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Linux and Open Source news headlines
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I am your user. Why do you hate me?

Friday 13th of May 2016 01:42:59 AM
I had the good fortune to to be able to interview Donna Benjamin and Leslie Hawthorn, both of whom are world-renowned community more

Windows 10 build 14342: No more friendly Wi-Fi sharing

Friday 13th of May 2016 12:55:39 AM
Edgier and Linuxier, tooThe latest Windows 10 preview has been released by Microsoft, with changes making it more Linux and web-friendly.…

4 Container Networking Tools to Know

Friday 13th of May 2016 12:08:19 AM
With so many new cloud computing technologies, tools, and techniques to keep track of, it can be hard to know where to start learning new skills. This series on next-gen cloud technologies aims to help you get up to speed on the important projects and products in emerging and rapidly changing areas such as software-defined networking (SDN) , containers, and the space where they coincide: container networking.

Here are the 10 New Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Features Every Ubuntu User Should Know

Thursday 12th of May 2016 11:20:59 PM
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Codenamed “Xenial Xerus” has arrived. After Six month developments, Canonical officially releases the new Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on April 21, 2016. Here are the 10 New Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Features every ubuntu user should know

Linus Torvalds Talks IoT, Smart Devices, Security Concerns, and More [Video]

Thursday 12th of May 2016 10:33:39 PM
For the first time in the 11-year history of the Embedded Linux Conference (ELC), held in San Diego, April 4-6, the keynotes included a discussion with Linus Torvalds. The creator and lead overseer of the Linux kernel, and “the reason we are all here,” in the words of his interviewer, Intel Chief Linux and Open Source Technologist Dirk Hohndel, seemed upbeat about the state of Linux in embedded and Internet of Things applications.

Copyright and consequences: Google’s Andy Rubin defends Android to jury

Thursday 12th of May 2016 09:46:19 PM
During hours of unrelenting cross-examination today, Andy Rubin, Google’s former Android chief, was on the stand in the Oracle v. Google trial defending how he built the mobile OS. Rubin’s testimony began yesterday. He's another one of the star witnesses in this second courtroom showdown between the two software giants.......

How to use digiKam for photo management

Thursday 12th of May 2016 09:06:24 PM
digiKam bills itself as a digital photo management application. Suffice it to say that digiKam is a humble application, because "digital photo management" barely touches on the feature more

Automation controller runs Linux on Raspberry Pi COM

Thursday 12th of May 2016 08:09:13 PM
The “Pigeon RB100” is a rugged automation controller that runs Linux on a Raspberry Pi Compute Module and offers optoisolated inputs, CAN, 1-wire, and more. Polish startup Pigeon Computers has launched the Pigeon RB100, which uses the Raspberry Pi Compute Module as the core of a rugged, automation controller. The company is also prepping a […]

5 open source drawing applications for Android

Thursday 12th of May 2016 07:12:02 PM
The open source ecosystem grows every day, and with the proliferation of mobile devices around the globe, perhaps never has it been more important than now to make sure that phone and tablet users get access to the same high-quality open source software options that desktop users have long more

Will Ubuntu keep the title of the best Desktop OS?

Thursday 12th of May 2016 06:14:51 PM
Ubuntu was rapidly growing and becoming an Operating System for all your needs. The community was very happy with it until they decided to switch from Gnome to Unity and add the Amazon results right from the dash. At the beginning Unity didn't bother me because Gnome 3 was not that advanced by then. However the Amazon results felt like an embedded spyware. At that point Ubuntu didn't feel like the community driven and open source project we used to love. Then my faith in Ubuntu was dimming because they announced many projects that ended up in nothing.

Plasma 5.6 Makes KDE Plasma Desktop Environment More Powerful, Beautiful And Useful?

Thursday 12th of May 2016 05:17:40 PM
Plasma has always been the talk of the town for its sleek and cutting edge look. KDE Plasma among all other Linux Desktop Environments have always stood out for its continuous development. The latest release of KDE Plasma is 5.6 which includes some new features, tweaks and fixes. Plasma desktop is also highly customizable so that you can customize it the way you need it to be.

An in-depth guide to turning a product into an open source project

Thursday 12th of May 2016 04:20:29 PM
One occasionally runs into a company trying to build an open source project out of an existing product. This is a nuanced problem. This is not a company that owns a project published under an open source license trying to also ship a product of the same name (e.g. Docker, MySQL), but the situation shares many of the same problems. Neither is this a company building products out of open source projects to which they contribute but don't control (e.g. Red Hat's RHEL). This is a company with an existing product revenue stream trying to create a project out of the more

Understanding AWS(Amazon Web services) “The Cloud” Part – I

Thursday 12th of May 2016 03:23:18 PM
To understand AWS, we need to understand the basics of Cloud Computing first. Let us take you through Cloud definition and need of Cloud computing and then we will figure out how AWS fits into role of Cloud Computing.

Manjaro Is Updating Its Infrastructure, Adopts Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates

Thursday 12th of May 2016 02:26:07 PM
Manjaro Linux creator Philip Müller teased the community with the fact that the entire infrastructure of the Manjaro project will get a much-needed overhaul.

How Long Will Desktop Linux Last?

Thursday 12th of May 2016 01:28:56 PM
We may be nearing time for a fond farewell to desktop Linux.

Sun’s Jonathan Schwartz at trial: Java was free, Android had no licensing problem

Thursday 12th of May 2016 12:55:41 PM
Was the Java language, created by Sun Microsystems in the 1990s, "free and open to use," Google lawyer Robert Van Nest asked? "Absolutely, yes," Schwartz said. "Since its inception. Long before I arrived at Sun."

Rebellin Linux 3.0 Screencast and Screenshots

Thursday 12th of May 2016 11:11:44 AM
Here's Rebellin Linux v3. With the latest and greatest software from Debian. It's fast, reliable and got all you need for a great multimedia experience. List of updates: GNOME Shell upgraded to v3.20, MATE version upgraded to v1.12, kernel upgraded to v4.5..

7 Open Source Big Data Analytics and Storage Tools

Thursday 12th of May 2016 10:14:33 AM
Open source developers have built a burgeoning ecosystem of data analytics and storage solutions to address the data deluge over the past several years. Here's a look at several of the most popular open source tools for big data storage and analytics.

Firefox for iOS Makes it Faster and Easier to Use the Mobile Web the Way You Want

Thursday 12th of May 2016 09:17:22 AM
We’re always focused on making the best Firefox experience we can offer. We want to give you complete control over your web experience, while also making sure to protect your privacy and security the best we can.

Drupal and Alexa: The Next Big Thing?

Thursday 12th of May 2016 08:20:11 AM
DrupalCon is underway in New Orleans, Louisiana, and it kicked off with the always energetic keynote from Drupal project founder, Dries Buytaert.

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  • Quantifying Benefits of Network Virtualization in the Data Center
    Modern data centers have increased significantly in scale and complexity as compute and storage resources become highly virtualized. The rise of the DevOps style of application deployment means that data center resources must be agile and respond rapidly to changing workload requirements. Data center network technologies have been challenged to keep up with these rapidly evolving application requirements.
  • Apache Zeppelin Joins Several Other Projects Gaining Top-Level Status
    As we've been reporting, The Apache Software Foundation, which incubates more than 350 open source projects and initiatives, has been elevating a lot of interesting new tools to Top-Level Status recently. The foundation has also made clear that you can expect more on this front, as graduating projects to Top-Level Status helps them get both advanced stewardship and certainly far more contributions. Only a few days ago, the foundation announced that a project called TinkerPop has graduated from the Apache Incubator to become a Top-Level Project (TLP). TinkerPop is a graph computing framework that provides developers the tools required to build modern graph applications in any application domain and at any scale. Now, it has announced that Apache Zeppelin has graduated as well. Zeppelin is a web-based notebook that enables interactive data analytics.
  • 6 Open Source Operating Systems for the Internet of Things (IoT)
    Whether you are small to large enterprises, IoT is one of the useful technology that can help you to be connected on-the-go.
  • 6 open source architecture projects to check out
    The world of architecture doesn't change as quickly as software, but architects are still finding new ways to share innovative designs and ideas. The open source architecture movement aims to make architectural designs, drawings, 3D renderings, and documentation freely available for integration into other projects under open source licenses. It owes much of its growth to the growing popularity of the maker movement, DIY culture, 3D printing, and CNC machines, as well as support from architects like Alejandro Aravana.
  • has gone opensource, codebase now on GitHub
    Online dictionary for yoruba names, YorubaName, has now made its backlog accessible to the public. In a post on their blog, the guys at YorubaName announced that the website codebase is now on GitHub.
  • A New Version of Rust Hits the Streets
    Version 1.9 of the Rust programming language has been released. Rust is a new language with a small but enthusiastic community of developers.
  • Here's how you can make a career in OpenStack
    OpenStack is one of the biggest open source movements. It is a free and open-source software platform for cloud computing, mostly deployed as an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). The software platform consists of interrelated components that control hardware pools of processing, storage, and networking resources throughout a data centre. According to the official website, hundreds of the world's largest brands rely on OpenStack to run their businesses every day, reducing costs and helping them move faster. OpenStack has a strong ecosystem globally.
  • Compatibility before purity: Microsoft tweaks .NET Core again [Ed: Microsoft lied about .NET going Open Source; just forked it into Open Core version]
    Microsoft's open source fork of the .NET platform, called .NET Core, will be modified for better compatibility with existing applications, says Program Manager Immo Landwerth in a recent post.
  • EMC Ships Open Source Tool for Cloud and IoT Devices
  • Watch Benjamin Hindman Co-Creator of Apache Mesos Speak Live Tomorrow at MesosCon [Ed: Microsoft proxy in a sense]
  • MesosCon Preview: Q&A with Twitter’s Chris Pinkham
  • How to secure your open source code [Ed: more marketing nonsense of Black Duck]
  • Luxembourg launches open data portal
    The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg officially launched its national open data portal on April 8th. This portal, supported by Digital Luxembourg, the government agency in charge of digital affairs in the country, was presented during the Game of Code hackathon.
  • Denmark to accelerate government digitisation
    Open standards The existing shared solutions are to be adopted by all authorities and public sector institutions where relevant, according to a presentation in English. “Shared solutions need to be stable, secure and user-friendly, they will also be easy to implement because the infrastructure is based on open standards.” The strategy, an agreement involving the government, regions and municipalities, was announced on 12 May. It includes 33 initiatives, which among other things deal with ease of use, reuse of data, IT architecture, growth, security and digital skills, DIGST says.