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Linux and Open Source news headlines
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Atom based DIN-rail industrial PC wont be rattled

Tuesday 3rd of February 2015 05:19:30 AM
Axiomtek’s rugged, Linux-ready DIN-rail PC has a dual-core Atom E3827, remote IoT management, 4GB soldered RAM, and isolated serial, GbE, and DIO ports. Like Axiomtek’s Freescale i.MX287 based rBOX610, the rBOX510-6COM is a fanless, ruggedized DIN-rail computer designed for extreme environments. This time, Axiomtek has turned to the dual-core Atom E3827 from Intel’s most recent Bay Trail-I family of system-on-chips. The 1.75GHz SoC has 1MB of L2 cache, 542/792MHz graphics, and an 8W TDP.

MySQL Status Check in Nagios 2

Tuesday 3rd of February 2015 04:22:19 AM
Part one of this series introduced the concept of using a web status page for nagios checks and how to setup a mysql and php status page. In part two the nagios check itself is detailed along with "what other interesting things could one do." For simplification I will follow what seems to be "the systhread standard" and first break the script down into pieces and at the end put it all together.

Zimbra gets back to open source roots

Tuesday 3rd of February 2015 03:25:08 AM
The open source market landscape is growing by leaps and bounds, and it's at a time like this that it's important for Zimbra, a provider of collaboration software, to reinvigorate its open source roots. Here's how we plan to encourage increased participation in community open source projects in 2015.

PPSSPP 1.0 Is an Almost Flawless PSP Emulator for Linux

Tuesday 3rd of February 2015 02:27:57 AM
PPSSPP is a powerful PSP emulator that is capable of running games for that platform and enhance the original experience with a series of features that are only available for PC users.

Linux Foundation Bundles SysAdmin Training Course, Certification Exam

Tuesday 3rd of February 2015 01:30:46 AM
The Linux Foundation's new Essentials of System Administration training course covers file systems, kernel services, networking and more for distribution of the open source operating system.

Desktop Makeover - How to Make the Cube Prettier

Tuesday 3rd of February 2015 12:33:35 AM
A lighthearted but perhaps useful guide to how to make your KDE desktop as attractive, maybe even useful, as possible using Desktop Effects. Screen-shots and step by step instructions detailing how to put your favorite wallpaper on all six sides of the cube, and some enthusiasm for other effects. OK, useless...

Monitor MySQL connections and queries with mytop

Monday 2nd of February 2015 11:36:24 PM
This article will explain the installation and usage of mytop, a handy tool for live monitoring of MySQL queries. Also looking into various operations that a user can perform while monitoring the queries on mytop.

A Lightweight Low-Battery Warning Monitor for GTK+ 3.x desktops

Monday 2nd of February 2015 10:39:13 PM
Today, I decided to help someone out and, as is often the case with coding, I got carried away. I set out to help fix up a shell script but, instead, I decided to “do it right” and produced a simple Python script which..

What’s New in systemd, 2015 Edition

Monday 2nd of February 2015 09:42:02 PM
"systemd is now a core component of most major distributions. In this talk I want to give an overview over everything new in the systemd project over the last year, and what to expect over the next year."

Is Adblock Plus accepting whitelist bribes from Google, Microsoft and Amazon?

Monday 2nd of February 2015 08:51:40 PM
Adblock Plus is one of the most popular browser add-ons of all time. According to its parent company Eyeo, it has been downloaded more than 300 million times. That’s an impressive achievement for any browser extension, but it also shows how many users are tired of intrusive ads on the Internet.But the Register reports that Google, Microsoft and Amazon have paid Eyeo a significant sum of money to be automatically whitelisted in Adblock Plus...

Black Lab Linux 6.0 SR3 KDE Screenshot Tour

Monday 2nd of February 2015 07:54:29 PM
Today we are pleased to announce the release of Black Lab Professional Desktop 6.0 Service Release 3 or SR3. Black Lab Pro Desktop 6.0 SR3 is a major upgrade to our pro desktop line of distributions. With this release we worked on a few issues with memory consumption, security and speed. With the Black Lab Pro Desktop we deliver it in two different desktops, KDE and GNOME Shell . While these are commercial releases we do offer a cut down version of it available for download from our website. While we do not release for download all of the features of the retail release it is far from being crippled. The KDE release boots only consuming 480MB of RAM and the GNOME Shell release boots using only 545MB of RAM.

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XFCE 4.12 Released With Several Changes, Install In Ubuntu

xfce 4.12 released install in ubuntu

Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment for UNIX-like operating systems. It aims to be fast and low on system resources, while still being visually appealing and user friendly. After two years and 10 months Xfce sees a newreleaseXfce 4.12 with so many changes.

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Linux Kernel Developer Work Spaces Video: Tejun Heo, Red Hat

Tejun Heo is a Linux kernel developer and a principal software engineer at Red Hat. In this video he takes us on a tour of his home office and answers a few questions about his work as a kernel subsystem maintainer. Read more

Xfce 4.12 Has Been Officially Released

After two years of hard work, the Xfce development team had the pleasure of announcing a few minutes ago, February 28, the immediate and general availability of the highly anticipated Xfce 4.12 desktop environment for GNU/Linux distributions. Read more

New Tizen Tools Version Released (15.01)

A new version of the Tizen development tools has been released, version 15.01, and it is available on, including the following: GBS 0.23.2 MIC 0.24.4 REPA 0.3 BMAP-TOOLS 3.3 Read more