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Linux and Open Source news headlines
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How to Install VMware Player 6.0.3 in Linux Mint 17

Tuesday 28th of October 2014 08:03:13 AM
VMware Player 6.0.3 the latest version minor update of VMware 6.0, it brings many new changes including, a commercial or paid feature called VMware Player 6 Plus, support for unattended installation using enterprise configuration management tools, simplified UI and support for major linux distribution, Windows 8.1 and other newer operating systems.

Was ist das? Eine neue Suse Linux Enterprise? Ausgezeichnet!

Tuesday 28th of October 2014 07:06:02 AM
Version 12 first major-number Suse release since 2009Suse has kicked out a new version of its enterprise-grade commercial Linux distribution, Suse Linux Enterprise 12, more than five years after the last major-version release.…

Mozilla preps Firefox OS for the Raspberry Pi

Tuesday 28th of October 2014 06:08:51 AM
Mozilla released an experimental “PiFxOS” build of Firefox OS optimized for the Raspberry Pi, with an early focus on robotics and media players. At the Mozilla Festival (MozFest) in the UK, held Oct. 24-26, Mozilla revealed a version of Firefox OS for the Raspberry Pi single board computer, and said it would “prepare and maintain […]

Civilization: Beyond Earth, Linux port

Tuesday 28th of October 2014 05:11:40 AM
Aspyr Media has detailed in a new blog post their progress on the Mac & Linux Civilization: Beyond Earth ports.

Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) minimal server installation tutorial

Tuesday 28th of October 2014 04:14:29 AM
Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) minimal server installation tutorialThis tutorial shows how to install an Ubuntu 14.10 minimal server. The purpose of the guide is to show a basic installation of Ubuntu 14.10 that can be used as basis for the other Ubuntu 14.10 tutorials here at howtoforge like the perfect server tutorials.

Will we ever be able to run OS X apps in Linux with Darling?

Tuesday 28th of October 2014 02:39:48 AM
In today's open source roundup: Will the Darling project ever be able to run popular OS X applications in Linux? Plus: A review of GhostBSD 4.0 by DistroWatch, and Birds Linux 4.0 for students released.

Bob Young talks about the origins of Red Hat

Tuesday 28th of October 2014 01:42:37 AM
Red Hat, the world's open source leader, is a billion dollar company, but it began in a sewing closet. Co-founder Bob Young talks about the company's humble beginnings.

Do most Android users really want a phablet?

Tuesday 28th of October 2014 12:45:26 AM
In today's Android roundup: Many users may want phablets but might not know it yet. Plus: The OnePlus One phone is available for preorder, and the Moto 360 gets major update.

Ubuntu MATE 14.10 Screenshot Tour

Monday 27th of October 2014 11:48:15 PM
The Ubuntu MATE 14.10 final release is now available for download. This release has fixed a few minor issues and tweaked a couple things. Full disk encryption, or rather entering your pass phrase into Plymouth, was properly fixed by the Ubuntu team; also, missing configuration options in the workspace switcher applet, live session not auto logging into the MATE desktop, added a background wall paper to Ubiquity.

‘All Things Open’ All Wrapped Up for 2014

Monday 27th of October 2014 10:51:04 PM
There was absolutely nothing wrong with this year’s All Things Open conference. There were a few glitches, as might be expected, but not enough to matter. Was it perfect? Probably not. Perfection at a conference would probably be pretty boring — and boring would be a fault keeping it from being perfect, if you’ll excuse a little circular logic. Let’s just say say that ATO was more than good enough — and then a lot more.

Windows, Linux ARM servers are on their way to the data center

Monday 27th of October 2014 09:53:53 PM
Microsoft joins a push towards ARM servers that have been building up for years.

Amazon launches stick version of Fire TV media player

Monday 27th of October 2014 08:56:42 PM
Amazon has launched the Fire TV Stick for $19, soon to rise to $39. This HDMI stick media player runs on a dual-core SoC and offers mirroring support. Amazon’s Fire smartphone may have been a $170 million bust, but its similarly Android-based Fire TV has done well.

Season of KDE 2014

Monday 27th of October 2014 06:24:06 PM
Season of KDE is a community outreach program, much like Google Summer of Code that has been hosted by the KDE community for six years straight. It is meant for people who could not get into Google Summer of Code for various reasons, or people who simply prefer a differently structured, somewhat less constrained program. Season of KDE is managed by the same team of admins and mentors that takes care of Google Summer of Code and Google Code-in matters for KDE, with the same level of quality and care.

Test drive Linux with nothing but a flash drive

Monday 27th of October 2014 05:26:55 PM
Maybe you’ve heard about Linux and are intrigued by it. So intrigued that you want to give it a try. But you might not know where to begin. You’ve probably done a bit of research online and have run across terms like dual booting and virtualization. Those terms might mean nothing to you, and you’re definitely not ready to sacrifice the operating system that you’re currently using to give Linux a try. So what can you do?

Huge Computer Retail Chain in the UK Denies Warranty If Users Install Linux

Monday 27th of October 2014 04:29:44 PM
A customer was denied warranty for a desktop computer, in a major computer store in the UK, because he had deleted the pre-installed Windows OS and had Linux on it.

GE Leads Enterprise Charge To Public Cloud

Monday 27th of October 2014 03:32:33 PM
Most folks probably think GE, the appliance and industrial giant would have a conservative approach to IT, but the fact is its IT policy is quite progressive and GE has announced plans to close 90 percent of its data centers eventually and move this all to the public cloud.

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Patent Troll Kills Open Source Project On Speeding Up The Computation Of Erasure Codes

Via James Bessen, we learn of how a patent trolling operation by StreamScale has resulted in an open source project completely shutting down, despite the fact that the patent in question (US Patent 8,683,296 for an "Accelerated erasure coding system and method") is almost certainly ineligible for patent protection as an abstract idea, following the Supreme Court's Alice ruling and plenty of prior art. Erasure codes are used regularly today in cloud computing data storage and are considered to be rather important. Not surprisingly, companies and lawyers are starting to pop out of the woodwork to claim patents on key pieces. I won't pretend to understand the fundamental details of erasure codes, but the link above provides all the details. It goes through the specific claims in the patents, breaking down what they actually say (basically an erasure code on a computer using SIMD instructions), and how that's clearly an abstract idea and thus not patent-eligible. Read more