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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 1 hour 9 min ago

How to install and configure vsftpd with TLS on Debian 8 (Jessie)

Saturday 16th of January 2016 12:00:46 AM
This article explains how to set up a TLS enabled vsftpd server on a Debian 8 server. FTP is a very insecure protocol by default because all passwords and all data are transferred in clear text. By using TLS, the whole communication can be encrypted, thus making FTP much more secure.

ABINIT for Chemists

Friday 15th of January 2016 11:03:35 PM
The single largest group of users on high-performance computing clusters has to be the chemists. Their CPU-year count is definitely at the very top of the list. Because of this heavy use, several different packages have become standard tools that most computational chemistry researchers use.

Adult Charter School in Texas Receives Free Open Source Training

Friday 15th of January 2016 10:06:24 PM
The Linux Foundation and Goodwill have partnered to bring free training courses in Linux and open source software administration to an adult public charter school in Texas.

Canonical Releases All-Snap Raspberry Pi 2 and 64-bit Images for Snappy Ubuntu 16.04

Friday 15th of January 2016 09:09:13 PM
Canonical, through Michael Vogt, announced the availability of a new set of images for the all-snap architecture for the company's Snappy Ubuntu Core operating system used in embedded and IoT devices.

Moksha Desktop 0.2.0 Released

Friday 15th of January 2016 08:12:02 PM
Today I am happy to announce the second snapshot release of the Moksha Desktop - 0.2.0. For those who prefer to play first and read release notes second you can find the release downloads on our GitHub repo here. Those who wish to try the latest Moksha desktop release on a live CD can download and update a Bodhi Linux Live CD.

Behind-the-scenes: How the FCC migrated to the cloud (Part 2)

Friday 15th of January 2016 07:14:51 PM
FCC CIO shares some unexpected bumps on his team's journey to the cloud.

OpenSSH Flaw Exposes Linux Servers to Roaming Risk

Friday 15th of January 2016 06:17:40 PM
The open-source OpenSSH project today announced a critical update, patching a pair of vulnerabilities that an attacker could have used to steal user information

3 smart GIMP tricks

Friday 15th of January 2016 05:20:29 PM
If you're interested in improving your GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) skills and you'll be attending SCaLE 14x this month, you'll want to check out Akkana Peck's talk, Stupid GIMP tricks (and smart ones, too). Peck knows a thing or two about GIMP—she's the author of Beginning GIMP: From Novice to Professional. In her SCaLE 14x talk, Peck plans to answer the age-old questions, "How do you get rid of the ugly power lines in that landscape photo, and would it look better with a purple sky?" and "How do you take that picture of you and your ex and replace his face with Brad Pitt's?"In this interview, she shares three of her favorite GIMP tricks, and she explains how GIMP stacks up against more

First Opera Web Browser Beta Update in 2016 Lets Linux Users Watch Netflix Movies

Friday 15th of January 2016 04:23:18 PM
Opera Software today announced the release of the first Beta version of the Opera 35.0 web browser for 2016.

OpenSSH vulnerability could expose private credentials

Friday 15th of January 2016 03:26:07 PM
There’s nothing as jarring for a sysadmin as seeing this kind of message on a mailing list: This is the most serious bug you’ll hear about this week: the issues identified and fixed in OpenSSH are dubbed CVE-2016-0777 and CVE-2016-0778.... Continue Reading →

Stallman's One Mistake

Friday 15th of January 2016 02:28:56 PM
We all owe [Richard Stallman] a large debt for his contributions to computing. With a career that began in MIT’s AI lab, [Stallman] was there for the creation of some of the most cutting edge technology of the time. He was there for some of the earliest Lisp machines, the birth of the Internet, and was a necessary contributor for Emacs, GCC, and was foundational in the creation of GPL, the license that made a toy OS from a Finnish CS student the most popular operating system on the planet. It’s not an exaggeration to say that without [Stallman], open source software wouldn’t exist.

Steel, Password Managing the CLI Way

Friday 15th of January 2016 10:40:16 AM
One thing that's probably obvious to anyone who's read more than a few Linux Rain articles is that we appreciate the CLI (command-line interface). [...] the CLI will always have a place for those who feel comfortable using it and appreciate the power and lightweight nature of the interface. So if you're looking for a password manager for the command-line, Steel is one such example we're taking a look at today.

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Linux Foundation Hirings and Initiatives

Facebook-squishing Indian regulator's next move: Open source code

Fresh from squashing Facebook's effort to grab the enormous India market, the sub-continent's regulator has another goal in mind: open source software. Speaking at the India Digital Summit this week, chairman of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), Ram Sewak Sharma, told attendees: "No service can be hostage to a particular technology." He then went on to explicitly support the broader adoption of open source software, arguing that it would help the booming digital economy in India from being locked into buying from a specific company and enable a broader and more equitable internet for all. "Any technology that is deployed for connectivity must be interoperable and the open standards framework and the principles it entails are extremely important," he argued. Read more

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to Let Users Change the Visibility of App Menus in Unity Panel

We've already told you that we're running the latest Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) operating system, right? Well, guess what? Earlier today, Canonical pushed a bunch of important updates to the upcoming distribution. Read more

GNOME 3.19.90 beta tarballs due (and more)

Hello all, We would like to inform you about the following: * GNOME 3.19.90 beta tarballs due * API/ABI, UI and Feature Addition Freeze; String Change Announcement Period * New APIs must be fully documented * Writing of release notes begins Tarballs are due on 2016-02-15 before 23:59 UTC for the GNOME 3.19.90 beta release, which will be delivered on Wednesday. Modules which were proposed for inclusion should try to follow the unstable schedule so everyone can test them. Please make sure that your tarballs will be uploaded before Monday 23:59 UTC: tarballs uploaded later than that will probably be too late to get in 3.19.90. If you are not able to make a tarball before this deadline or if you think you'll be late, please send a mail to the release team and we'll find someone to roll the tarball for you! Read more