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Updated: 17 min 26 sec ago

How to change an user password under Linux

Sunday 31st of August 2014 08:13:52 PM
If you manage a server with many different users or just your family computer you will probably have many different accounts to manage, and one important aspect of any account it’s its password. In this small article I’ll show you how to use the basic passwd command but also how to do some small bash script or use a web application, if you have a more complex environment, such as a central ldap server that keep all your accounts information.

Low-Spec Hardware? Try these Desktop Environments

Sunday 31st of August 2014 05:54:45 PM
I have selected my pick of desktop environments that are excellent candidates for older hardware. They typically run well on low-spec machines, even a system with a Pentium II 266MHz CPU, a processor that is now 16 years old. All of the desktops are released under freely distributable licenses. If your Linux box feels sluggish in general use, try one of the desktops featured below. It may just save you from discarding a perfectly good machine.

Chromebook Pixel revisited: 18 months with Google's luxury laptop

Sunday 31st of August 2014 04:00:23 PM
Is it crazy to pay $1300 for a Chromebook? Some reflections after a year and a half of living with Google's luxurious Pixel.


Sunday 31st of August 2014 02:06:01 PM
NotepadConf: the textiest conference you'll attend! See the latest technological advancements in plaintext editing. Meet the luminaries of the market and some sneak peaks at what's coming next!

How to improve the performance of your website with APC and memcached

Sunday 31st of August 2014 12:11:39 PM
Today we will show you how to improve the performance of your website with APC and memcached.APC stands for Alternative PHP Cache and it is an open source solution if you like to speed-up your website.

CentOS 7 Installation Steps with Screenshots

Sunday 31st of August 2014 10:17:17 AM
After the release of Redhat enterprise Linux 7 (RHEL 7) , CentOS community has released its Latest Operating System named as CentOS 7.

Setup QCOW2 standard CentOS 7 cloud image to work with 2 VLANs on IceHouse ML2&OVS&GRE System

Sunday 31st of August 2014 08:22:55 AM
Notice, that same schema would work for any F20 or Ubuntu QCOW2 cloud images via qemu-nbd mount and increasing number of NICs interface files up to 2,3,... Approach suggested down here is universal. Any cinder volume been built up on updated glance image ( 2 NICs ready ) would be 2 NICs ready as well

Splitting a File Elegantly

Sunday 31st of August 2014 06:28:33 AM
In a previous Linux Rain article I compared different ways to delete blank lines, and showed that the AWK way was the simplest and most thorough. Here I show how to split a text file into multiple text files using a surprisingly simple AWK command.

The state of Android updates: Who’s fast, who’s slow, and why

Sunday 31st of August 2014 04:34:11 AM
Android 4.4, KitKat was released on October 31, 2013, or at least, that's what you can say about one device: the Nexus 5. For the rest of the ecosystem, the date you got KitKat—if you got KitKat—varied wildly depending on your device, OEM, and carrier.

Scrivener Software for Writers: The Linux Versoin

Sunday 31st of August 2014 02:39:49 AM
Scrivener is a widely loved Mac-based writing tool used by many authors. The Linux version is a subset of the original, compiled from a subset of the Windows-based code. It is still cool, though.

Dropbox goes from 100 GB to 1 TB for $99/year ‘pro’ accounts in competitor-skewering move that’s great for Linux

Sunday 31st of August 2014 12:45:27 AM
Dropbox just dropped a bomb in the cloud-storage race, upping the amount of space for customers with its $99/year “Pro” account from the not-nearly enough 100 GB to a very-comfortable 1 TB. That’s 1 terabyte, as in 1000 GB, for those counting along at home. It makes Dropbox that much more compelling. And it had to happen.

Bingo!... Is Not Patentable Just Because You Put It On The Internet

Saturday 30th of August 2014 10:51:05 PM
Another day, another story of stupid software patents getting stomped out of existence thanks to the Supreme Court's Alice v. CLS Bank ruling. As we've been noting, this ruling is looking like it's going to invalidate a ton of software patents (and that's a good thing). The latest one dumped was an attempt to patent bingo online. Yes, bingo.

How to install Suhosin on a Linux VPS

Saturday 30th of August 2014 08:56:43 PM
Suhosin is an advanced protection system for scripts and the PHP core itself. It is an open source PHP patch used for protecting the users and servers against numerous vulnerabilities and security flaws in the PHP basaed applications including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc…

Magical Drug Wins EFF’s Stupid Patent of the Month

Saturday 30th of August 2014 08:05:49 PM
Good news everyone! The Patent Office has granted a patent on a cure for cancer...

UberWriter Text Editor Review - A Writer's Dream Come True

Saturday 30th of August 2014 06:11:27 PM
UberWriter is described by its developer as a simple markdown editor, but it's so much more than that. It has only a handful of features and some people might be disturbed by its simplicity, but in the end everyone will love it.

The Open Source Game Corner Part 3

Saturday 30th of August 2014 04:17:05 PM
The third part in my articles on giving some limelight to open source games, this time I have a completely different set to show you!

It’s made-for-TV patent war, as AT&T sues Cox

Saturday 30th of August 2014 02:22:43 PM
The majority of patent lawsuits today are brought by "patent trolls" that do nothing but sue—but suits between actual competitors do still happen.Case in point: AT&T has sued Cox Communications, saying that Cox has infringed seven AT&T patents covering everything from DVRs to methods for hiding "packet loss or frame erasure" over a network.

Clusterbit Developed the World’s Smallest Datacenter

Saturday 30th of August 2014 12:28:21 PM
Open source platform where home enthusiasts, IT professionals, Linux technicians as well as high-end users can explore new possibilities

Keurig's Coffee DRM Already Cracked By Competitors; Will There Be A Lawsuit?

Saturday 30th of August 2014 10:33:59 AM
Earlier this year, we wrote about Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, maker of the infamous Keurig single cup coffee makers, and its plan to DRM its next generation coffee pods. The original pods were going off patent, and competition was rising. So, of course, the solution is to come up with something new... and lock it down to make it less useful for consumers...

Google Chrome 38 Gets the 'Picture'

Saturday 30th of August 2014 08:39:37 AM
Since the beginning of the Web era, the simple image tag has defined the use of nearly all static images. Google's new Chrome 38 beta browser will change that with the introduction of a new element known as "picture," which could usher in a new era of responsive design.

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