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Despite Rumors, Xfce Alive & Kicking

Wednesday 31st of December 2014 11:25:34 AM
Three times this month, Xfce came up in conversation — online, of course, and in the realm of social media and in forum discussions — and the context in which each conversation came up had the desktop on the brink of closure, with one unwitting person saying that Xfce was dead.

2014’s Five Biggest Stories Affecting FOSS

Wednesday 31st of December 2014 09:31:12 AM
Covering FOSS and Linux isn’t nearly as exciting as it was a decade or so ago — but that’s a good thing. Back then, we were at war with nearly every proprietary software vendor on the planet and faced threats from all directions, including up and down. To be sure, we didn’t start the wars we were fighting, as PROFAL (the People’s Republic of FOSS and Linux) only wished for peaceful coexistence.

Micro-UAV controller features open, modifiable design

Wednesday 31st of December 2014 07:36:50 AM
Gumstix announced a gen-2 micro-areal vehicle (MAV) controller based on its tiny gumstick-sized Overo COMs, and customizable via a free online design tool. The Aerocore 2 is an update to the original Aerocore controller introduced last Spring. Like most hacker-oriented UAV autopilots, both Aerocore models run Nuttx RTOS for real-time control tasks, along with Linux […]

Whether Online or Off: Be Nice to Each Other

Wednesday 31st of December 2014 05:42:28 AM
Most of us have learned to “play along to get along” and things are good for us. But that changed with the first usable iterations of the Internet…the first BBS if you were around for that era. It was then that we began operating under the assumption that we were anonymous online. That we could say or do anything and get away with it.

OpenELEC lightweight Linux adds Kodi 14 support

Wednesday 31st of December 2014 03:48:06 AM
Version 5.0 of the RPi-compatible, Kodi/XBMC-oriented OpenELEC Linux distro for media players upgrades to Kodi 14, adds i.MX6 support, and drops Apple TV. OpenELEC (Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center) is a minimal, fast-booting Linux distribution popular on the Raspberry Pi that’s designed to showcase the open source Kodi (previously XBMC) media center software. The distribution […]

New evidence Sony hack was ‘inside’ job, not North Korea

Wednesday 31st of December 2014 01:53:44 AM
One leading cybersecurity firm, Norse Corp., said Monday it has narrowed its list of suspects to a group of six people -- including at least one Sony veteran with the necessary technical background to carry out the attack, according to reports.

Free Software Foundation video explains the value of free software

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 11:59:22 PM
In today's open source roundup: Watch the FSF's new video about free software. Plus: What causes digital piracy? And download Android 5.0 Lollipop wallpapers inspired by Google's Material Design.

2015 Network Security Predictions: 8 Things That Won’t Happen

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 10:05:00 PM
You’ve probably read your fill of security prophets (many employed by security vendors) prognosticating about all the scary/wonderful security stuff that will happen in 2015. Rather than go down that too-traveled route, I’ve decided to take a different angle and discuss 8 buzzed-about vendor-wished-for phenomena that will not occur in the coming year, and will confuse your security posture..

Lizard Squad in the FBI blizzard

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 08:10:38 PM
This crew is taking credit for the Sony and Xbox hack... a member of the Lizard Squad hacking group, whos handle alias is “ryanc” aka Ryan caught the attention of the FBI... Sources are sketchy and unconfirmed but “Ryan” is said to be a 16 possibly 17 year old that lives in Finland.

The cloud is so much more than shared compute resources

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 06:48:25 PM
I got a comment the other day offering the argument that cloud computing was nothing more than a rehash of shared mainframe resources with some fancy marketing to make it sound new, but the cloud is so much more than that.

Get a college minor in open source

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 04:54:03 PM
Remy DeCausemaker wears many more

Is piracy really just an access and convenience problem?

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 03:56:52 PM
People want to be able to access TV shows, movies, ebooks and other forms of content right after they are released, not months and months later. Unfortunately the media companies remain utterly clueless about this point. They insist on trying to protect outdated business models, and they still seem to think that they control when and where their content is released. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. The Internet has made their content ubiquitous, whether they like it or not.

Windows Phone Replaced with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on Lumia 1020

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 02:59:41 PM
Windows phone (Lumia 1020) is probably the last place where you would expect to see Ubuntu, but a user has posted images with Ubuntu running on this device and they seem to be legit.

More in Tux Machines

CuBox-i4Pro Review

A bundled microSD card arrives preinserted into the rear of the CuBox-i, and it’s loaded with a version of Google’s Android operating system. Interestingly, SolidRun has gone to the effort of seeking the certifications required to load the Google Apps suite onto the card, meaning users receive Google Mail, YouTube, Google Maps and full access to Google Play straight out of the box. An even newer build, based on the latest Android 4.4 KitKat branch, can be downloaded from SolidRun’s website and provides an entirely useable desktop Android experience. Read more

Working on 3.19 – the kernel column

Linus Torvalds announced the release of Linux kernel version 3.18 in time for the holidays. In his mail, Linus noted that the previous RC, release candidate 7, had been “tiny” (in terms of changes and bugfixes), so it was time to get the final release out. The latest kernel includes support for storing AMD Radeon GPU buffers in regular application memory (building upon similar work done by Intel for kernel 3.16), and overlayfs (which we have covered previously), amongst a number of other less interesting new features. A full summary is provided at Kernel Newbies. Read more

The top 10 rookie open source projects

Open source has become the industry's engine of innovation. This year, for example, growth in projects related to Docker containerization trumped every other rookie area -- and not coincidentally reflected the most exciting area of enterprise technology overall. At the very least, the projects described here provide a window on what the global open source developer community is thinking, which is fast becoming a good indicator of where we're headed. Read more

First thoughts on KaOS 2014.12

The latest snapshot of this rolling release distribution includes initial support for UEFI, the KDE 4.14 desktop, systemd version 218 and the Qupzilla web browser. I mention Qupzilla because I feel it is a rare gem in the open source world, a quick capable browser that perhaps does not get the attention it deserves. KaOS is available in just one edition, a 64-bit x86 build. The ISO we download for KaOS is 1.6GB in size. Read more