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Latest news on Linux distributions and BSD projects
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Distribution Release: Univention Corporate Server 4.1-3

Tuesday 9th of August 2016 02:31:26 PM
The Univention Corporate Server (UCS) team has announced the release of a new update to the distribution's 4.1 series. The new release, Univention Corporate Server 4.1-3, features a number of important security fixes for OpenSSL, QEMU and Samba and also offers some new features. "The App Center has....

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 673

Monday 8th of August 2016 03:50:04 AM
This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Reviews: noop linux and EasyNAS News: Debian sets up onion sites and announces GnuPG change, FreeBSD delays 11.0, Mint prepares to launch "KDE" edition, Fedora "Flock" reports Tips and tricks: Play nicely, drop secure shell sessions cleanly, check init's name Released last week:....

Development Release: Vine Linux 6.5 Beta 1

Sunday 7th of August 2016 01:00:04 PM
Daisuke Suzuki has announced the availability of the initial beta build of Vine Linux 6.5, an upcoming new version of the popular Japanese distribution whose origins date back to 1999 when it evolved from Project Japanese Extensions (PJE) into a Japanese operating system based on Red Hat Linux.....

Distribution Release: Apricity OS 07.2016

Sunday 7th of August 2016 08:34:03 AM
Alex Gajewski has announced the release of Apricity OS 07.2016, the first stable build of the project's Arch Linux-based distribution offering a choice of GNOME and Cinnamon desktops: "The Apricity OS team is incredibly happy to announce the release of Apricity OS 07.2016 'Aspen', the first-ever stable release....

Distribution Release: blackPanther OS 16.1

Sunday 7th of August 2016 04:12:06 AM
Károly Barcza has announced the release of blackPanther OS 16.1, a major new version of the project's distribution originally forked from Mandriva Linux, but which is now under independent development. This new release is the project's first that uses the KDE Plasma 5 desktop: "blackPanther OS release 16.1....

Development Release: FreeBSD 11.0-BETA4

Sunday 7th of August 2016 12:09:57 AM
Glen Barber has announced the availability of the fourth (and likely final) beta build of FreeBSD 11.0. This will be followed by a series of release candidates until the stable build scheduled for 9 September in the recently-revised release schedule. From the announcement: "The fourth BETA build of....

Distribution Release: Wifislax 4.12

Saturday 6th of August 2016 04:13:15 AM
Wifislax is a specialist a Slackware-based Linux distribution with a set of tools and utilities for performing wireless connection analyses and related security tests. The brand-new version 4.12, the first stable release in 12 months and based on the recently-released Slackware Linux 14.2, comes with numerous improvements and....

Distribution Release: Ubuntu 14.04.5

Friday 5th of August 2016 12:57:59 AM
Adam Conrad has announced the release of Ubuntu 14.04.5, code-named "Trusty Tahr", the fifth maintenance update of the distribution's long-term support version originally released in April 2014 and supported with security updates until April 2019: "The Ubuntu team is pleased to announce the release of Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS....

Distribution Release: Guix System Distribution 0.11.0

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016 03:18:41 PM
Ludovic Courtes has announced the launch of version 0.11.0 of the Guix System Distribution (GuixSD). The distribution is based on the Linux-libre kernel and uses the Guix software manager. The new release features a number of new support services and over 480 new packages. "It is a....

BSD Release: DragonFly BSD 4.6.0

Tuesday 2nd of August 2016 09:25:51 PM
The DragonFly BSD project, a former fork of FreeBSD which is now independently developed, has released a new version: DragonFly BSD 4.6.0. This new release offers a series of incremental updates, including improved accelerated video, better SMP performance and enhanced networking performance under heavy loads. "DragonFly version 4.6....

Distribution Release: Tails 2.5

Tuesday 2nd of August 2016 05:39:46 PM
The Amnesic Incognito Live System (Tails) is a Linux distribution which is designed to route Internet traffic through the Tor network. The Tails distribution also provides users with a number of privacy tools which help to secure files and strip meta data from documents. The latest version of....

Distribution Release: Linux Mint 18 "Xfce"

Tuesday 2nd of August 2016 12:21:34 PM
Clement Lefebvre has announced the availability of Linux Mint 18 "Xfce" edition. Linux Mint 18 is a long term support release which will receive security updates through to the year 2021. The Xfce edition is a lightweight alternative to Linux Mint's Cinnamon and MATE editions. The new release....

Distribution Release: ROSA R8

Tuesday 2nd of August 2016 10:49:22 AM
ROSA R8 has been released. ROSA is a Russian Linux company, previously cooperating with Mandriva and now building various Linux solutions for individual users and enterprises alike. Unlike the previous versions of ROSA, this one is delivered in four separate variants featuring, the GNOME 3.16, KDE 4.14, KDE....

Development Release: Pentoo 2015.0 RC5

Tuesday 2nd of August 2016 06:53:08 AM
As has become a tradition, every new DEF CON (the world's largest annual hacker convention) means a new release of Pentoo, a Gentoo-based live DVD featuring an extensive set of security utilities designed for penetration testing and forensic analysis. This year is no exception: "Another DEF CON, another....

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As alluded to earlier and on Twitter, the past few days I have been working on a fresh Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu Linux graphics/gaming performance comparison. This time it's looking at the latest Radeon performance using an R9 Fury and RX 480. Tests on Windows were obviously done with Radeon Software Crimson Edition while under Linux were the two latest AMD/RTG Linux driver options: the hybrid AMDGPU-PRO driver and the fully open-source driver via Linux 4.8 and Mesa 12.1-dev. Read more

Flatpak Universal Linux Package Supports Local Path References for Git Sources

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Debian-Based Q4OS 1.6 "Orion" Linux Distro Launches with Trinity Desktop 14.0.3

Softpedia has been informed today, August 28, 2016, by the developer of the Debian-based Q4OS GNU/Linux distribution about the immediate availability for download of a new stable release to the "Orion" series, version 1.6. Read more