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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 1 hour 22 min ago

10 Years of Zuul Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery rises to new successes

Tuesday 7th of June 2022 08:24:27 PM
The Open Infrastructure Foundation CI/CD program Zuul is essential to BMW, Volvo, and Workday's software development.

Untold Stories of Open Source: Priyanka Sharma

Tuesday 7th of June 2022 07:28:04 PM
In open source communities, we meet people every day. We probably know their current role and responsibilities, but we don’t always have perspective on the history, education, and career path that made them who they are. These are some of the untold stories of open source. At the Linux Foundation, we’re a couple of weeks away from launching a new podcast series, The Untold Stories of Open Source. For our blog readers, you’re getting a sneak peek into a few of the stories that will kick off our series. Today, we’ll share perspectives from episode 1, Priyanka Sharma.

Ubuntu Change Hostname + Make it Permanent

Tuesday 7th of June 2022 06:26:32 PM
Here learn how to change the hostname in the Ubuntu Linux system. In distributions using systemd you can easily computer name without reboot.

Linux Kernel 5.19 RC1 Released, Concluding ARM Generic Kernel Work

Tuesday 7th of June 2022 05:25:00 PM
A summary of the changes in Linux Kernel 5.19 RC1 which spans processors, networking, storage, graphics and other Kernel modules.

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