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Linux and Open Source news headlines
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Make things 'til you make it at the Blowing Things Up Lab

Tuesday 14th of June 2016 06:24:32 PM
Recently while reading a tweet from the Blowing Things Up Lab, I learned about Emily Daub, a maker and college student who designed a running shirt that helps runners be more visible to motorists—my daughter is a runner so this sounds like a great idea to more

Released Official Arc Icon Theme for Linux Desktop

Tuesday 14th of June 2016 05:27:21 PM
Released Official Arc Icon Theme for Linux Desktop

Linux Utility - Understand Linux Crontab Or Cron Expressions To Run Command At Specific Interval

Tuesday 14th of June 2016 04:30:10 PM
Linux Crontab helps you to run commands, apps or scripts at a custom specific interval. You can schedule the run at the required interval. Crontab runs in background as daemon and check crontab file at /etc/crontab and /etc/cron.*/ directories. These include cron.d/, cron.daily/, cron.hourly/, cron.monthly/, cron.weekly/ directories. In this article, we'll discuss the cron expressions and how to configure your commands to run daily, weekly or every minute as per your requirement through Linux Crontab.

10 tips for new GitHub projects

Tuesday 14th of June 2016 03:32:59 PM
GitHub has become a fairly central part of many open source projects. Although many people focus on the code-hosting aspect of GitHub, the platform also includes comprehensive features for issue management, code review, and integration with many other tools and more

Qualcomm reveals wireless oriented connected car platform

Tuesday 14th of June 2016 02:35:48 PM
Qualcomm announced a pre-integrated suite of automotive hardware components including LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, tuners, CAN, and VSX technology. In conjunction with last week’s TU-Automotive Detroit conference, Qualcomm unveiled a Connected Car Reference Platform that offers a pre-integrated lineup of the chipmaker’s wireless and telematics solutions. The reference platform even includes DSRC for enabling V2X […]

Guide to Install MongoDB 3.2 on CentOS 7.x and RHEL 7.x

Tuesday 14th of June 2016 01:38:37 PM
MongoDB is a scalable, Open source, high performance and document oriented NoSQL database. It is developed and supported by 10gen.

Accountability goes both ways

Tuesday 14th of June 2016 12:41:26 PM
Back in 1999, when eZ Systems was founded, it became one of the first organizations to pioneer an open source business model. Years later, in 2009, a Community Board was put in place to govern and grow the community—and to implement a system of accountability that incorporated the commercial entity and the community surrounding more

TrustZone “TEE” tech ported to Raspberry Pi 3

Tuesday 14th of June 2016 11:44:15 AM
The Sequitur Labs port of Linaro’s OP-TEE environment to the Raspberry Pi 3 aims to encourage prototyping of ARM TrustZone hardware security on IoT devices. Linaro’s three-year old OP-TEE open source port of the TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) for ARM TrustZone security is now available on the lowest-cost platform yet: the Raspberry Pi 3. Sequitur […]

elementary OS 0.4 Beta Screenshot Tour

Tuesday 14th of June 2016 10:47:04 AM
This release brings tons of fixes and new features for both users and developers. Over 20 blueprints were implemented and over 800 issues closed. Time to break it all down and reveal what the future holds for the next version of elementary OS!

Git 2.9 Source Code Management System Is a Major Release with Many New Features

Tuesday 14th of June 2016 09:49:53 AM
The Git development team is proud to announce the general availability of the 2.9 series of their widely used open-source distributed version control system for all supported platforms.

Review tracking improvements, beginning adoption, and more OpenStack news

Tuesday 14th of June 2016 08:52:42 AM
Are you interested in keeping track of what is happening in the open source cloud? is your source for news in OpenStack, the open source cloud infrastructure project.OpenStack around the webThere is a lot of interesting stuff being written about OpenStack. Here's a sampling from some of our favorites:read more

Apple WWDC: OS X is dead, long live macOS

Tuesday 14th of June 2016 07:55:31 AM
Cook 'modernizes' OS name by going back in time 20 yearsApple WWDC Apple has rolled out its plans for updating all four of its major operating systems.…

BaruwaOS 6.8 Supports Let's Encrypt, It's Based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8

Tuesday 14th of June 2016 06:58:20 AM
The team of developers behind the Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based Baruwa Enterprise Edition commercial operating system, popularly known as BaruwaOS, announced the general availability of BaruwaOS 6.8.

Razer announces the HDK2 VR headset, will support OSVR and SteamVR

Tuesday 14th of June 2016 06:01:09 AM
The HDK2 from Razer will use their OSVR ecosystem - an open source ecosystem supporting multiple types of hardware brands.

Using Pirate Metrics to measure success of open source contributions

Tuesday 14th of June 2016 05:03:58 AM
So you started your own open source project. You had a great idea, you actually took the time and energy to create a project on GitHub, and you even went so far as to set the right frameworks in place to allow other people to contribute to your community. Awesome!read more

Maru OS Brings Debian to Your Phone

Tuesday 14th of June 2016 04:06:47 AM
Have you ever had the suspicion that your smartphone wasn't quite pulling its weight?

Nvidia 367.27 Video Driver Finally Brings GeForce GTX 1080/1070 Support to Linux

Tuesday 14th of June 2016 03:09:36 AM
Nvidia has had the great pleasure of releasing a new long-lived graphics driver for Unix platforms, including GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris operating systems.

App stores and Linux repositories: Maybe the worst ideas ever

Tuesday 14th of June 2016 02:12:25 AM
Linux software repositories have many benefits. But, like what happens in app stores, companies end support for them and your system stops getting updates.

Microsoft to Acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion

Tuesday 14th of June 2016 01:03:48 AM
With today’s announcement of Microsoft’s planned purchase of LinkedIn, it appears that the business oriented social site will soon become a platform for connecting with Redmond’s proprietary products.

Qt Automotive Suite takes Linux for a ride

Tuesday 14th of June 2016 12:06:37 AM
Qt announced a Linux-driven Qt Automotive Suite based on Qt for Device Creation designed for quickly developing IVI and instrument cluster GUIs. The Qt Company announced that it will soon ship an automotive stack for developing in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) and instrument cluster GUIs. The Qt Automotive Suite combines a new Application Manager and Qt IVI […]

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GeckoLinux 421.160623.0 Rolling Editions Out Based on Latest openSUSE Tumbleweed

This past weekend, the developers behind the openSUSE-based GeckoLinux computer operating system have announced the release of updated Rolling Editions, version 421.160623.0. Being the first time we write here about GeckoLinux, we would like to inform our readers that it's a versatile GNU/Linux distributions distributed in many flavors that are split into two main editions, Rolling Editions, based on openSUSE Tumbleweed and Static Editions, based on openSUSE Leap. Read more

Red Hat Updates JBoss for Cloud Migration