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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 1 hour 40 min ago

Minimal Linux Live version 03-Apr-2016 has been released

Sunday 3rd of April 2016 04:59:21 PM
Minimal Linux Live is a set of shell scripts which build minimalistic Linux OS in a simple and straightforward manner, entirely from downloaded source code.

FBI fights back against court order demanding Tor exploit source code

Sunday 3rd of April 2016 03:10:43 PM
The FBI is dragging its heels on a court order which requires the agency to reveal how an exploit was used against the Tor network to find a suspected child pornography viewer and their true IP address.

Reclaiming our Web

Sunday 3rd of April 2016 01:22:04 PM
In my last blog I explained why the Web was broken for us, as individuals. This blog suggests a model that will allow us to reclaim the Web.

OpenWebGIS: An open source geographic information system

Sunday 3rd of April 2016 11:33:26 AM
There are a lot of great geographic information systems (GIS) that run in web browsers and mobile apps, thanks in large part to the introduction of new web standards in 2010-11 and recent improvements in mobile devices.

Rugged ARM module spec targets harsh environments

Sunday 3rd of April 2016 09:44:47 AM
Advantech, Aaeon, and Avalue unveiled an “RTX” spec for 68 x 68mm ruggedized ARM COMs, with four 100-pin connectors and wide-range power and temperature. The Linux-supported RTX (Rugged Technology eXtended) open-spec form factor for ARM-based computer-on-modules was developed by a new RTX Consortium with founding members Advantech, Aaeon, and Avalue.

ubuntuBSD 15.10 Beta 3 Released, Brings Support for Virtual Text Consoles

Sunday 3rd of April 2016 07:56:08 AM
The upcoming ubuntuBSD 15.10 operating system has just received a third Beta build on the first day of April to fix a bug reported by a user in the LightDM display manager init script.

NixOS 16.03 Screenshot Tour

Sunday 3rd of April 2016 06:07:29 AM
NixOS community is proud to announce the third NixOS stable release 'Emu' 16.03. This is a low profile release, but it contains many small improvements. We had 10,567 commits from 448 contributors in this release spanning over six months. The release brings many improvements including Nix 1.12.2, systemd 229, kernel 4.4 and many packages updates.

How To : FTPS Server Configuration in Linux

Sunday 3rd of April 2016 04:18:50 AM
I'm astonished all the time when I see the FTP package name. vsftpd which abbreviated to Very Secure File Transfer Demon(vsftpd). But when we see the security prospective of this package there is not much security included with this package. I mean when you login to server the credentials are transferred in plain text. This is the reason by default root user is not allowed to login to ftp server. To eliminate transferring data/user credentials in plain text and to encrypt the entire transmission we can take help from openssl to generate a certificate and use SSL certificate when communicating with FTP server.

Another Ubuntu Tablet, New Distro Releases & More…

Sunday 3rd of April 2016 02:30:11 AM
A few months back I was thinking that reporting on FOSS wasn’t as fun as it once was. As a matter of fact, it seemed like nothing was happening, except on the enterprise front — which is usually about as exciting to follow as watching a junior accountant at work. Holy moley, how quickly things have changed.

3 Best Evernote Alternatives With Official Linux Clients

Sunday 3rd of April 2016 12:41:32 AM
Evernote is very popular note taking application allows to create, edit and delete notes from their web based application as well as Evernote client app available for Windows, Mac and all major mobile platforms. Sadly Evernote does not provide any client app for Linux. There are some unofficial clients for Evernote such as Everpad. But there are always some issues with such unofficial clients. In this article, I have come up with the list of 3 Evernote alternatives that provide all note taking features with Linux client to sync notes right from your Linux desktop.

Strontiium-90 and a Raspberry Pi to teach college students, Thyrosim for thyroid treatment, and more news

Saturday 2nd of April 2016 10:52:53 PM
In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at open source Thyroid treatment software, Strontiium-90 and a Raspberry Pi for teaching open source culture to college students, Europe's two main free software advocacy groups push for open source software, and more.Open source news roundup for March 26 - April 1, 2016read more

How to install Webasyst on CentOS

Saturday 2nd of April 2016 09:04:14 PM
Webasyst is an open source PHP framework used by web developers for creating sleek multi-user web applications with a back-end and a front-end. It is a framework which combines web publishing tools, blogging and e-commerce with enterprise collaboration platform.

Debian GNU/Linux 8.4 "Jessie" and 7.10 "Wheezy" Officially Released

Saturday 2nd of April 2016 07:15:36 PM
The Debian Project proudly announced the release of the Debian GNU/Linux 8.4 and Debian GNU/Linux 7.10 "Wheezy" maintenance releases for existing users.

Stupid Patent Of The Month: Mega-Troll Intellectual Ventures Hits Florist With Do-It-On-A-Computer Scheduling Patent

Saturday 2nd of April 2016 05:26:58 PM
This month, Intellectual Ventures filed some fresh lawsuits against targets including JCPenney, Sally Beauty, and flower delivery service Florists' Transworld Delivery. We checked out the asserted patents to see if any deserved our Stupid Patent of the Month award. All were worthy candidates, but one in particular stood out.

Quali Courts DevOps Community with Open Source Plugins and Libraries

Saturday 2nd of April 2016 03:38:20 PM
Quali is open-sourcing plugins for its cloud sandbox platform and releasing new Python libraries designed for DevOps teams.

Linux robot teaches coding, shoots lasers

Saturday 2nd of April 2016 01:49:41 PM
Makeblock’s “Codeybot” is a dancing, singing, laser-shooting robot that runs OpenWrt Linux, and teaches kids how to program using mBlockly.

Ceph Open Source Storage Powers Red Hat and SanDisk Partnership

Saturday 2nd of April 2016 12:01:02 PM
Red Hat and SanDisk have partnered to bring Ceph, the open source distributed storage platform for clusters and the cloud, to the enterprise.

April 2016 Issue of Linux Journal

Saturday 2nd of April 2016 10:12:23 AM
Linux Does Stuff. We're huge fans of open source here at Linux Journal, which I'm sure comes as no surprise to anyone.

Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear DLC released with day-1 Linux support

Saturday 2nd of April 2016 08:23:45 AM
Great news RPG fans, as Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear DLC is now available and has day-1 Linux support as promised.

More in Tux Machines

Yet another GTK+ update

GTK+ 3.20 was released a while ago; we’re up to 3.20.3 now. As I tried to explain in earlier posts here and here, this was a pretty active development cycle for GTK+. We landed a lot of of new stuff, and many things have changed. I’m using the neutral term changed here for a reason. How you view changes depends a lot on your perspective. Us, who implemented the changes, are of course convinced that they are great improvements. Others who maintain GTK+ themes or applications may have a different take, since changes often imply that they have to do work to adapt. Read more

Linux Kernel 3.4.112 LTS Has Many PowerPC, x86, HFS, and HFS+ Improvements

A couple of days ago, kernel developer Zefan Li released the one hundred twelfth maintenance build of the long-term supported Linux 3.4 kernel series for stable GNU/Linux users. Read more

Gentoo-Based Sabayon 16.05 Linux OS Switches to the Latest Linux 4.5 Kernel

Earlier today, April 29, 2016, the developers of the Gentoo-based Sabayon Linux operating system have announced the release of the respin ISO images for the month of May of 2016. Read more

Octa-core Cortex-A53 hacker SBC sells for $60

FriendlyARM’s $60, open spec “NanoPC-T3” SBC runs Android or Linux on an octa-core Cortex-A53 SoC packed with wireless and media interfaces, plus 8GB eMMC. The over-caffeinated board builders at Guangzhou, China-based FriendlyARM have shipped their highest-end hacker board yet. The NanoPC-T3 is almost identical to the NanoPC-T2 board, but swaps out the quad-core, Cortex-A9 Samsung S5P4418 SoC for a layout-compatible S5P6818 with eight Cortex-A53 cores that can be clocked dynamically from 400MHz to 1.4GHz. Last month, FriendlyARM’ unveiled an $11, quad-core NanoPi M1 single board computer with similarly open source hardware and Android and Linux software. Read more