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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 2 hours 8 min ago

How to hash passwords on Linux

Monday 29th of November 2021 07:23:46 AM
Passwords should never be stored as plain text. Whether we are talking about a web application or an operating system, they should always be in hash form (on Linux, for example, hashed passwords are stored in the /etc/shadow file). Hashing is the process through which, by the use of some complex algorithms, a password is turned into a different string.

How to create and extract cpio archives on Linux Examples

Monday 29th of November 2021 05:12:15 AM
Although the cpio archiving utility is nowadays used less than other archiving tools like tar, it is still good to know how it works, since it is still used, for example, to create initramfs images on Linux and for rpm packages, which are used mainly in the Red Hat family of distributions. In this tutorial we see how to create and extract cpio archives using the GNU cpio utility, and how to obtain a list of the files they contain.

9to5Linux Weekly Roundup: November 28th, 2021

Monday 29th of November 2021 01:48:52 AM
The sixty-first installment of the 9to5Linux Weekly Roundup is here for the week ending on November 28th, keeping you guys up to date with the most important things happening in the Linux world.

How to Install Apache Cassandra on Ubuntu and Other Linux

Sunday 28th of November 2021 10:45:36 PM
Apache Cassandra is a free and open-source NoSQL database management system drawn to manipulate large amounts of information across many servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure. I am not going into the details of NoSQL database. I am going to so you how you can install Apache Cassandra on Ubuntu based Linux distributions.

Distribution Release: EuroLinux 8.5

Sunday 28th of November 2021 06:52:55 PM
EuroLinux is a clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The project's latest release is EuroLinux 8.5. The distribution's release announcement offers highlights on the latest version

SQLite 3.37 Lightweight Database Comes Packed with New Features

Sunday 28th of November 2021 04:41:24 PM
SQLite 3.37 has just got better with added new features such as CLI enhancements and additional interfaces. The biggest new feature in this release is support for STRICT tables.

Install apps on Linux with Flatpak

Sunday 28th of November 2021 11:53:19 AM
In the world of cloud computing, containers are becoming more and more popular because they offer isolation and consolidation for applications. You can install all the files an application needs in a "container." On the Linux desktop, Flatpak, a cross-distribution, daemon-less, decentralized application delivery system, provides a similar technology.

Linux is Everywhere: 5 Places Where You Didn’t Know It’s There

Sunday 28th of November 2021 08:29:27 AM
Linux can be found in unusual places that you may have not known before, and in today’s article we’ll be seeing some of these places.

Wireshark 3.6.0 Network Protocol Analysis Software Released

Sunday 28th of November 2021 03:38:00 AM
Originally known as Ethereal, Wireshark has developed a reputation as one of the most reliable network protocol analyzers available out there. Recently, Wireshark has released a new version of its free and open-source packet analyzer, Wireshark 3.6.0, with all new features and protocols.

How To Manage Remote And Virtual Machines With Gnome Boxes

Sunday 28th of November 2021 01:26:28 AM
This guide explains what is Gnome Boxes and how to install Boxes on various Linux distributions and then how to manage remote and virtual machines with Gnome boxes from a Linux desktop operating system.

Tux Paint 0.9.27 Open-Source Drawing App for Kids Adds New Ways to Draw, Other Updates

Saturday 27th of November 2021 11:14:57 PM
Bill Kendrick informs today about the general availability of Tux Paint 0.9.27 as the latest stable release of this open-source, free, and cross-platform drawing application for kids.

IPFire Linux Firewall Now Supports exFAT, Boosts Intrusion Prevention System’s Performance

Saturday 27th of November 2021 09:03:26 PM
Michael Tremer announced the release of IPFire 2.27 Core Update 161, a new maintenance update to the hardened open-source GNU/Linux distribution that primarily performs as a router and a firewall.

How Kubernetes simplifies the operation of fintech apps

Saturday 27th of November 2021 06:51:55 PM
By 2024, the global revenue of fintech will reach €175 billion. 5000 new startups appear in the sphere every year. Because of this competition, modern technologies are widely utilized in fintech. One of these technologies, app containerization, allows to quickly test and launch new opportunities, grow and modernize services and platforms. But it has a disadvantage as well: the divided structure is harder to manage, which is critical for fintech apps. Luckily, there’s a solution, and it’s called Kubernetes.

The rocky road to better Linux software installation: Containers, containers, containers

Saturday 27th of November 2021 04:40:24 PM
Linux cross-platform packaging format Flatpak has come under the spotlight this week, with the "fundamental problems inherent in [its] design" criticised in a withering post by Canadian software dev Nicholas Fraser.

13 Best Dark GTK Themes for Your Linux Desktop

Saturday 27th of November 2021 02:28:53 PM
With the near infinite customization options you have on any given Linux distribution, the most visually noticeable difference is customizing the theme. Let’s take a look at some of the GTK themes with dark mode.

Where Can You Buy a Preinstalled Linux Laptop?

Saturday 27th of November 2021 12:17:22 PM
Linux has become a perfectly capable and easy-to-use operating system, but where can you actually buy a Linux laptop? You won’t find them in big box stores, aside from Chromebooks. Fortunately, that’s less of an issue as more of us do our shopping online. Now it's only a matter of knowing where to look and what to look for.

Steam Adds Linux Support for DLSS, 24 More Games

Saturday 27th of November 2021 10:05:51 AM
Valve has updated its Proton solution - the piece of software that's meant to bridge the divide between Windows and Linux gaming -- to version 6.3-8. Following the company's announcement of the Steam Deck handheld gaming device, Valve has been doubling down on its Proton efforts, because the Linux-powered gaming device is going to need a robust game library to compete.

How to Set up Pritunl VPN Server on Rocky Linux 8

Saturday 27th of November 2021 07:54:19 AM
Pritunl is an open-source VPN and IPsec server with user management and horizontal scaling for small and large organizations. It gives the user a choice to use OpenVPN and Wireguard protocols. This tutorial will teach you about how to install the Pritunl VPN server on Rocky Linux 8.

TUXEDO InfinityBook S 17 Linux Laptop Unveiled with 11th Gen Tiger Lake CPUs, Compact Design

Saturday 27th of November 2021 05:42:48 AM
TUXEDO Computers announces the 6th generation TUXEDO InfinityBook S 17 Linux-powered laptop with 11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake CPUs and a more compact design for business users with a portable desktop.

Why PHP Is Getting a Foundation and Why That Matters

Saturday 27th of November 2021 03:31:17 AM
The PHP Foundation is an effort by 10 key PHP-dependent vendors to assure adequate funding to keep the popular scripting language viable.