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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 15 min 54 sec ago

How to Install Podman as Docker alternative on Debian 11

Tuesday 4th of January 2022 10:03:26 AM
Podman (the POD MANager) is an OCI-compliant container engine, developed by Red Hat as a drop-in replacement of Docker. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install and use Podman on Debian 11.

KaOS Linux Sees First 2022 ISO Release with Initial ZFS Support, Latest KDE Goodies

Tuesday 4th of January 2022 08:49:06 AM
The KaOS Linux team are kicking off 2022 with a new ISO release of their independently developed GNU/Linux distribution inspired by Arch Linux and featuring the KDE Plasma desktop environment.

Steam On Linux Ended 2021 At 1.11% Marketshare

Tuesday 4th of January 2022 07:38:19 AM
After a reporting snafu over the weekend, Valve has now made available the December 2021 results of the Steam Survey. This metric has been quite interesting to monitor with the increases since Steam Play (Proton) was first introduced but particularly in recent months since the announcement of the Linux-powered Steam Deck causing more excitement around Linux gaming and more people trying out the current state of Steam Play.

How to set up an NFS Mount on Rocky Linux 8

Tuesday 4th of January 2022 06:23:59 AM
Network File System or NFS is a distributed file system protocol that allows remote hosts to mount file systems over a network and perform file operations on them as though they are mounted locally. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install and configure the NFS Server and NFS Clients based on Rocky Linux 8.

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 949, 3 January 2022

Tuesday 4th of January 2022 05:09:39 AM
Welcome to this year's 1st issue of DistroWatch Weekly! We are pleased to be back, sharing news and reviews on Linux and other open source operating systems. A fresh new year is an opportunity for trying new things and for reviewing what we've learned over the past twelve months. This week we begin with a look back at Jesse Smith's favourite distributions of 2021.

Intel Is Bringing A Feature Upgrade To Linux That Will Make Windows Users Jealous

Tuesday 4th of January 2022 04:04:30 AM
Ever since BIOS updates became possible, the process required rebooting the PC. Even when motherboard manufacturers moved completely to UEFI, this remained the case. Intel is now changing that, thanks to a new part of the ACPI specification called Platform Firmware Runtime Update and Telemetry (PFRUT). This allows for firmware updates to a PC’s BIOS or UEFI without forcing a reboot. Windows users, though, will be disappointed. The feature is Linux-only, at least for now.

Cleaning up the Linux kernel: This developer is proposing 2,200 commit changes

Tuesday 4th of January 2022 02:50:10 AM
Cleaning off decades of code mess isn[he]#039[/he]t for the faint of heart, but leading Linux kernel developer Ingo Molnar is giving it the old college try in the open-source Linux kernel.

How to Install Redis on Ubuntu 20.04

Tuesday 4th of January 2022 01:45:42 AM
Redis is an open-source, in-memory key/value store, used as a database, cache, and message broker. It's a distributed in-memory key-value database with optional durability. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install and configure Redis Server on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

UbuntuDDE Remix 21.10 Released with Latest Deepin Desktop Environment

Tuesday 4th of January 2022 12:31:22 AM
The developers of the UbuntuDDE Remix distribution announced today the release of UbuntuDDE Remix 21.10 as the latest version of this unofficial Ubuntu flavor featuring the Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE).

How to Install Bugzilla Bug Tracker on Debian 11

Monday 3rd of January 2022 11:17:02 PM
Bugzilla is a free and open-source bug tracking system that allows us to track the bugs and collaborate with developers and other teams in our organization. In this article, I will explain how to install Bugzilla on Debian 11.

Neptune 7.0 Released as a Classic KDE-Based Linux Distro

Monday 3rd of January 2022 10:02:42 PM
The project’s latest release, Neptune 7.0 “Faye”, is based on Debian 11.2 “Bullseye” and includes KDE’s Plasma 5.20 desktop.

New Community Manager at to Focus on Accessibility

Monday 3rd of January 2022 08:48:22 PM
AmyJune-Hineline,’s new senior community manager, has a long history of involvement with open source communities, both as an advocate/manager and as a developer.

How to Install Apache Maven on AlmaLinux 8

Monday 3rd of January 2022 07:34:02 PM
Apache Maven is a powerful project management and comprehension tool used by software developers working with the Java programming language. It is a build automation tool that favors convention over configuration, and is based on the concept of a project object model (POM).

How to Install Odoo 15 on Ubuntu 20.04 with Nginx

Monday 3rd of January 2022 06:19:42 PM
Odoo is a management self hosted software to run a business with a top notch user experience. The applications within Odoo are perfectly integrated with each other, allowing you to fully automate your business processes easily.

How to Install Centreon Monitoring Tool on Rocky Linux 8

Monday 3rd of January 2022 05:05:22 PM
Centreon is an open-source tool that can monitor your entire infrastructure including network, system, and application. Using Centreon you can set notifications depending on thresholds, set email alerts, easily add any system for monitoring.

Best Free and Open Source Alternatives to Cisco DNA Center

Monday 3rd of January 2022 03:51:02 PM
DNA Center is a centralized automation and management platform for the entire network. What are the best free and open source alternatives?

How to create an SNS Topic and a Subscriber on AWS

Monday 3rd of January 2022 02:37:34 PM
Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) is a web service that coordinates and manages the delivery of messages. It is a highly available, durable, secure, fully managed pub/sub messaging service. In this article, we will create an SNS Topic and subscribe to an Email Endpoint.

Best Linux Distros for Servers

Monday 3rd of January 2022 01:23:14 PM
A lot of people use Linux for their servers. In this article, we’ll guide you through the best Linux distros for servers. With a comparison, recommendations, tips, features, and more.

13 examples of how DevOps facilitated transformation in 2021

Monday 3rd of January 2022 08:44:01 AM
2021 has been an exciting year for DevOps as teams continue to adjust to remote and hybrid working models. The DevOps articles that made our most-read list this year show how our community focuses on tools, innovation, best practices, and transformation.

How to Install Liquorix Kernel on Rocky Linux 8

Monday 3rd of January 2022 06:30:28 AM
In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install the latest Liquorix Kernel on your Rocky Linux 8 system.