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Updated: 1 hour 15 min ago

Newegg Goes Over Patent Judge’s Head

Thursday 9th of July 2015 08:54:53 AM
Immediately after the verdict, Newegg, which has made it a policy to duke it out in court rather than settle patent claims it thinks are unfounded, vowed to appeal. Trouble is, they can’t. Not until U.S. District Judge Rodney Gilstrap, who conducted the trial, enters a final judgement, which he hasn’t done. He also hasn’t indicated when, if ever, that’s likely to happen.

uReadIt 3 Is an Awesome Reddit Browser for Ubuntu Touch

Thursday 9th of July 2015 07:57:42 AM
uReadIt is as a native application for Ubuntu Touch for browsing Reddit. It's one of the best of its kind, and it can easily compete with any other similar app from other platforms.

The savvy sysadmin's guide to surviving an ISO 27001 audit

Thursday 9th of July 2015 07:00:31 AM
What ISO 27001 auditors will be looking for from Unix sysadmins. If your Unix/Linux servers are to be involved in an ISO 27001 audit, there are a lot of things you should be doing ahead of time to ensure that they won't end up generating findings. The key to getting a Unix system to pass an ISO 27001 audit is knowing what the auditors are likely to ask and what they will need to see.

Don't touch this! Seven types of open source to dance away from

Thursday 9th of July 2015 06:03:20 AM
Count the committers for an OSS project, and go from there. Comment In a world where even Microsoft gets the open source religion, the planet’s overall quota for positivity and good karma must be increasing, right? Of course this is not the case, there are bad eggs in every basket and open source has had its share of so-called “openwashing” from time to time.

Mirantis introduces cloud-on-a-rack OpenStack appliances

Thursday 9th of July 2015 05:06:09 AM
Mirantis is now offering turnkey OpenStack appliances.

The best tools and techniques for finding data on Unix systems

Thursday 9th of July 2015 04:08:58 AM
There are only two times when you need to dig through piles of data to get your job done -- when you know what you're looking for and when you don't. The best tools and techniques will depend on which of these two situations you're facing.

Microsoft rains cash on OpenBSD Foundation, becomes top 2015 donor

Thursday 9th of July 2015 03:11:47 AM
Those OpenSSH bugs aren't going to patch themselves. Microsoft has handed a pile of money to the OpenBSD Foundation, becoming its first-ever Gold level contributor in the process.

How designers can contribute to open source

Thursday 9th of July 2015 02:14:36 AM
We all know that open source software isn't always pretty. Una Kravets, a front end developer at IBM, will be speaking at OSCON this year about getting more designers involved in our projects. While it's easy for developers to see that working together produces better software, it's not always that way for designers who are trained to work alone. I had the chance to interview Una about open source, design, and her upcoming more

The five best desktop environments for Linux

Thursday 9th of July 2015 01:17:25 AM
In today's open source roundup: Five of the best desktop environments for Linux. Plus: Debian will switch from Libav to FFmpeg. And Samsung launches a clamshell Android phone in China.

Multimedia conferencing system runs Android

Thursday 9th of July 2015 12:20:14 AM
Bosch’s “DCN Multimedia Conferencing System” for council meetings runs on a Wind River Android build, and features a 7-inch touchscreen, mic, and speakers. Wind River announced the DCN Multimedia Conference System from Bosch Security Systems as a design win for its role in developing an optimized Android 4.03 based software platform and software integration services. […]

Debian 9 "Stretch" Moves to FFmpeg from Libav

Wednesday 8th of July 2015 11:23:03 PM
The Debian project is finally making the move to FFmpeg from Libav, and it looks like things are settled. It will take a while for the transition to take place, but it's happening nonetheless.

Home Automation with Raspberry Pi

Wednesday 8th of July 2015 10:25:52 PM
The Raspberry Pi has been very popular among hobbyists and educatorsever since its launch in 2011. The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sizedsingle-board computer with a Broadcom BCM 2835 SoC, 256MB to 512MB of RAM,USB ports, GPIO pins, Ethernet, HDMI out, camera header and an SD cardslot.

If You Give a Kid Linux…

Wednesday 8th of July 2015 09:28:41 PM
I can vouch for this because for the last nine or so years, my daughter has used hand-me-down after hand-me-down (until she got her own ZaReason Alto 3880 laptop), all running Linux. With the exception of the first one, she had even installed her own distros. I don't think she uses Linux to placate her old man - I think she has grown to become a pro at Linux and FOSS by her own choice, to the point where she’s doing her artwork using GIMP and Inkscape on her laptop.

Education is crucial to building an open web

Wednesday 8th of July 2015 08:31:30 PM
Emma Irwin is a participation designer at Mozilla who dedicates a lot of volunteer time to educating and empowering adults and youth on the web through making. She has a background as web developer and lives in a small Vancouver Island town with her husband and three daughters.I recently caught up with Emma for an interview to learn more about the work she does on Mozilla's Participation Team and the broader Mozilla more

How to record from JACK with Ardour on Linux

Wednesday 8th of July 2015 07:34:19 PM
With all the madness that prevails the Linux audio engines and complex inter-related frameworks and subsystems, it is very easy to get lost and overwhelmed when you want to do something as simple as to record yourself playing an electric musical instrument. Recording from JACK is imperative in that case, as using a “mic to speaker” arrangement will introduce unwanted noise to the recording, no matter what.

Linus Torvalds Says People Who Believe in AI Singularity Are on Drugs

Wednesday 8th of July 2015 06:37:08 PM
AI is a very hot topic right now, and many high profile people, including Elon Musk, the head of Tesla, have said that we're going to get sentient AIs soon and that it's going to be a dangerous threshold. It seems that Linus Torvalds doesn't feel the same way, and he thinks that it's just bad Sci-Fi.

Diagnostic tool to help clients who need network analysis

Wednesday 8th of July 2015 05:39:57 PM
I first started using ntop about eight or nine years ago. I was technology director of a K-12 public school, and we were looking for network analysis tools that would not break our budget. I found ntop through a Google search and installed it on an extra computer we had that was running CentOS.

Ubuntu 15.10 Daily Images Haven't Been Refreshed in a Month

Wednesday 8th of July 2015 04:42:46 PM
Ubuntu has daily images for its development cycle, and you can always download the latest version for the distros that is being worked on right at the moment. Or at least you could until Ubuntu 15.10. It seems that no image has passed testing for a few weeks.

5 open source tools for taming text

Wednesday 8th of July 2015 03:45:35 PM
Text is everywhere. It fills up our social feeds, clutters our inboxes, and commands our attention like nothing else. It is oh so familiar, and yet, as a programmer, it is oh so strange. We learn the basics of spoken and written language at a very young age and the more formal side of it in high school and college, yet most of us never get beyond very simple processing rules when it comes to how we handle text in our applications.

DigitalOcean CEO Considers Open-Sourcing Platform to take on OpenStack

Wednesday 8th of July 2015 02:48:24 PM
DigitalOcean CEO Ben Uretsky explains how he's building one of the world's fastest-growing cloud providers and his plans for open-sourcing his company's platform.

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    Congatec announced a compact, low power computer-on-module based on Intel’s 14nm “Braswell” SoCs, and featuring triple display outputs, and up to 4K video.

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