 40 million units sold and a powerful community of makers and fans behind it, Raspberry Pi is more than a single-board computer; it's a huge platform with an even bigger ecosystem behind it. Whether you want to build your own robot, create an A.I.-powered security camera or just set up a simple computer for programming and web surfing, the Pi is for you.

5 Years Later, Unity Desktop Is Forming an Accidental Renaissance

Saturday 20th of November 2021 09:52:29 PM
In today’s article we will dive into whatever remains of Unity’s ghost in Ubuntu Unity 21.10, and see how possible to use the nostalgic desktop is in its current form and shape. We also evaluate how wise the decision of dropping Unity for GNOME was after 5 years.

How to Delete Background in Image Using GIMP

Saturday 20th of November 2021 08:37:56 PM
Removing background of an image is super easy if you know how to do it. Here in this tutorial we will explain 5 different ways which you can use to remove background in Image Using GIMP.

TrueNAS SCALE Goes Far Beyond a Simple Network Storage

Saturday 20th of November 2021 07:23:36 PM
TrueNAS SCALE is an exciting new addition to the TrueNAS software family. Built on the shoulders of TrueNAS CORE, TrueNAS SCALE adds Docker containers, VMs (KVM), and scale-out ZFS storage capabilities.

Distribution Release: UBports 16.04 OTA-20

Saturday 20th of November 2021 06:09:16 PM
UBports is a community-developed fork of Canonical's Ubuntu Touch operating system for mobile devices. The project's latest release is UBports 16.04 OTA-20. The new release includes several changes to notifications.

Open source powers the United Nations sustainability goals

Saturday 20th of November 2021 04:54:56 PM
Although the United Nations (UN) has previously spoken well of open source development, several recent events show the UN taking definitive actions to introduce the entire world to the open source way. In July, the UN’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) adopted a draft resolution introduced by the representative of Pakistan titled Open source technologies for sustainable development. ECOSOC noted the availability of open source technologies that can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

How To Downgrade A Package In Arch Linux

Saturday 20th of November 2021 03:40:36 PM
This tutorial describes how to downgrade a package in Arch Linux, EndeavourOS and Manjaro Linux using "Downgrade" utility.

6 Top Open Source 3D/2D Animation Software

Saturday 20th of November 2021 02:26:15 PM
In today’s article we present you the top 6 open source 3D and 2D animation software in the market that you would love to use.

Steam Client Now Supports VA-API Hardware Encoding on Linux, CEG DRM Games

Saturday 20th of November 2021 01:11:55 PM
Valve released today a new Steam Client update that brings some goodies for Linux gamers and games, as well as a bunch of various other enhancements, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Friday FOSS fest: Franz, RamBox, Pidgin and more

Saturday 20th of November 2021 11:57:35 AM
Most modern chat systems are entirely proprietary: proprietary clients, talking proprietary protocols to proprietary servers. There's no need for this: there are free open standards for one-to-one and one-to-many comms for precisely this sort of system, and some venerable clients are still a lot more capable than you might remember.

How to Create Nginx Virtual Host (Server Block)

Saturday 20th of November 2021 10:43:15 AM
Server blocks, often referred to as virtual hosts in Nginx allows you to host multiple websites on one server. Here’s how to use them.

Intel audio drivers give Windows 11 the blues and Microsoft Installer borked following security update

Saturday 20th of November 2021 09:28:55 AM
Known issues list continues to grow. Windows 11 has continued to notch up known issues as Microsoft admitted to problems in the Intel Smart Sound department and Microsoft Installer following a security update.…

A German State Is Saying Goodbye Windows, Hello Linux

Saturday 20th of November 2021 08:14:34 AM
The state parliament of Schleswig-Holstein in Northern Germany has already produced plans to make the state government almost 100% open source by the end of 2026.

Ubuntu Touch OTA-20 Released for Linux Phones, Here’s What’s New

Saturday 20th of November 2021 07:00:14 AM
The UBports Foundation released today the Ubuntu Touch OTA-20 software update for Ubuntu Phone devices with various improvements and more bug fixes.

How to Format Storage Drives Using the Linux Terminal

Saturday 20th of November 2021 05:45:54 AM
A storage device is an integral part of your computer hardware and computing in general. Used for storing processed data, storage devices come in many different forms. Some of the most common ones include external or internal hard drives, flash disks, CDs, etc. This guide will show you how to format a storage device right from the Linux terminal.

On Neutrality, OSPOs, and an Update on the Linux Foundation’s Best Practices Communities in 2021

Saturday 20th of November 2021 04:31:33 AM
Open Source Program Offices (OSPOs) at our member organizations recognize the importance of neutral governance in the projects they choose to take a dependency on for themselves. They also recognize the importance of “doubling down” on engineering investment.

Dynamic scheduling of Tekton workloads using Triggers

Saturday 20th of November 2021 03:17:13 AM
Tekton is a Kubernetes-native continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) framework. It allows you to create containerized, composable, and configurable workloads declaratively through Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions (CRD).

How to Install Odoo 15 on Ubuntu 20.04

Saturday 20th of November 2021 02:02:53 AM
Odoo formerly known as OpenERP is an open-source and all-in-one ERP and CRM business application. It is designed for businesses and individuals who want to manage their customers, invoices, orders, products, inventories, sales, projects and more.

How to customize VM and cloud images with guestfish

Saturday 20th of November 2021 12:48:33 AM
Most sysadmins are used to dealing with base, guest, or gold images to provision new virtual machines (VM) or cloud instances in their traditional virtualization or cloud environments. The appeal of using these images is their slim size, standardization, simplicity, and basic configurations, from which it is possible to perform pre- or post-provisioning customization. Much of the customization takes place post-provisioning.

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