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Linux and Open Source news headlines
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Generate SSL Certificates With LetsEncrypt Debian Linux

Tuesday 31st of January 2017 03:04:09 AM
In case you haven't realized already, encryption is important. For the web, that means using SSL certificates to secure web traffic. Recently, Mozilla and Google have gone as far as to mark sites without SSL certificates as insecure in Firefox and Chrome. In order to bring the Web up to speed with encryption, the Linux Foundation along with the Electronic Frontier Foundation and many others created LetsEncrypt.

Mesa 12.0.6 Hits the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Ubuntu 16.10 Proposed Repositories

Tuesday 31st of January 2017 01:55:32 AM
After announcing earlier in December 2016 that Mesa 12.0.4 backport is available for testing on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Canonical's Timo Aaltonen is now reporting on the upcoming availability of the Mesa 12.0.6.

Best Linux Distro: Final Round of Voting Has Begun

Tuesday 31st of January 2017 12:46:55 AM
Arch Linux wins the qualifying round for the second year, followed by Linux Mint. In addition, eight distros qualified by write-in votes to be included in our final round. Now it's time to get out the vote in the all-important final round to determine the Best Linux Distro according to our readers.

How to Install Django on an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS

Monday 30th of January 2017 11:38:18 PM
Django is a free and open source, Python-based web application framework. It is a set of useful components that help developers to easily and quickly create their applications.

WOOTConf 2017: Lockpicking, Willie Nelson developers, and more

Monday 30th of January 2017 10:29:41 PM
Do you know that wonderful feeling when a tiny little idea becomes a reality? That's what this year's WOOTConf at 2017 was for me.It was a full day jam-packed with amazing, deeply technical talks from ten wonderful more

4 Easy ways to Remove/Delete PPAs Completely on Ubuntu and its Derivatives

Monday 30th of January 2017 09:21:04 PM
Most of the PPAs are managed by a single developer for personal use or just for hobby. So, i would strongly advise you to install the PPA’s for testing purpose and not for any production activity

4 ways to improve your security online right now

Monday 30th of January 2017 08:12:27 PM
The last few years have seen a massive jump in the frequency of reports about digital security breaches and personal privacy issues, and no doubt this trend will continue. We hear about scammers moving to social media, nations using cyberattacks as part of coordinated offensive strategies, and the rise of companies making millions tracking our online behavior. read more

Lessons Learned Running IBM Watson on Mesos

Monday 30th of January 2017 07:03:50 PM
All these newfangled container and microservices technologies inspire all manner of ingenious experiments, and running IBM[he]#039[/he]s Watson on Apache Mesos has to be one of the most -- maybe it[he]#039[/he]s not fair to say crazy -- but certainly ambitious. Jason Adelman of IBM tells us the story of this novel endeavor at MesosCon Asia 2016.

More performance improvements are on the way for Deus Ex and Tomb Raider on Mesa

Monday 30th of January 2017 05:55:13 PM
Mesa is progressing nicely as usual and I've been keeping an eye on the mailing list for anything interesting. It seems Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Tomb Raider have both seen some more performance tuning.

Submissions now open for the Fedora 26 supplemental wallpapers

Monday 30th of January 2017 04:46:36 PM
Each release, the Fedora Design team works with the community on a set of 16 additional wallpapers. Users can install and use these to supplement the standard wallpaper. Submissions are now open for the Fedora 26 Supplemental Wallpapers, and will remain open... Continue Reading →

How to get up and running with sweet Orange Pi

Monday 30th of January 2017 03:37:59 PM
As open source-powered hardware like Arduino and Raspberry Pi becomes more and more mainstream, its cost keeps dropping, which opens the door to new and innovative IoT and STEM more

How To Install Oracle Java 7/8 On Fedora And CentOS

Monday 30th of January 2017 01:58:19 PM
?Java is somewhat one of the most important applications on your system and not having java can bring nightmares. It is suggested to users that after installing the operating system on your computer you should install java on it.

Arch Linux-Based BlackArch Penetration Testing Distribution Gets 20 New Tools

Monday 30th of January 2017 11:09:49 AM
A new set of installation mediums of the open-source, Arch Linux-based BlackArch penetration testing and ethical hacking GNU/Linux distribution arrived on January 28, 2017.

Linux Foundation Executive Directors Statement on Immigration Ban

Monday 30th of January 2017 09:15:27 AM
Linux’s creator, Linux Foundation Fellow Linus Torvalds, immigrated to America from Finland and became a citizen. The Administration's policy on immigration restrictions is antithetical to the values of openness and community that have enabled open source to succeed. I oppose the immigration ban.

The Man Who Didn’t Invent Email Attacks Free Speech

Monday 30th of January 2017 07:21:05 AM
The man whose much disputed claim to have invented email when he was a 14-year-old is taking legal actions, or threatening such, against anyone who publicly disagrees with his version of history.

RaspAnd Now Lets You Run Android 7.1.1 Nougat with Kodi 17 RC4 on Raspberry Pi 3

Monday 30th of January 2017 05:26:43 AM
Arne Exton is informing us about the immediate availability for purchase of a new build of his RaspAnd operating system for Raspberry Pi single-board computers (SBCs), now based on Android 7.1.1 Nougat.

Top Lessons For Open Source Pros From License Compliance Failures

Monday 30th of January 2017 03:32:21 AM
In the past few years, several cases of non-compliance with open source licenses have made their way to the public eye. Increasingly, the legal disposition towards non-compliance has lessons to teach open source professionals. Here are my four top takeaways, gleaned from the years I’ve worked in open source.

Search this database for inactive patents that are now in the public domain

Monday 30th of January 2017 01:37:59 AM
As anyone trying to innovate in the open source space can tell you, patents are nearly useless. However, Michigan Tech has released a free inactive patent search for finding public domain intellectual property in the hope of fostering innovation in the open source more

Linus Torvalds Outs Linux Kernel 4.10 Release Candidate 6, the Biggest So Far

Sunday 29th of January 2017 11:43:37 PM
Another week passed, another update of the upcoming Linux 4.10 kernel came today, as announced by Linus Torvalds himself just a few moments ago; the sixth Release Candidate (RC) of Linux kernel 4.10.

ClamAV Antivirus Scanner For Linux (Review + Installation + Usage)

Sunday 29th of January 2017 09:49:15 PM
Malware, Viruses and Trojans on Linux are rare but not impossible as many would have you believe. So for the few times, you may need an antivirus ClamAV is an awesome choice.

More in Tux Machines

EP: Govt, science clouds should use open standards, source

European cloud computing should be built on open standards and open source, says the European Parliament. Last week, the EP adopted its motion on the European Cloud Initiative, emphasising the importance of open standards and open source for security, data privacy, government openness, and for innovation. Read more

RaspEX Linux Brings Ubuntu 16.10 with LXDE Desktop to Raspberry Pi 3 and 2 SBCs

GNU/Linux developer Arne Exton is back with a new release, and this time he managed to publish a new build of his RaspEX Linux project for Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3 single-board computers. Read more

Black Lab Linux 9 to Launch in June as Version 10 Is Planned for November 2017

Softpedia was informed by Black Lab Software that the managed to publish an initial roadmap for the next point releases and major versions of the Ubuntu-based Black Lab Linux operating system in 2017. Read more

What a Linux Desktop Does Better

After I resolved to adopt Linux, my confidence grew slowly but surely. Security-oriented considerations were compelling enough to convince me to switch, but I soon discovered many more advantages to the Linux desktop. For those still unsure about making the transition, or those who have done so but may not know everything their system can do, I'll showcase here some of the Linux desktop's advantages. Read more