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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 1 hour 12 min ago

So long (Vista), it's been good to know yah

Wednesday 5th of August 2015 05:47:57 AM
And there is a silver lining for Vista owners: At least their OS is more popular than Linux.

Updated Rig Exploit Kit Closing in on 1 Million Victims

Wednesday 5th of August 2015 04:50:46 AM
LAS VEGAS - A rampant malvertising campaign fueled by a new version of the Rig Exploit Kit has claimed at least 950,000 victims worldwide and is doing so with an unprecedented success rate.

Ada Initiative organization to end, but its work will continue

Wednesday 5th of August 2015 03:53:35 AM
Today the Ada Initiative announced that the nonprofit will be shutting down in mid-October. Founded in 2011, the Ada Initiative is a nonprofit feminist organization created to help improve open source culture and build a more inviting, productive, safe environment for women. In this interview, the co-founders, Mary Gardiner and Valerie Aurora, look back at the organization's successes, and the work that still needs to be done.

Bodhi 3.1.0 Pre-Release

Wednesday 5th of August 2015 02:56:24 AM
Jeff Hoogland, one of the developers of the Bodhi Linux distribution has created a 32bit pre-release disc for Bohdi 3.1.0.

Debian Finally Moves to GCC 5

Wednesday 5th of August 2015 01:59:13 AM
Ubuntu and Debian developers have been working for some time to make GCC 5.x the default compiler for the project, and they have finally made it. Ubuntu was the first one to achieve this, and now it looks like Debian has joined the party as well.

Compact, rugged i.MX6 SBC expands via PCIe and SATA

Wednesday 5th of August 2015 01:02:02 AM
F&S has launched a Linux-ready, “ArmStone A9-v2? Pico-ITX SBC with an i.MX6 SoC, SATA, mini-PCIe, extended temperatures, and an optional 7-inch touchscreen.

Three More Lessons

Wednesday 5th of August 2015 12:04:51 AM
[In June 2015, I gave a commencement address to the graduating class of High Mowing School in New Hampshire. I wrote many drafts for the talk, all toward extemporizing the final thing. My experience with Linux and open-source hackers had an influence on it and gets credit as well. That's why I'm sharing it here. Doc]

Install Zikula on a CentOS VPS

Tuesday 4th of August 2015 11:07:40 PM
Today we are going to show you how to install Zikula on a Linux VPS. Zikula is an open source PHP application framework and CMS released under the GNU General Public License. The functionality of this PHP application framework and CMS can be expanded using modules and plugins. The installation is straightforward and will take only a couple of minutes from your time.

LibreOffice 5: The best office suite today won't cost you a dime

Tuesday 4th of August 2015 10:10:29 PM
The latest version of open-source LibreOffice is a great suite for Linux, Mac, or Windows users.

How to install Bugzilla 5.0 on CentOS 7

Tuesday 4th of August 2015 09:13:18 PM
This tutorial will walk you through the installation of Bugzilla 5.0 on CentOS 7. Bugzilla is an advanced bug tracking system, developed by the Mozilla Foundation (the organization that develops the famous Firefox browser). Bugzilla allows you to track software defects and code changes in your applications, organizes the communicate in your dev team and makes it easy to submit and review patches.

Should you install Linux on a Mac?

Tuesday 4th of August 2015 08:16:07 PM
n today's open source roundup: Is it worth it to install Linux on a Mac? Plus: Why Google+ failed. And the death of Google+ is coming.

Putting Lipstick on a Penguin

Tuesday 4th of August 2015 07:18:56 PM
It didn’t take me long to figure out something I should have snapped-to long before: You can dress a Linux system up to look like Windows as much as you like or as much as you can, but once the clothes hit the floor the whole façade crumbles and it doesn’t at all resemble Windows. Not even close.

Linux Distro: Your Best Choice?

Tuesday 4th of August 2015 06:21:45 PM
I believe one of the biggest advantages to running a Linux distro on your desktop is the number of choices available. Linux enthusiasts enjoy a wide range of desktop environments, file managers, terminals, GTK vs Qt software, and of course the distributions themselves.

Snappy, Personal, Desktop Next, Ubuntu Touch, Phones, Convergence

Tuesday 4th of August 2015 05:24:34 PM
If you’ve followed Ubuntu over the last years and months (e.g. at the last Ubuntu Online Summit in May), you have heard a lot of terminology referring to products, technologies, code bases, previews, releases and vision. Let me try to untangle that a bit

Working with Pivot Tables in LibreOffice Calc

Tuesday 4th of August 2015 04:27:23 PM
A how-to video showing you details of working with Pivot tables in LibreOffice Calc.

Internship shatters silver screen expectations

Tuesday 4th of August 2015 03:30:12 PM
I have to admit, I was really nervous before starting my internship at Red Hat. My only knowledge of corporate jobs was what I'd learned from movies like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, where the boss repeatedly calls protagonist Clark Griswold by the wrong name, and really doesn’t seem to care what Clark's name actually is. When Clark tries to ask his boss a question, he finds him behind a closed door, sitting in an enormous office at the head of a really long table. He barely gives Clark the time of day. Based on what I'd heard about Red Hat, I figured that was not how my summer would go. Still, I did not know what to more

The August 2015 Issue of the PCLinuxOS Magazine

Tuesday 4th of August 2015 02:33:01 PM
The PCLinuxOS Magazine staff is pleased to announce the release of the August 2015 issue.

Raspberry Jams bring Pi enthusiasts together

Tuesday 4th of August 2015 01:35:50 PM
When the first Raspberry Pi came out in 2012, it was no surprise when people in the tech community started to organize events focused around using the device. Software developers, hardware engineers, makers, teachers, children, and parents alike started to come together to learn about the Pi and what they could do with it. These events became known as Raspberry Jams, and they've inspired makers and educators around the more

Xfce: Seven Reasons It's Popular

Tuesday 4th of August 2015 12:38:39 PM
Xfce has a long history of being the third most popular Linux desktop. For over a decade, it trailed behind GNOME and KDE. Then, a few years ago, during the revolts against GNOME and Unity, it became a major contender, and ever since has consistently polled a strong second to KDE. Nothing had changed in Xfce, but users' search for alternatives made them appreciate Xfce in a way they never had before.

More in Tux Machines

LILO Boot-Loader Development To Cease At End Of Year

While most of you probably haven't used the LILO bootloader in years in place of GRUB(2), the developer of "LInux LOader" intends to cease development at the end of the year. This summer's intern, Eric Griffith, pointed out today an undated message on the LILO homepage about the bootloader project planning to end development at the end of 2015. Read more

Systemd Takes Over su, FCC Bans Open Source Firmware

Paul Carroty posted Friday of the news that Lennart Poettering merged an 'su' command replacement into systemd and Fedora Rawhide - coming to a Linux system near you next. Elsewhere,'s Brian Benchoff said new FCC regulations just killed Open Source firmware replacement and today reported that LILO is being abandoned. Several polls caught my eye today as did the new Linux workstation security checklist. Read more

Accelerating Scientific Analysis with the SciDB Open Source Database System

Science is swimming in data. And, the already daunting task of managing and analyzing this information will only become more difficult as scientific instruments — especially those capable of delivering more than a petabyte (that’s a quadrillion bytes) of information per day — come online. Tackling these extreme data challenges will require a system that is easy enough for any scientist to use, that can effectively harness the power of ever-more-powerful supercomputers, and that is unified and extendable. This is where the Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center’s (NERSC’s) implementation of SciDB comes in. Read more

Open Source GPU now out

Hoping that MIAOW is not a catastrophe An open saucy general-purpose graphics processor (GPGPU) has been unveiled at the Hot Chips event. The GPGPU is relatively crude and is part of another piece of an emerging open-source hardware platform called MIAOW. Read more Also: Nvidia Linux Video Driver 355.11 Adds Experimental OpenGL Support to EGL